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It's really hot here in Los Angeles, although right now, I'm pretty comfortable. I don't have a/c so it's really hard on me, when I have to sleep during the day, and work at night. I didn't work last night, and slept like normal people do, (at night) and I still wokr up with my bed linens wet from sweating.
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I'm in NC...we're at 91 now but last week we were at 102.
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Oh I hate to see that bill to, I have the air on 3 ceiling fans and 3 tower fans on, I just can't get moviated to do anything, whewwwww now I remember why I hate summer But I hate rain to I'm never happy
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Northern NY it's 85 & sunny & very windy-we're in the line for some pretty strong T-storms later-the earlier ones went around us
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Originally Posted by Crystal211
I'm in NC...we're at 91 now but last week we were at 102.
Do you have AC? NC is pretty muggy, in my memory.
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I'm visiting my MIL in Arizona just now. It's REALLY hot down the 100s. It didn't seem too bad the first few days, but I'm starting to get tired of all this HEAT.
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Originally Posted by MyBabies
You So CA people have sent the heat to us Central Valley Ca people!
I'm from the valley too! It's only around 90 today but it was 105 last week! I guess it wouldn't be nearly as bad if it wasn't so darn humid!
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I'm in Minnesota & it got up to 100 F here today! Yikes! The dogs didn't even want to go outside to go potty.
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Originally Posted by Tari
I'm visiting my MIL in Arizona just now. It's REALLY hot down the 100s. It didn't seem too bad the first few days, but I'm starting to get tired of all this HEAT.

Oh No !!!! I refuse to go to Arizona It is way outta line there, when I was 11 years old I spent a week with an Aunt & Uncle there in Glendale , never left the house, I thought my hair was scorched
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Ok now this is just getting way outta hand this heat : , it's over 100 and it's going to get worse, I am so miserable I hate having to close the house all up. I don't have a bit of energy and no desire to do anything, I think it's depressing.
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its so hot here too i feel sory for the kitties with all that fur!
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I heard on the news this morning that it's going to get really hot here in So Cal. I'm not looking forward to it. I don't have A/C. The only good thing about the extreme heat is that it makes Simba more mellow.
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90 degrees and humid - UGHHHHHHHHHHH

Even though I hate AC - I could not due without it!!!!!
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75 degrees here in Western Kentucky but very very humid. Strong thunderstorms expected late this afternoon and into the night. But will be back up to 95 or higher by the weekend. Thank God for AC's!!

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80 here in northern Ny & very humid -supposed to have t-storms tonight & then become very hot (90's) & oppressively humid right thru next week-
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It was 85 today, but it went down to 72 with the rain. We are expecting some tropical moisture tomorrow. So a lot of rain, and a lot of lightning for us.
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It was 95 today!!!!!! Man I cant wait intil it gets cool.
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I think today was the absloute worse it was about 109 here, Man this is getting a liitle no alot to much, When it;s like this I don't want to even go to the store
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It was only about 96 here today, but the humidity was terrible. Walking outside felt like a wall of heat was crushing you!
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Supposed to be 110 today what is going on here I hate it, I hate rain to though, I have never seen it so hot for the last 10 years for so long at a time...
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A bit of a heat wave here, as well, with temps in the upper 90's, hot and humid and expected to be the same or hotter the next few days. I adore Summer!
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Here in AZ... In the small town where I live it is going to be 106 deegreees. Back home in IL it is only in the 90's.
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It's scorching here too!! Right now it is 96 degrees outside. With the awful humidity here, it feels like it is in the 100's. Our air conditioner has beeing running all day and we have the temperature running in the 60's. It's still soo hot in my house. Tuesday and Wednesday it is going to be 98 and 99 here.
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It has been in the low 100's here for the last few days (107 degrees here today) and is suppose to hover around that (give or take a couple of degrees) for the next several days. And it isn't even August yet.

Thank goodness for the AC.
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Here in good ole Western Kentucky, the high was 96 w/95% humidity, it was miserably hot, temperature is going to gradually increase over the next 5 days getting to about 100 by Wednesday w/extremely high humidity.

Don't even want to get outside for anything, unless absolutely necessary!!

Thank God for AC's, ours has been running nonstop for days now. Dread the electric bill next month!! But at least we're staying cool!!

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It is broiling here today and supposed to even worse this week. I am being scolded by my crying furbaby because I shut the windows (she loves to sit in the window sill and watch the birds and cars). Even though she is a semi-long hair, the heat hasn't seem to bother her. It is sure bothering me!! I have both air conditioners going full blast and two fans. I do not even want to imagine my electric bill. I even took a cold shower and I am still sweating.
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Well, I hate to say, but the heat is finally getting to me. all winter I was FREEZING. Now I'm sweating and we don't have air. We have a basement, but it smells since the main drain backed up last November, so we don't look forward to going down there.

But, we're drinking plenty of liquids, and trying to stay cool. My only regret now is not cooking the pot Roast earlier this's about to go so I have in the slow cooker. I KNOW that's not making my life any better
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Maybe you could plug in the slow cooker in the garage???
We can't even get a window air conditioner due to having casement windows-those types of a/c units are hard to find in the 1st place!!
Putting the cool wet towel around my neck feels pretty good though!!
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