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Your first post

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Ok, so I had this great idea to go and read my first post, just for funsies. And then I got to wondering what everyone else's first post was.

Did you start with the Introduction? Or did you need help? Or just had a general question? lol...I been thinking about it all day.

So here's my first post

Originally Posted by lilleah
We brought home a cat from a farm that was going to have a bad life, and we brought him into our home last night. The minute he got here, he ran under the bed, and hasnt come out, untill we NOW just tried to get him out of there with some tuna. He freaked out, and jumped all over the walls, and was bring pictures down, and absolutly going crazy, and almsot hurt himself very badly. He is now in our closet on the very top shelf. So we put his tuna up there, hoping he'd eat.
So 2 questions: how do we get him down, because he probably wont get himself down....He would claw our face if we did it manually.
And how long should we let this go on? he's freaking out, and I'm actually scared of him. But he's so cute.
SO go check out your first post! I'm very interested.
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What a fun thread My first post was from New cats on the block.

Just wanna say hello to everyone! I am really looking forward to talking with everyone and meeting fellow cat lovers! I am a married mom to 2 wonderful children, ages 11 and 2. (boy and girl) I also am a mommy to: Molly(gold ret) Jimmie(white boxer) and Amy(pit bull) We also have 8 cats:Sherman,Gracie,Callie,Abby,Lily,Lucy,Gus, and last but not least my pregnant baby girl, Chloe! Yes~we have a houseful, but I wouldnt have it any other way!!
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Here is my first post. You can see I was not able to give up the babies! We kept all of them. And they didn't remain white. They all look siamese mix. Must have been a siamese in the woodpile somewhere in Sissy and Buddy's past! LOL. All but one is spayed and neutered and the last one will probably go in next month.

Originally Posted by Catkiki

My Sissy just presented us with 3 new babies this morning. Both parents are Black and White but the kitties are all white. Do you know if they will remain white or if they will be like dalmation puppie, who are white at birth then develop the black spots later? I hope that they will remain white, as that will be a big help in finding good homes for them when they are weaned.

They actually appear to be white but since Sissy shunned the various boxes and nests I made for her and had them behind the entertainment center, I haven't been able to get a close look at them.

Funny thing is, Buddy, the papacat, is strutting around like a proud peacock. He don't know that he is going on a trip to the vet next month to get clipped if I can afford it. Sissy will make a trip there in a couple of months. Both are inside kitties and have never stepped a foot outside since we brought them home.
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It's wierd to see how much has happened scince then ya know? Like all the things that's happened scince your first post.

Like the cat "Willy" that I had first initially came here for, escaped. He was just ment to be outside. I felt horrible for a while. But I had known nothing about Ferals, didnt even know feral was a word.

I've learned SO much too!
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I came here in seach of help. I adopted my first strictly indoor cat named Fluffy. She developed some behaviorial problems. She was very mean and often bit and scatched for no reason. I had never seen such a mean cat!!! Turns out she just needed a playmate and some good interactive toys. What a difference it made!!! I've since adopted 2 other indoor kittens. While I'm still fairly new to this site, I can say I've learned a lot from eveyone on here.
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My first post was...
Originally Posted by Firefly*21
Awwww....that's sooo CUTE!
In reply to this thread.
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It's not even possible for me to see my first post! My very first post disappeared in the December 04 downtime and the ones since then are way too long ago!

I'd have loved to have seen what it was though!
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Mine was an intro - I will link because of photos

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Here was my first post on November 29, 2003

Hello all! I am a new member


Hello everyone! I found this message board when searching the web for information on how to keep my cat, Midori (Dori for short), from climbing up the Christmas tree. She is just over a year old now and everything spikes up her curiosity. I love cats and waited 4 years for my fiance to open up and allow me to have one (he originally hated cats but over time fell in love with Dori). Everyone tells me she is completly spoiled, but I don't care!
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Here's my first post
Originally Posted by lunasmom

OK let me start with the scenerio:
About 7 mos ago my boyfriend and I decided to move in together. He has two cats (Patches and Beauty, both 10) and I have 1 cat, Luna age 1. we moved into a new apartment so there was all new smells and it didn't smell like one cat's domain. Patches is the dominate one and is super anxious! For example, if she sees the bottom of the food bowl or any side of it, she will cry and cry and cry until you jiggle the food so it looks full. Beauty is extremely passive, and just wants to cuddle and be loved all the time. Luna was a lovey cat too before we moved in together. She was about 4 mos. old by then. She has a playful personality, can stand up for herself, etc. Kind of a combination of Beauty and Patches.

