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Please keep Tyler in your thoughts

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I am so not ready for my now oldest cat to become unstable with his current health issues (early crf, early diabetes, hyperthyroidism, hypertension), but Tyler is throwing up even his water at times, appetite is way down, and I can tell his one ear especially is bothering him.

I made an apt. (which I may break and take him in sooner if he doesn't level out tomorrow) for labs (he was due) and to get the ear checked out and meds prescribed, began assist-feeding him today and gave him sub-q fluids to be sure he's not dehydrating. I'm watching him carefully re the vomitting, it's been some hours now, hopefully, none overnight tonight. And maybe if I'm lucky, he'll begin eating again tomorrow. Now that would be nice.

I hope this is just him reacting to an ear infection...
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I am sending Tyler all the vibes I have....
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Thank you.

Time to get some sleep!
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I'm so sorry! Napolean and I are sending tons and tons of get well vibes for poor little Tyler. Hopefully it's just the ear issue, and once that's taken care of he'll be happy and eating!
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I'm sorry to hear about Tyler

I am going through similar issues with my older guy Lenny.

Lenny and I are sending you and Tyler good vibes for a speedy recovery !
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Get well soon , you need to stay strong for Mommy.... Sending lots of prayers and healing vibes to you and your mommy...
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Tyler!! Get better fast!! Mommy needs you to be strong!!
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Sending all the good vibes I've got! Hope Tyler will get better soon!
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Pat, please know I am holding you and Tyler strong in my thoughts. Update when you can-
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Sending Prayers and {{{{{Get Well Soon Vibes}}}}} to Tyler.
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Many vibes being sent to Tyler. Please update when you can.
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Oh, I'm so sorry that Tyler is having trouble! Prayers that he rallies and recovers quickly!
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I am so sorry to read this, I have everything crossed that it is something simple and treatable for both of you.
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Tyler perked up after I gave him some fluids last night, and ate some of the baby food on his own. No throwing up overnight or today so far, and just now, he was eating his wet food.

So, I am comfortable waiting for our apt, but am going to keep up with the sub-q fluids and giving him some blenderized food via syringe.

Thank you for keeping him in your thoughts.
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If anyone can pull Tyler out of this slump .... it's you.
Tyler will be in my prayers.
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Keep eating and keeping it down .... You can do it ... And the girls and I will continue to pray for you and mommy...
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Sending prayful thoughts and vibes to you and Tyler!
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Pat sending vibes for Tyler. Glad to hear he's doing a little better, and I hope that he continues to improve. Thinking of you both.
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Pat & Alix, my oldest girl had a nasty ear infection about 6 months ago. Though mostly under control now, thanks to Zeniquin (a great antibiotic) it's unfortunately chronic and tends to flare up now and then. When it does, my baby is all out of sorts. If this is what Tyler's got going on with his ear it could account for him feeling so punky.

Very glad to hear Tyler's improving. Lots of "feel much better soon" and "stay strong" thoughts going out to your special boy
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We had our appointment today. He did well yesterday, eating some on his own, but he did also throw up once.

He is on medication for his ears, and had a full workup. Now we wait for results to see what is happening with his thyroid and kidneys. He was such a good boy...I hope the news will be that all is stable. I have my fingers crossed the vomitting will stop as his ears get better.
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I will keep you and Tyler in my thoughts as you sort this out Pat.
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Wishing tyler all the best and keeping him in my prayers!!!!
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all our fingers & paws crossed here
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Get well soon wishes and lots of love to Tyler from Petunia, Barkley and myself!
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Thinking of you and Tyler.
Best wishes Anne
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Tyler and Pat, you are in my prayers.
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Well we may have the answer, or it may only be a partial answer. Not sure. despite being on medication already for hyperthyroidism, it has risen significantly from the last time he was tested. So his dose of medication is being doubled. Hopefully, he'll regain his appetite and some weight once the new dose kicks in. It *may* account for the throwing up (he threw up again today, just once so far, watery w/food).

He does have one liver value that is slightly off.

His kidney values are normal!! Both bun and creatinine - I'll be continuing to give him the calcitriol he is on for his early kidney failure..I am convinced this is what is helping him.

So...he's perkier but needs to begin eating and the throwing up needs to stop completely.
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The kidney news is great... maybe I need to look into that stuff...

Sending prayers that the double meds will due the trick
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Originally Posted by sharky
The kidney news is great... maybe I need to look into that stuff...

Sending prayers that the double meds will due the trick
Thank you!
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