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So sorry for everyone's loss....

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Reading all of these posts, tears running down my face.... I am so sorry for all of your losses. I felt like I have to say something to let all of you know how I feel your pain. The loss of a pet is so terribly painful. I too lost a beloved baby. She was 5 and was killed by a dog. A dog I found running around the street. I took him in while I tried to find its owner cause I didnt have the heart to take him to animal control. I went posting signs everywhere. No on called for him. One day I left for work and put this dog in my spare bedroom. ( I had been VERY careful to not let this strange dog have any contact with my cats), SO I kept him locked up and away from my babies. Than one terrible day after walking him my daisy had gotten in that room while I wasnt looking, I am really not sure how this happened but I left for work, and put the dog in the room. When I came home I found her dead. This was the most excrutiating pain I have ever felt. To this day I can barely think about her because when I try to the thoughts of what I did to her wont let me stay in a place where I can think about her with good thoughts. She was my baby. SO I know how you feel, it is horrible pain, but it does get easier with time. Sadly to say, due to that tragedy it has forever changed my life and now I am extremely on gaurd with my 5 cats and am always fearing something bad will happen. I cant imagine going through that pain again and I know that I will have 5 more deaths to deal with at some point. I just pray, pray, pray that they are peaceful....for their sake and mine.....My prayers are with all of you who are greiving. I greive with you....

p.s. to anyone who has read this far, I thank you for listening. After hearing all your stories and crying with you, I couldnt help but share my own experience.....
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That's so sad I'm so sorry you had to lose one of your babies this way.

I hope your having a fun time over the bridge little one
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What a sad story. I am so sorry for your loss and the way your little furbaby passed. What did you do with the dog? Anway, I hope you have forgiven yourself and that you realize it was all just one of those quirky things that happen. I am sure your precious baby knew how much it was loved. Hugs to you.
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Bless you, we all share your pain.
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I'm so very sorry that your baby had to go through such a tramatic passing. May she now rest at Rainbow Bridge
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That is so heartbreaking what happened to Daisy
I cannot imagine the feelings of guilt you must be going through It must me unbearable for you.
But please know that Daisy is at peace now and she knows how much you loved her and how you tried your best to protect her.
She would not want you to feel bad about what happened,her love for you and your love for her and the happy times you spent together means more to her than how she passed away.

R.I..P Sweet little Daisy Play happily at the bridge and keep watching over your mum.
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What happened to your kitty was awfully sad. I always try to beleive that when our sweet pets are taken from us early in their life, it means that they were needed at the rainbow bridge.

Rest In Peace Daisy, your momma loves you so much.
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thank you everyone for your kindness....

my daisy girl...
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Originally Posted by danie40
this day I can barely think about her because when I try to the thoughts of what I did to her wont let me stay in a place where I can think about her with good thoughts.
I'm disturbed that you say "what I did to her". What happened to Daisy was an accident, not something you did to her. Losing her sounds simply awful, and of course initially you would question what happened, but as time passes you need to be able to let go of any feelings of guilt.

What if the exact same thing happened to your best friend? Would you blame her, or offer comfort in the face of tragedy? You deserve the same...

Maybe you can write all your horrible feelings in a letter, then burn it. Sometimes that helps to let go of very deep feelings. Then you can begin to remember the good times you had with Daisy.

I am very sorry for your loss. Daisy was a beautiful kitty!
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thank you for the thoughts....yes I know it was an accident and I didnt intentionally mean to hurt her but of course I cant help but be mad at myself for letting this happen. I was her mother and she trusted me and I let her down. That was 6 years ago and i do need to forgive myself. This is why I am so carefull with my cats, to the point where i can be obsessive. Thanks for the idea of writing my stuff down and burning it. sounds good. maybe i will do that.....
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It is so hard to loose a cherished pet. I'm so sorry to hear about Daisy.
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