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Prayers, vibes for Red Cat, please

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Red Cat didn't come home last night. My neighbor just called and asked if all my cats were all right. I told him NO! He said there was a big cat fight just outside their garage in the middle of the night, and there is a big pool of blood and some orange fur in it on the concrete. I looked and it doesn't look good. Red Cat has never stayed away this late into the next day. I'm going out now to look, but with all the dense brush around, he could be right on my property or on this block and I still might not find him. I'm in tears.
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It doesn't look good. There is a lot more fur out there than I saw at first, blown further on the property. And my neighbor said, though he thought it sounded like two cats, it is possible all the cat screaming came from just one cat. With all that blood and fur, I'm very afraid that Red Cat met up with a coyote, put up a fight, and lost. My neighbor and I have been beating the brush, but with the dense underbrush here on the coast, it is just impossible to even get through the brush on this block. And at this point, I've almost given up hope.
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I'm so sorry. I know how worried you must be. I do hope you find Red Cat. Good luck.
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Don't give up hope! Tons of prayers and vibes coming to you and Red Cat.
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Oh my gosh! I hope you find Red Cat, and that he's not as injured as you fear.

Sending lots of vibes for you and Red Cat!!!
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I'm sending prayers and good vibes!

PLEASE let us know when you find out something.
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Oh no!!! You must be terrified. I am praying that he is okay.
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Oh no-I am so sorry to hear this!! Hoepfully he will be alright Please know that I am thinking about you and Red...please keep us posted!!
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Dont' give up hope. I will keep Red Cat in my prayers and send out {{{{{Come Home Red Cat Vibes}}}}}.
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I'm sorry to hear that.Try to put a can of tuna outside cats love tuna. I will pray for your cat.
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Oh, dear, I'm so sorry to hear that -- you must be beside yourself -- I hope you find your guy soon and not badly hurt.
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Sending many prayers for Red Cat's safe return.
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I had given up. I was sure that RC had become coyote dinner. One of the neighbors said he had seen a coyote in our neighborhood just a couple of days ago, too. RC has never been gone this long before. And I'm just surprised that he didn't come home sooner since he is injured.

RC has a big bloody spot and fur missing right at his neck. So far he hasn't let me really examine it, but I thought I'd let him eat and drink first before I try again. Naturally, this is the afternoon the only vet in town is off and it will be considered an emergency call - if the vet is even around to call him in. And here I had an appointment for RC for 8:45 this morning for his routine exam and vaccinations that I had to cancel.

I'm beginning to think he must have been in a fight with another orange cat, as I don't see how all that fur could possibly have been just his from the looks of his injuries.
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OMG!!!! I am so very happy that he survived! Bravo!!!!

My cat Callie was attacked by a coyote years ago. She had two puncture wounds (one on each side of her torso) from the coyote's fangs. There was not a lot of blood, but the punctures were deep. It took a long time for her wounds to heal.

These bite wounds, whether from a cat or canine, become infected easily. So, please take your boy to the vet first thing tomorrow.

Yee Haw!!!! I am so glad Red Cat is okay!
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AWESOME!! I hope you can get him in to a vet soonsoon and that he heals well and quickly.
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I am joining in your celebration of RC's return. It could be that he was "holed up" and the predator (coyote, raccoon?) was just there waiting, and finally gave up. At any rate, I hope that RC makes a speedy recovery! Also, maybe the men in your area could "mark territory" (yes, I do mean with urine) as coyotes respect that kind of communication. Just make sure to keep the area reasonable, so that coyotes feel safe in the fields, hunting rodents & rabbits for their dinner.
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Aww thats great he's home

I just read page one and i was horrified at what might have happened to Redcat ,then i turn to page two and oh what a nice surprise,I am so glad he is ok.

I hope the 'other' animal is ok too
{{{{Prayers and healing vibes for Red cat and the other animal}}}}
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Oh my gosh...
I was sitting here with tears in my eyes until I got to the great news that Red Cat is back home.

Healing vibes coming RC's way.
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I decided to take Red Cat in as an emergency this afternoon. The vet was in a neighboring town, but was ready to head back this way anyway, so it was a relatively short wait. I'm glad I did take RC in, as he had two very nasty gashes, one at the throat and one on the side of his neck. It had been hard for me to tell exactly how bad they were with all the dried blood in the matted fur. The wounds weren't so long that stitches were required, but they were deep. The vet said the wounds really need to drain, so he avoids stitches where he can.

At least I got RC started on antibiotics and other necessary meds. RC is a very difficult cat to medicate, so I'm not looking forward to putting meds on his wounds several times a day plus giving him oral meds a couple of times a day. But he is home safely and I just want to hug him and hug him. Red Cat, my favorite kitty, I you!
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Ahhh Red Cat....
You really got into it didn't you sweetie pie.
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What a relief!! Red Cat please don't scare your meowmy (and all of TCS) like that again. If only cats could talk (in english i mean!). Your story struck close to home, just two nights ago there was the horrible sounds of a cats screaming and then silence. You see all the lights on my street go on, we were all out looking for the cause. But no idea what happened. I just had to pray that it wasn't as bad as it sounded.
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Sounds to me that he escaped a coyotte. What a lucky cat.Good job everyone our prayers worked
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I'm SO happy that Red Cat is home and SAFE!!! I've been thinking about him since I first saw this post, hoping so hard that he would just show up, and he DID! I've got happy tears in my eyes - I can only imagine how happy you must be.
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I'm so happy and relieved for you and Red Cat that he made it home safely!
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So glad that Red Cat is home. Red Cat no more running away and scarring meowmy .
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I was scared to open thios thread tonight and so happy when I saw what had happened. You must be so relieved. Give RC a big hug from me.
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I am soooooo glad that Red Cat has come home and is okay! I was upset when I read what you thought had become of him. . .how lucky he's home and safe!!!
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Whew!!!! I just read this thread now, and I was already holding my breath!!!!

I am SOOOOO happy that you have your baby back!!! Please keep us updated on his recovery!!!
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