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Do They Hate Each other?

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I've been watching my baby kittens (ok not babies about 12 weeks) and they fight... and at first I went oh look they are playing! but lately I think they are really trying to hurt each other. He actually holds her down and bites her while she is screaming. but then hours later they are sleeping together. they get so mad that they both have their ears back and tails flicking.... just staring at each other... I really don't think they are breaking skin.... I ususally look but it just seems to be a rough fight.....
Pictures in case you haven't seen them.
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Its normal kitten play. I know it looks like they are hurting each other. Kittens do play rough!
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OOOooo They actually sound cute!!!
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they are and so funny to watch.... one of the first times they actually played together with out a toy. he flipped her over and pinned her inbetween the wall and then bed and I had to pull her out.... they are adorable. I am so happy they are part of my life.
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How sweet!

It's play, but I would also kind of keep an eye on them. The one pinning the other down is the dominant one. I would just make sure that it fdoesn't get too rough.
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Demon is alot bigger then angel. he always pins her down.
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Seperate them if you feel that it's getting too rough. If there is hissing and growling involved, or you feel like one cat is just getting too stressed.
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My cat always shreds my brother's cat. Fur flies! This happens on a daily basis and at the end of the day they sleep next to one another. I think they do it to release energy and to have fun They are sooo silly and I love both of them so much .
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