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Ghost needs your good vibes

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Ghost is a handsome black cat that came to us on Saturday with his friend Rainbow. Ghost is extreemly thin. When he was surrendered the director asked his owner about his poor condition. She stated that she had taken him to the humane society and he got a URI there so she took him back to care for him. She was surrendering both because the cat she had would not accept the two of them. Well I'm not sure how sick Ghost was or how much he was eating, but because of how thin & dehydrated he was yesterday I decided to make him eat (no fun, but I knew I wouldn't sleep if I didn't know he had food in his stomache when I left). I'm really worried about him and worried he may already have something wrong with him. Please everyone this very sweet guy needs some board magic to help him get healthy again.
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Good vibes coming from Maryland. Please keep us posted on how he does.
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{{{{{{{Sending out healthy vibes to Ghost}}}}}}}....I hope they find out what is wrong with the little sweetheart!

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Healing thoughts and prayer coming to both of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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for Ghost.
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Prayers and healing vibes for Ghost. Bless you sweet boy.
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Sending lots of vibes to Ghost
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I am sending bushels of healing vibes to sweet Ghost.
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Thanks so much everyone, he just breaks my heart. I cried all the way home yesterday. He's only 5 years old & is as think as my Smokey was about 6 months before she passed away. It's strange, but there is just something about him that calls to me (no I can't take him home). He's just one of the one's that I instantly bonded to. These are the things that rip my heart out. It's not that I think he was neglected, I just think he was sick & the previous owner was never made aware of how to care for him. It always takes cats a while to adjust to life at the shelter, but in his case he can't afford not to eat. I just home when he calms down he starts to eat. I'll update everyone when I hear something, but I won't see him again until Thursday.
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Ghost will be in my prayers as long as they are needed.
I'll be watching for your updates.
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Well I saw Ghost again last night. He looks a little more alert than he did on Sunday, and for the first time since he came to us last Saturday he ate on his own yesterday. So that's very promising. Just keep up the good vibes I think he starting his way back to health.
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God Bless him. Healing vibes still coming for the sweet fellow.
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Prayers and {{{{{Healthy Vibes}}}}} to Ghost. Please keep us posted.
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I'm sending more vibes his way. Thank goodness he's starting to eat on his own.
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Vibes, healing thoughts and love coming your way sweet Ghost.
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I haven't wanted to post because every time I think of him I get sad. We noticed this weekend that Ghost seems to have something more going on than just weight loss due to URI. Now that he's adjusted to being with us we noticed just how weak he is, and that he has a strange head bob going on. It's almost like he has some sort of nerological problem. We are going to do our best to get him to a vet this week (it's not always easy since we've only got 1 vet that will work with a non-profit volunteer, donations only shelter). I dread to think of what may be going on and what may happen. Please keep up the good vibes as we have no idea what is wrong.
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Ghost will definitely continue to be in my thoughts. Poor little guy.
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Oh how sad...
Sweet Ghost is in my prayers.
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Sending many prayers for this sweet boy.
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Do we have any ghost updates?

I am sending many vibes to this poor little kitty guy...
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Nothing yet. If we get him into a vet this week it would have been yesterday, or today. Unfortunately I probably won't make it into the shelter until Sunday. I may try & give the director a call tonight or tomorrow night.
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Well I just talked to the Director & it doesn't look good for Ghost. The vet confirmed my worst fear. He is in liver failure. We are going to take him back to the vet tomorrow for 3 days. The vet will put a tube down his nose & into his throat and feed him that way. So please extra vibes for this sweet guy. I can't stop crying. Sunday I sat on the floor & opened his cage & he sat in my lap & just purred. I found out tonight that he had been abandoned by the neighbor of the woman who brought him & his friend in. I just don't understand how anyone could abandon such sweet cats. These are things that make me want to say I can't do this anymore. Why is it always the sweet ones that get so sick?
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We are all sending healing, good vibes your way!
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I am sorry to hear that things aren't looking good.
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Poor Ghost....
You and sweet Ghost remain in my prayers.
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Thanks so much guys. I'm feeling a little better today. I guess I had been in denial. Even though I knew he'd probably be in liver failure I just kept thinking No we'll be able to save him. So last night I got shocked out of denial. I'm glad we are going to send him to the vet for a few days. We are doing all we can, I just wish I could save them all.
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, Ghost!
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In a way you have saved him though, just think what his future could have been otherwise. I do hope he has some good times with you.
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Just checking in to see how Ghost is doing and sending good vibes your way. I am a total believer in good vibes now that Squeeker is getting better thanks to everyone here. I hope all is well and he is going to have a wonderful recovery and life with you!
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As of yesterday Ghost was still at the vet. Unfortunately the vet did not do what he said he was going to right away. He had told the director of our shelter that he woul put in an NG tube, but then they were just force feeding him??? So over the weekend they were supposed to do the NG tube. (by the way Ghost isn't my cat he is a cat at the shelter I volunteer at) My guess is that a decision will be made about his future this week based on another blood test to see how his liver values are.
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