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Found a new vet - just feline

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Now that I am in Portland, I found a feline specialist and we visited her for the first time... just a well cat visit. My first apprehensions were whether Abi would even get in her carrier calmly. the last time she did she had to spend 5 days on the road. But she willingly got in. Then during the short drive she didn't make a peep. The last time she went to the vet - in the south- they had to turn her carrier on end and make her fall out. this new technician just let her take her time and eventually showed me that the top popped off. Even with the top off she let Abi decide when to stand up. I knew we were in good hands. The visit was terrrific and they gave her treats and clearly adore cats and even came to ask me how I got her. And they listened. they had gotten her old records by fax the day befor. She got better and more warm treatment than I get at the doctors. Just had to tell you.

Plus this women, Dr McGeorge, is very active in caring for the feral cat population. I was very very impressed and Abi wasn't freaked out in the least. She even suggested I start moving to adult food even though Abi isn't a year yet. ( I also noticed she doesn't stock the place with Hills Science Diet and suggest dry food all the time. She had eukanuba there at the front.)
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I love my feline veterinarian. All of the techs are very skilled at handling, the exam rooms are cat friendly with towels on the tables and Feliway plugins, and the noises are next to nonexistent. Very good atmosphere that helps make a stressful situation much easier on the kitties (and the Mommy!).
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I too use a cats only vet (JUST CATS)... and have been very happy with them. Additionally, while sitting in the waiting room you get to meet lots of other cat lovers. She also has cats for adoption, which is where we got out last cat Gabby (we have 3).
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That is very cool! I wish I had a cat-only vet in my area!

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I love the idea of a cat only waiting room. I took my little furbabe Mosi to be neutered today and while we were waiting someone came in with a dog and sat down right next to me. There was no-one else in the waiting room so they could have easily sat the other side of the room but I guess it's something that people don't think about if they don't have cats. Fortunately Mosi is a pretty sociable, chilled out kit but if I'd been there with my other cat he'd have been terrified to have this huge dog so near.
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How does one go about finding a feline only vet office?

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I found mine in the yellow pages. Just read through all the ads and listings- many will state "practice limited to_____".
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