I will admit our first mistake was that we didn't section off the cats and allow a week or two for them to get use to each other. After 7 mos though, they're use to each other. However Luna does not like Beauty whatsoever. The only time I've ever seen them play together is when they're both behind a door and one can't see the other. If Luna realises who she is playing with, she will run out from behind the door hiss and smack at Beauty. If we're playing with Luna and she gets irritated, she will run away from us and activily seek out Beauty and take her aggression out on her.
Both of us are trying to stop Luna from hunting Beauty. I will follow her if she is angry and firmly tell her "NO" before getting to Beauty. We've used the Feliway stuff, we've tried kitty valum, and as a last resort the water gun to help enforce "NO" towards attacking Beauty.

First, is this odd cat behaviour? Luna is spayed, and has gotten all needed shots. Secondly does anyone else have any suggestions to help stop her from attacking Beauty?

Thanks in Advance!
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My first post was also lost in the Great Crash of '04 but If I recall it was a caption for Caption This! (Back in July 2004).

(Um,. Sar? You been taking your gingko biloba? Your memory of the Great Crash is off a year... )
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Originally Posted by gemlady
My first post was also lost in the Great Crash of '04
Mine too. I think it was probably an intro though.
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I came across this site from savesamoa.org. I was reseaching Bartonella Disease (my LuckyGirl has it) and also tuxedo kittens, and came across savesamoa. I was so inspired by the ladies that started that site, their struggle to help Samoa, and to share these stories with the world. It was so nice to read positive happy stories that touch your heart, versus the news you see everyday. And they all reference TCS... so there I went. Here's my 1st post on New Cats on the Block!!!

