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Spraying situation....

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Ok first a little background on the furbabies.
I have 5 Siamese all of which have been altered.
I first started out with 2 females and a male purchased as kittens, because I intended to breed.
Our first litter was born and there were 3 babies. (trying to keep this short!)
I sold the first baby and my heart just shattered, I mean shattered LOL I worried for him night and day like a mother that had lost it's child.
So I decided I was not cut out to breed and kept the remaining 2 kittens and had everyone fixed, too funny huh? LOL
Anyhoo all of these 5, two males and 3 females get along famously, never a spat nor grumble and lots of loving grooming and pile napping. The other adult female was like a second mother to the kittens, she would go in and groom them from the day they were born and mommy cat was fine with it. Daddy cat was allowed free visitation also.
Maybe it's worth mentioning (not sure) that the mommy cat is the Alpha in this clan.
No one had ever ever ever EVER sprayed in my house.
So into this mix was brought Simon.
Here is Simons history. He is a 2 yr old Siamese Himalayan mix male that was intact when I took him in.
I rescued him from a Last Chance list through the pound, he had ended up at said Pound THREE times because his previous owners kept letting him outside and he kept getting impounded. I thought there was a simple fix to this for them, don't let the cat out, duh! He was going to be euthanized and I could not bare it when I saw his face on the rescue list.
From the day I brought him home, SOMEONE is spraying my house like crazy.
The terrible thing is I have CAUGHT NO ONE at it, and oh yes I know the difference between pee and spray LOL by sight and by smell.
Simon was neutered about a week after I brought him into the house.
Now it get's even weirder, for me at least.
My Alpha female could care less about Simon, she seems fine that he is here.
BUT........the Omega completely submissive in all matters female shrieks and hisses anytime he comes near and has even outright attacked him for crossing her path. I was SHOCKED! LOL
AND WORSE and what I suspect to be the problem is.....my gentle ben daddy cat (now neutered as all 6 of them are remember) is displaying dominant behavior. He follows Simon ALL over the house, he is likes OBSESSED with him and I know Simon feels BULLIED. They will sniff noses and then swat wildly at each other, and HARD, man when their paws hit it sounds like a coconut thunk! BUT...daddy cat will also exhibit playful or submissive behavior toward Simon by going up to him and then rolling over belly up and reaching out to him. I am WAY confused LOL
As for Simon, he does not socialize with the other cats at ALL, he would rather stay as close to me as he can even following me from room to room.
His personality is submissive, when ANY of the other cats approach him he lays down IMMEDIATELY, I mean his belly hits the floor so fast it's as if his legs stopped working! LOL And when they sniff him he makes a little mewing sound that seems to signel to them "leave me alone" because they always back off and walk away.
Simon is a LOVE SPONGE, he drapes the lap like a blanket, he loves to be brushed and he loves attention from us people. Gawd his personality is SO lovely it kills me to think of having to place him elsewhere.
But by putting my feelers out there and asking my vet and friends, I keep getting negative feedback such as "some males will just not accept another male neutered or not" or " these behaviors never change, the spraying will not stop." I am frustrated and in tears.
Everyone here probably knows how hard it is to place adult cats and you never have any guarantees that whoever you place the cat with is responsible or that things will work out (our own situation being an example) I couldn't stand either the thought of him ending up in the Pound again (UGH!)
I have ordered Feliway diffusers and they are on the way.
Oh one more thing, I did catch Simon PEEING on some laundry and then trying to cover it up, but in his defense A) It WAS pee NOT spray B) Remember that he feels bullied here, and after this happened I once picked him up off of my bed and took him to the litterbox because daddy cat was laying across the entryway and Simon was afraid to pass him to leave the room, anyhooo when I put him in the litterbox he peeed and peeed as if he hadn't peed all day and then he pooped. SO I think he may just be afraid to traverse the house.
Also maybe of note, daddy cat used to sleep on my feet on the bed and now Simon sleeps there because daddy cat refuses to sleep with Simon.
Simons medical history: After coming to stay with us he was updated on shots, treated for ear mites (as was the whole clan of course),neutered and declawed.
And yes of course there is a question here, and a plea for advice! Is there a chance this could yet work out? Is it hopeless as some have advised me?
Who do you suspect as the spraying culprit here?
And one last thing (sorry this was SO long)
If I had to place Simon elsewhere would it seem/be presumptuous or rude of me to ask that Simons micro chip remain registered to me so that I would know if he ended up in the Pound again for whatever reason?
Thanks for your patience!
Tami ^^
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Regarding the microchip, you can have your number listed as the emergency contact number, but the new family should have their number listed first.

Also, you need to set up a second litter box in a completely different place that Simon can use if Daddy Cat is blocking his access so that poor Simon doesn't end up with a baldder infection for holding it in for so long.

If the cat is spraying...he is marking his territory. Basically, he's saying this is my place, not yours! This can be a difficult habit to break but it is absolutely possible to do so.

Try the following ideas. Hopefully they will help!

1. Use Feliway to help him not want to spray. Feliway mimics the friendly marking that cats do when they rub their faces on things. When a cat smells a friendly scent, they are unlikely to mark with urine. The Feliway box will give detailed instructions on how to use it....follow the instructions carefully.

2. Hang aluminum foil on the places the cat likes to spray. Cats usually will not spray on foil because it makes an unpleasant sound when hit with the urine and it makes the urine splash back on the cat. Each day that the cat does not spray, tear about an inch off the bottom of the foil until the foil is completely gone. Don't remove the whole strip all at once because the cat may interpret this as you saying it is okay to spray here again. (No one ever wants to do this because is looks so bad to have aluminum hanging all over their houses – but, once they give in and try the aluminum, they find it works wonders. Try it, you’ll like it!)

3. If you see the cat getting into the spray position, say "No!" firmly and then (gently) grab him and put him in time-out (in the bathroom for example) for only 2-3 minutes. Do the same if you caught him in the act.

4. Check to see if there are stray cats hanging out outside your house. A cat will often spray in response to strange cats around the house. Make sure you don't walk through outside cat spray and track that smell into the house.

5. Be patient and persistent. Breaking the spraying habit can take a while, but it should work.

Good luck!
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I'm surprised.
Tin foil huh. The problem is I can't find some it. I SURE can smell it, but it isn't showing up under my blacklight! Any trick to finding this? Any opinions on who the culprit might be?? Any opinion on whether it might stop? I mean no one is intact, will that even matter? I can hardly breathe in here LOL!
I have gone through gallons of enzyme cleaner help!
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