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How many to keep?

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So I have a question.

I got 6 adult cats and the 7 babies. I was going to only keep one(House) since i have so many cats. Then I was thinking about while House is growing up he would probley enjoy the company of a sibling to play with, my other cats are older and dont play anymore.But that would mean I would own 8 cats!

is that too much?

Would House be ok as the only kitten or would he do better with a sibling? Im soo torn i dont know what to do.

I can definitly afford the care of 8 cats, especially since i work at an animal hospital, i just never thought i would have this many cats before...lol.

Is there a cat limit like there is with dogs?
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Idon't think theres a limit with in reason. If you can afford their care then 8 isn't too many.
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There are no hard and fast rules to your question so at best I can offer my opinion. I have 10 that live in my house permanently, 2 more than come and go from the outside (1 is mostly feral), and 1 feral that lives outside permanently. I too can afford them financially, but always challenge myself on if I can care for all of them emotionally.

Their emotional well being plays such a strong role in their physical well being when you have that many living with you. The size of your space and the stress of having to share that space, the time you are able to devote to each cat individually, the extra time to scoop litter, the space you have for extra litter boxes, all come into play with your question.

Every time that one of the cats becomes sick and you challenge yourself on whether or not you caught it early enough because there isn't always time to devote on each one can be agonizing. Do you have enough space and time to spend with them is the fundamental question you need to think about.

As for 1 or 2 kittens? I always try to adopt in littermate pairs. Even when the stress of living with so many comes into play, they always have each other. Cats in the wild do so much better when they are genetically related and that also applies to a household.

There is a dog limit???? I find it is easier to live with multiple dogs than multiple cats sometimes! The pack mentality makes them easier to manage.
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If you have the space and the money to afford 8...then keeping 2 is the way I would go. Just be aware of the hierarchy in your home and give your adults equal love.

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