Hi! I think I'm currently the newest member right now. Today I was researching "tuxedo" cats on the internet and came across savesamoa.org. Our rescue story begins at the worst vacation ever. We had been promising to take our 8yr old daughter Jasmine to Disney for years. She was finally tall enough to get on most of the rides and so we planned out not-so-vacation for April 2006. Although Jasmine had a fabulous time at Disney, my husband & I did not find 15 hours in line all day for the mad hatter's tea cups to quite so fabulous. To be honest, it was more work than actually going to work. Prices for airfare were so high around Easter we decided to drive the 16 hour drive to & from Disney. Wait, let me first tell you, that my husband & I are unlucky...I mean if it wasn't for bad luck we would have no luck at all. At our hotel one day, our daughter was playing with a little boy in the pool who was handi-capped and had his leg amputated just below the knee. The 2 kids had a great time together, and I was sitting near the parents. I overheard the parents of the boy saying that they would've loved to take him to Universal Studios, but they didn't have the money. I talked it over with my husband and we decided to share our Universal Studios passes with the family, so we went 2 days, and they could go 2 days. They were very greatful and we agreed to meet on their side of the hotel that night.
We ended up getting home later than expected and could not find the family, but we did find an odd looking little kitty with a tail like an Easter Bunny. My husband (the cat hater) was absolutely taken by her. She was SO skinny, almost a skeleton, and had these lean long legs. She was also a perfect tuxedo cat with an Easter Bunny tail. Although she was wild, and very cautious of us, it seemed that she was kind of used to people since she was living on the resort. She followed my husband all around periodically jumping to catch & eat moths. She was visably starving and crying for food. We knew we couldn't just leave her there, so we decided to take her into our room and feed her whatever we had left over in our fridge (it was taco bell). She was a little skeptical of the room, but her hunger took over. She inspected every inch of our room and finally settled down with her taco, she gobbled it all up and drank so much water. We just watched her, she had no boundaries, she climbed into the entertainment center, in the tub, up over our heads, everywhere. And finally settled into a little ball of purring.... of course on our daughters bed.
We decided we would at a minimum bring her home, get her to a vet to get shots/spayed etc, and if we couldn't keep her we would place her in a no kill shelter. But she had to rough it the 16 hour drive home. If anyone has ever had a cat in the car they know that they cry constantly. Not my LuckyGirl...she happily made a bed under the seat and slept most of the way, she would crawl out and lay on my husband,the cat hater's lap and check us all out to make sure we were still there, and go back to her cool shaded spot under the seat. She instantly used her litter box in the car, and my husband who is meticulous about his Lexus, was thrilled even though she tap danced the litter onto the floor of his precious truck. She wouldn't eat the cat food out of a bowl, and curiously kept flicking all the food all over the back of the truck and onto the floor to eat.
So back to our bad luck, we brake down in Virginia (we live in Philly, Pa) at 3am and have to get a room, so LuckyGirl ends up sleeping in the truck for the night. The next day we have to get towed home from VA to PA....and it's the transmission (guess how much?). When we get home Lucky is quick to inspect everything, and I was so shocked and surprised at how well she adapted (what an amazingly strong and brave little girl she is!). Despite her issues with jumping high (my table and counters are no no's), we were very worried about her health and her clawing, our furniture is very expensive. The only thing she clawed was my front door mat which is made of straw bristles. Then came her visit to the vet. She did not like this one bit, they gave her her 2 shots and had her blood tested for FIV/FLA/Bartonella, although she tried her best to fight off the nurses. She is 8 months old and weighed just under 5lbs...this is very small and under nourished for her age! Her Easter Bunny tail is a birth defect, probably from the amniotic band in her mothers womb. Her FIV/FLA tests came back negative. But last Friday her results for Bartonella came back positive (this is cat-scratch disease). The chance of her getting rid of the disease is 84%, and she is on antibiotics for a month (she doesn't like the medicine either).
I had a break down over it...you don't realize how much you fall in love with an animal. She is so happy to have us (as we are to have her), she constantly wants to be on our laps, and be loved and rubbed, it's like she is greatful that we took her in. We are just totally in love with her, even though she still enjoys her high climbing. Believe it or not she actually can climb straight up the ladder (at 90mph) to our daughters loft bed....I think she thinks that it's her bedroom, not Jazzy's. LuckyGirl is putting on weight now, she eats like a race horse, and is adapting to her luxe life as a house cat. It's as if she feels she has to wake us up every morning now, loudly meowing "hi, feed me, I'm still here!!!" and she eats a dry packet and wet packet of food everyday, in addition to the kitten milk she has for nutrients, she also gets scraps of our dinner from her beloved "daddy" (formerly known as the cat hater). My husband now refers to her as "daddy's girl", "my cat", and "my buddy"...and she is just completely taking over Jazzy & my spot as his "main girls". My sister tells me to watch out cause she's definately moving in on my man...lol! Not one time can he sit down without her immediately on his lap. Lucky is the most vocal kitty I've ever seen, she tells you when to get up, when she's hungry, when she wants up, when she wants the window open, and when we listen to her she rewards us with LOUD purring and head butts of happiness. She enjoys "turtlevision" (watching our aquatic turtle), and "birdvision" at the bathroom window. She also practices her balancing act on top of the loft bed, she has amazing balance for her tiny cotton ball tail. I think of what she has had to go through in life already at such a young age, her birth defect, contracting a disease, starvation, and it breaks my heart. She is such a warm, loving, well behaved, affectionate LuckyGirl, it makes me sad to think of her out there in the wild, hunting for her next moth to eat. She's the only good thing about our Disney vacation, and she's the only "Lucky" one out of the whole bunch of us. Everyone reading this, please keep our LuckyGirl in your prayers and thoughts... this whole Bartonella thing has us losing sleep at night. We love her so much, and (for health/medical reasons) don't know if we'll be able to keep her if she doesn't recover from it.
PS..... I am very touched by the way everyone has helped save Samoa, I would love to see more pics of Samoa...and hear updates of his story. I think it's wonderful what savesamoa.org is doing, and how much you guys have already accomplished. Although they can't say it, I'm sure the kitty's are thankful, and I'm thankful too! Great job ladies!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Signed, Totally Reformed Dog People
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Good thread!

