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Little Blue needs vibes/prayers

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Just received some very sad news about one of our foster kittens - Blue. Our coordinator took a litter in to be fixed this morning. During the surgery our vet detected a very serious congenital heart defect. She doesn't believe it is treatable and expects his life expectancy to be short. The blood is not properly cleansed as it circulates (may be abnormally shunted) and he will continue to be clinically tired and will need to sleep a lot - which he does. As this conditions worsens, he may well faint or collapse. At some point, we may need to euthanize him.

Our vet, who has some cardiology expertise (she's the one that caught Peter's murmur) doesn't even feel there's anything to be gained by referring Blue to a cardiologist. We are considering an ultrasound, though, just to pinpoint the cause and see if anything can be done. I'll keep you posted how things progress with this sweet little guy. Meanwhile, please keep him in your prayers. He's going to get plenty of love and care no matter how long he's with us. The good news is that his four littermates seem to be fine.

Here is Blue:

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*hugs* He will be in my thoughts and prayers. Very cute too.
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awwww poor baby, i really hope he gets better. heres hoping for you!!
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awwww what a sweet face!!!
Praying for you and Blue.
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oh no! poor baby! he will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Poor Blue. I will keep Blue in my prayers and send {{{{{good vibes}}}} to Blue.
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That is very sad.
I just hope that if he does go, it will be painless.
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Aww blue!!!! Good vibes!!
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Look at that adorable baby. I'm sending all the vibes I can!
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sending tons of prayes blue
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Aww little Blue,I was only just looking at his sweet little face in your other thread Eileen,(Our kittens),His face just says look at me i am gorgeous.

I will be praying for little Blue and hope the ecg gives some hope for him .

{{{{Prayers and health vibes for Blue }}}}

Keep hoping Eileen
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Tons of prayers for you and blue...<3
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oh no...that's so sad. *good vibes* I'm so sorry to hear that. Hang in there.
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Im so sorry to hear that Blue has this awful defect...I am glad they caught it though......are you going to keep Blue? (He's a foster, right?) .....He's absolutely ADORABLE...I'll keep him in my kitty prayers!
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Blue, you are in my prayers! I hope that if your life is shortened you are happy while you are here!
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You are in my prayers little darling,
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That is very sad to hear, I hope the best for litle blue, poor thing.
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Big hugs and kisses and tons of good vibes for little Blue...

Hope to hear some good news soon

PS: I have only been posting on this site for a week now and I cant remember ever crying this much...
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really sorry to hear that I hope that he gets better, try and give him lots of cuddles and make him as happy as he can be.
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Thanks so much for the prayers and vibes for little Blue! (You may have noticed the pic of our sweet little guy is different - I originally posted a photo of the wrong kitten. )

Now that you've seen the real Blue (who's just as cute) please keep those prayers coming. For those of you remember Peanut, our first feral mom to give birth this season, Blue is one of her three. I spent time with the little guy this afternoon. He is so sweet and loving - makes this all the harder.

Even though our vet isn't optimistic about Blue's prognosis, we're not going to lose hope or give up on him. We're definitely going to go ahead with a cardiac ultrasound to see if there is anything that can be done. In the meantime, he's going to get all the love we can give him.

Will update when I know more. Thanks again!
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I am sorry to hear about Blue...He is in my prayers. Good Luck!!!!
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There are a lot of people praying for little Blue.
Love can work miracles.
I'll watch for your updates.
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Little Blue is very cute! He looks like my foster kitten Milky Way, and is named the same as my foster Blue! I'm so glad that he is in good hands! Had he been born outside, he would never have gotten the medical care to help him. Not to mention would not be neutered, and could possibly pass the defect on. Rescue helps on so many levels!

Sweet Blue, you are truly loved and cherished! Although you may not have the energy of a healthy kitten, you have lots of love in your foster home, and from all your TCS aunties and uncles!
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Thanks, everyone. I'm sure our little Blue can feel all the love coming at him from TCS!

Blue is scheduled for a cardiac ultrasound on July 5. It's the soonest we could get him in for a non-emergency situation. Our vet said he should be stable for now. He'll be going to see the same internist who treats Peter, which I feel very good about.

Once we have a better handle on Blue's condition, we try may to find him a real home with someone who can give the little guy a lot of one on one attention. We'll continue paying for his medical expenses, though.

Again, thanks for the prayers. I'll be sure to keep you posted.
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Be sure to remind us when it is time for Blue's test so your sweetie pie will have lots of prayers & calming vibes coming to him on that day.
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Just learned that Blue had to be rushed to the vet this morning. He was lethargic and breathing very heavily. Our vet was able to get him stabilized, but says his condition will probably continue to go down hill over time rather than improve. I hate this - such a sweet, little guy. Please continue to keep Blue in your thoughts and prayers.
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Aww, I am so sorry that he had a bad turn, I do hope he proves the vets wrong.
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I found out last night that Blue's foster mom was able to get him in yesterday for an ultrasound. The internist wasn't able to pinpoint the cause of Blue's heart issues, but did determine that the little guy has a esophageal obstruction. This explains why he's been regurgitating his food. The internist feels the obstruction could be caused by an artery or vein that is wrapped around Blue's esophagus. If that's the case, she feels there's nothing that can be done. The obstruction could also be caused by a tumor, large hairball or something Blue swallowed. The internist has recommended further diagnostic testing and possibly exploratory surgery to find out for sure. Blue's foster mom has decided to go ahead with this, so the little guy will be going to see a specialist at the Ohio State School of Veterinary Medicine next week. If it turns out not to be an artery or vein causing causing the obstruction there's a good chance surgery can correct the problem.

I hate to see Blue going through all this, but he actually seems to be enjoying all the attention. He'll purr and snuggle with anybody. So, we'll see what happens next week. Please keep praying for this sweet, special little guy.
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What a beautiful little guy. Naturally we'll be sending healing vibes and plenty of love for Blue.
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Oh I do hope it is something that can be removed

{{{{Sending lots more healing vibes and Prayers for Little Blue }}}}

and you take as much cuddles and love as you can Blue ,You deserve them
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