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My fur family

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My cats:




Nina's babies
(no names)
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I love Nina's coloring on her face! You have a beautiful fur family!!
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My fosters

Adina (with Cassidy)

Adina's babies

CeCe and babies

Bottle babies- Cy and Maisy
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Kitten mania!!! all those babies are so cute!!! I love Maisie's facial markings and Nina's babies are beautiful- how is she doing with them?
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katiemae- She is doing really good, I'm so happy. It's amazing, she knows just what to do.
Maisy originally looked like she would be Siamese mix and then the colors started showing. She is sooo funny.

I am crazy and the cats keep finding me but I have 5 going to the adoption event this weekend
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It kinda looks like Maisy's got a starfish stuck on her face
I hope they find great homes!
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They are all REALLY cute. Nina looks like she has a mask on
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OK where was the cuteness warning?
They are all beautiful.
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Thanks everyone!
Abbysmom- Nina's eyes are so crossed I rarely get a picture of her with them open I'm hoping the kittens aren't cross-eyed but I will love them anyway.
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Cassidy is beautiful, makes me wonder if that's what Pearl is gonna end up looking like. Except with longer fur.
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Aren't they sweet! Their all a gorgeous colour.
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