This was mine:

Originally Posted by babyharley
Me and my boyfriend recently brought home a new kitten, 8 weeks old.
We have had him for about a week now, and Everynight since we have brought him home (except one!) he has stayed up meowing half the night and will only sleep for about an hour at a time. He only
seems content in our bed after crying for hours at a time. I have recently realized that he has started meowing constantly when we are home even, and will not stop unless we start to give him constant attention. How do I get him to sleep at nights and stop the meowing constantly while we are home? HELP!
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Here is mine

Originally Posted by goosehazel
Hi, we have had a kitty in her own room since August. We've been trying to incorporate her into the family for months now. When our middle cat gets near her, the new kitty growls and stays curled up in a little ball. She won't assert herself at all. I've read everything and tried everything. She won't come out of her room or off her little blanket even. Any suggestions?
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My first post also got lost in the Great Crash, but it resulted from an online search the night I found Persil (not that she had that name then of course). She was smothered in engine oil and I was desperately looking for advice on how to clean her. If I remember right, Hissy and Huggles were among the first to respond and give me help. I bathed her every night for a week, and she gradually turned out to be pure white ( 'Persil washes whiter!' for those of you who remember the ad slogan)
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this was mine:
hello everyone!


Just joined the forum to talk to others who love kitties like I do... I am currently the caretaker for 3 darlings, a blue cream calico velcro kitten named Tally, age 6 months, a little orange tabby girl, Sapphire, she came with the name and I have no idea why they would name on orange cat Sapphire??, age approximately 3 years, she's my pretty princess and then there's my beastly, bratty seal point Siamese, Simon age 2 years. Another interesting fact about my babies are they are all Leukemia positive. FeLV+ cats are the only cats I have had for the last 4 years, and this year has been horrible.... I've lost 6 this year total: Buster, Carmella, Martin, Rocket, Dale and Junior. I only lost 2 last year, Teddy and Jericho and the years before that nobody so I have made the decision that I am not taking in anymore positive kids, my heart can't take it anymore I also have a 9 year old Lhasa Apso that I know is wondering how he ended up in a cat house! He's great with them though, actually he basically ignores them

I've had cats all my life and don't feel complete unless I have at least 1 underfoot, and since taking in Simon I have grown to adore Siamese and hope to have a few healthy ones eventually, but Simon is ornery and I don't think he is going anywhere anytime soon


Unfortunately Tally left me very shortly after this post and so much for me not taking in any more positives! after this Saturday I will have adopted 6 more!!!
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Heres my first post- man I sounded like a dork! lol I did'nt have my Murphy yet either lol

Originally Posted by chichismom
Hello! I just joined this site and couldnt be happier! It took me long enough to find it but it was worth the wait. I have 1 cat her name is Chi Chi.She is 16 years old and fiesty/drama queen. She is a orange striped maine coon mix, pretty big cat, not overweight just big.Her only problem is since she has gotten older, maybe she has developed arthritis, or just not as active as she used to be and her front claws grow rediculously long. I was unaware of this problem until last year I spotted something dark on the pad of her paw and upon closer inspection(she was sleeping like a rock,she would never let me touch her feet otherwise) saw that her nail had curved and grown into her pad!!! I was heartbroken and shocked to see her in this predicament, she would never let me know she was in pain thats just her attitude to keep to herself, never the less I felt like a horrible owner for not seeing this prior.I took her to the vet and they trimmed all her nails and took care of the ingrown one and informed me that she would need them trimmed every 4-6 weeks to prevent this,things were fine for about a year, then one time, I dont know if she was in an extremely evil mood or what but they absolutly refuse to see her now unless I allow them to put her under anestesia.NO WAY! I have no problem with them calmning/tranquilizing her somewhat but to fully put a 16 year old cat under anestesia for something so little scares me I have since contacted a new groomer and she seems fine with her having an attitude and being evil ,however she has not met the little devil in person yet, her first appointment is this sat. PLEASE pray for her and me that she makes it through without a big huff. Has anyone experienced a cat with an attitude like this? any suggestion? There is no way I could trim them myself(believe me I have the battle wounds and scars to prove it) but does any know a GREAT groomer/vet in the St Louis city area that might be able to help me if this one doesnt work out. Thank you soooooo much for your help or suggestions, I hope I can help you all out as much as possible with any problems you may be facing that I have encountered. Thank you, god bless you and your kitties
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Aw, here is mine Poor little sick Trout, she scared us half to death.

I'm new..please help, sick kitty!!


