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I moved this weekend!

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What an event! This was my first move with Murphy he did pretty good, better than i'd thought. Chichi could care less
So, we are all together now-Willy, Lucy,Chichi and Murphy The cats stay downstairs with me, and the dogs are upstairs. We will really have to work to introduce everyone. Willy has never been around cats and Murphy has never been around dogs (that I know of) so that will be fun Chichi and Lucy know each other, so that won't be a problem, but Willy is a bully, so we'll def have to take our time with him. Other than getting the cats settled in, everything went great! I'm still living out of boxes but I'll get settled.

Then on top of moving, we are stuck in mandatory 12 hour shifts at work I'm soo exhausted!!!!! But I'll be more than happy to spend all that money

So that my excitement
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Wow, Marge! You sure have a lot on your plate, but it is all so exciting Congratulations on the new place
The 12 hour shifts don't sound like fun, but this means you will have some extra income to decorate the new place or to spoil Willy, Lucy,Chichi and Murphy

Keep us updated on how the introductions go. I know it will take some time, but if anyone can make it all work out- it's you!
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Wow-I bet you are exhausted!! Congrats on the move. Please keep us posted on how everyone gets along.....
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Thanks guys!!!
My mom just called me and said she was downstairs and did'nt see Murphy-- he's such a little thing lol he can hide well when he wants to. I was afraid he would hide all day until I came home I'm going to try and get off work a little early if possible. Thats the only thing that is getting under my skin! Not beeing able to go home at regular time. When I get home its eight o' clock and I don't have time to do anything I might have to take a sick day here soon
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Your a busy bee Marge, but it will all fall into place with the furbabies....you'll see!!
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Moving is hard work!!! Congratulations on the new place!!!
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You guys are great thanks for your nice words

I plan to take some pics of everyone all settled in ( that is if I can find Murphy lol) if I ever get any time off of work. They actually have more room now! My apt was sooo tiny the only thing they are lacking is a window, and we all know how much they like to lounge in the window. I might have to buy a little kitty stroller or something to take Murphy outside in. Chichi does fine outside, she does'nt wander or anything, but murphy He'd dash off soo quick.

I just hope the little guy is alright he still has'nt come out of hiding since I left
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Some animals take a while to warm up to a new place...just give it time. Congrats on your new place!
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