Trout is our 1 year old furry little daughter..a few days ago, she started vomitting white liquid a couple of times a day and I had noticed she wasn't eating as well (her pee and poop is normal). Also, she was really lazy..normally she plays all day long and she was just sitting around. So, we waited a couple of days and then brought her to the vet. The vet did bloodwork, and x-rays and didn't see anything unusual except that she was dehydrated. So right now she is on IV for rehydration, and will be for the next 2 days still. We went to see her this morning and she is improving, but still won't eat. I figure she's probably really stressed out there as she hisses at everyone in sight.
So, now we have to wait until Monday to see if she starts to eat..and if not, we have to look at getting an ultrasound to see if there is a hidden foreign object in her somewhere. And after the ultrasound, it would be VERY expensive surgery which we technically can't afford. (We have already spent three times the amount we can afford for all the diagnostics.)
Has anyone had these symptoms in their cat? What did it turn out to be?
And, do you think it would more likely that she would eat if she was at home?

Please help, we are sooo worried about her.
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Here's my first post...jumped right in with no introduction! On a thread in health and nutrition about vomitting! LOL!

Originally Posted by Beckiboo
My girlcat Festus had roundworms, and started vomitting. My cats are indoor only, but she had gotten out once. I had not considered worms, until finally she vomitted one up! Gross!

I would add to the other advice here...to take a stool sample (from both cats just in case) to the vet. They should be able to check very quickly, and if worms is the problem, give you some medications.

Good luck!

Great idea for a thread, Lilleah. I remember you posting about that kitty that hid in the closet!
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My first post was in the new member section.. I sounded kind of dumb..

Originally Posted by h~chan
Hello, I'm new here. I have three cats, Lucy [calico, 9 years], Sassy [calico, 13 years] and Stinky [tabby, 5-ish years old]. I used to have a siamese named Sassy, but she got cancer and we had to put her to sleep. I miss her.

PS- Are the signatures and avatars disabled now, or am I just looking in the wrong places?
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Oh lord... How far we have come

Hey everyone! New here.
I am from florida and the proud mom of 2 boys(human) Justice and Deacon. I am also the grandma of 6 new baby poly's. The momma is Dixie, a white DSHP. We also have Sammy(tabby) Tiger(dsh orange and white) and Apsen(white) and Booker, (a blue smoke MSH). Yeap, thats 11 cats and 2 kids! iIt is definatly crazy around here lol. I do have some questions about the polys but I will post them elsewhere. I just wanted to say Hi and let everyone know who I am..
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My first post was also my first thread

Visit it here - http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=17598

Remember I had just turned 13!!

Hello Im Samantha and I breed Persian & Exotic Cats in Wellington , New Zealand
I am new to this group and just learning all the do's and dont's
my email address is captivating@xtra.conz and I hope to become a regular poster , Would there be anyway to share my fluffi's pic with you guys , I currently have 6 cats , 2 dogs and I just had my Rattie PTS on Saturday . My Nana, mum and I breed and show them very reliabily
I hope to make some new friends , both human and cat here
Thanks , Sam ( wellingtoncats )
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I sound like a goober as well, I just couldn't wait to brag and talk about Conner to other cat people, lol.....

Hi Guys! Conner & I are newbies here...
Hello all kitty lovers! I am pleased to join this site. My kitty Conner is about
a year and a half, he is a persian/siamese. He has fairly long hair and he is a dark cream color with dark greyish brown markings. He rides everywhere with me in the car and is oddly enough very well behaved in the bath. If you tell him to stay and you walk out of the bathroom and come back in you would see a unhappy drowned rat resembling a cat but still sitting soundly in the tub! He only sleeps at night if he is under the covers with mommy or daddy. I am thrilled to have a place to brag about my kitty and learn about other people's pet parenting experiences! I am not able to get pics up yet but i will try to do so with speed. So pleased to join all of you!

----Sanctie and Conner
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Here is my first post...............

Hey Everyone,

My name is Alaynna and I have come across this great website through another forum. I love to see a website and forum dedicated to cats!! I have grown up with cats all my life, there was never a time where I didn't have cats, and we usually had 3 at a time. I just got married a year ago, and moved into a brand new house at the beginning of this year. As soon as I moved out of my parent's house I got 2 cats, because I couldn't live without having cats in my life.

So let me tell you about my two kitties: Lemur and Monkey (I will tell you how they got there names in a second)

We first got Lemur at a pet store, she was only 7 weeks old and as cute as can be. We picked her because she was the kitten that would let us hold her for a while. We were only going to get one kitten at the time, but when we would leave for work Lemur would be sitting on the couch looking so lonely, and she would be sitting in the same spot when we would get home. So we decided to get another kitten so she would have a playmate.

We went back to the same store and saw Monkey!! She was 8 weeks old and also as cute as can be. As soon as we got home we knew that Monkey would be the playful one. She quickly adapted to Lemur and they have been together ever since.

They are both shorthair kitties. Lemur is a tiger striped and Monkey is grey with a little orange here and there. They are both 1 1/2 years old, and are midsize kitties. Both lemur and monkey are attached to me, but Lemur is the most. I could be sitting up stairs and only call her name once, and she will come running from wherever she is and jump up in my lap and sit there for hours. I also can say "kiss kiss" and she will kiss my nose and rub up against my head. Monkey will also come up and sit with me whenever i call her but I dont think I have ever seen her tongue out of her mouth...she doesn't like to kiss...lol. I will have to get pictures to put on here soon so you can see them.

I look forward to posting in here and getting to know everyone.

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My first post was in the New Cats on the Block

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to introduce myself and my three cats. We moved out to the country about a year ago, and have since acquired three cats. The first one is Wowzer. She is a feral cat from the neighbors. She came to us pregnant not long after we moved here. She tamed up quite nicely and had four kittens. We found homes for the kittens and had her fixed this fall. It has been a challenge with her, she has such a dominate personality.

The second one is 'Boogs' (short for booger)! I work on a farm and one of our employees came in and said he found a kitten out in the field and asked me if I was interested in saving it. Of course I couldn't say no. He told me it was quite small and had been sitting in the same place for a couple of hours meowing. I called my daughter, she brought the carrier. This kitten was about 5 weeks old, skin and bones, so weak, she could hardly move, absolutely COVERED with fleas! I have never seen so many fleas in my life, and her little body was totally ridden with bites. Long story short, we got her all fixed up, and she is the love of our life. She's a black and white tuxedo with 6 toes. She was such a tiny thing, we kept calling her a little booger, that's how she aquired her name. It took a long time to tame her, once she got to feeling better and got her strength back, she decided she was a wild cat again. It took a good month or more before she really felt comfortable with anyone but me.

About a month or two after we got Boogs all up and running, someone dumped a kitten off at our house, she was quite wild at the time and about 3 months old. The first few days she would run if she even saw us, then she started slowly getting a bit more brave. When I would put the food out, I would stay in teh garage and she started slowly getting closer, then one day I could tell that she wanted me to pet her but she was afraid. I tried so hard to get her to come, and then she came over, rubbed her head on my knee then ran! About 2 minutes later, she was my friend for life and she hasn't left my side or anyone elses since then. She is by far the sweetest and most loving cat I've ever owned. She came to us with the most severe case of ear mites I have ever seen and is recently being treated for an upper respiratory infection. She and Boogs bonded immediately and love each other. It's so fun to watch them play, groom each other and sleep together. She is so sweet, we named her Gracie. She is black and white with long hair and 1/2 a moustache. She is goofy, and loves to watch the birds from the kitchen window.

I'm really excited to be here. These are the first experiences I have had with strays and feral cats. I've had lots of cats before, but not these circumstances. It will be nice getting to know the rest of you guys.

Thanks :-)
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Here's my 1st post, it sort of made me cry to read the way I described Smokey. I guess I still miss her!!

Hello to all I too am new here thanks to Maren. Thought I'd respond just to say that Maren is correct in the way she describes both of her cats. I have had the privlage of meeting both these cats.

My cat is 16 & her name is Smokey. She's a very small thing. I've had her since she was 8 weeks old. Unfortunaly she is also a very sick kitty. She has CRF, but I'm not ready to give up on her yet so I do a lot of extra things to make sure she is comfortable.

Any way glad to be here & happy posting :tounge2:

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I'm another one whose post got lost in the Big Crash... but I'm sure it was something about having just got Baylee and me panicking needlessly! Hey what can you do, it was the first time I'd ever owned a cat!
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I know I joined because my new cat had just had kittens and came looking for advice.

My first post was in the New Cats on the Block forum:

My name's Kallie and I just joined today. I just adopted a 4 year old queen named Yen two weeks ago and she had her babies feb 28th. Her old owners gave her to me because they had a household full of fosters from the local animal shelter and wanted Yen to have her kittens in a home that would keep them and love them.

Then I posted in the Pregnant cat and kitten care forum shortly after.
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