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Is anyone as bored as I am????

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I'm SOOOOOOO bored. Its been practically dead here at work ever since I came in at 8am. Its so dark and rainy outside and that doesn't help at all. I can't play games here at work, and I don't feel like doing my math homework...does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do? I'm so tired...
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Since you're a receptionist is it possible for you to offer to do some typing or filing for someone in your office? Or maybe there is something that needs to be put together and stapled?

You already know this, but time always goes by a lot faster if you have something to do even if it's something simple.
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Theres not really much for me to do besides answer the phone. All of the other depts have their own admins, so they don't need me for anything. I do have to do DHL, UPS and FedEx bills every week, but I did those yesterday, so I have nothing to do for today. Once in awhile I do projects for other people, but there isn't anything that needs to be done today. I guess I should just get started on my homework. I'm sure as soon as I get busy, that I won't keep looking at the clock. :LOL:
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Hey, Spooky, I can't think of anything other than us telling you jokes or true funny stories. Here's one:

I always call little children lamb, such as Sarah lamb, or Danielle lamb, etc. Well, my son's little four year old had been visiting me. Of course I was excited to see her. "Katie Lamb!! Come on in, etc." Well, Katie went home and said to her mommy, "You know, Grammy Jeanie loves me."
"I know honey. She does."
"Mommy, I mean she really, really loves me---only she thinks I'm a sheep."
(My son didn't want her to tell me because he thought my feelings would be hurt, but I thought it was really funny. Children take things literally!)
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Thanks for the laugh Jeanie! Kids can be so cute sometimes.
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Well hello, fellow bored receptionist

Let's see, we just had some entertainment here where I work that I'll share with you. One of the executives was "let go." This is the letter that was e-mailed out shortly after he called the front desk and said, "I'll be out for the rest of the day seeing appointments."

June 4, 2002

To:\tBirkman International, Inc.

It is with personal sadness that I announce that John Smith* will not remain part of our internal executive team. For the past fourteen months, John has been an unfailingly cheerful and hardworking colleague and we will miss him greatly on a daily basis, but hope that he will remain an active part of the BI certified consultant network.

Speaking for myself and the rest of the BI staff, we will always be deeply grateful for the significant contributions he has made to BI over this past year and wish him great success as he moves forward.


Jane Doe*

* names changed for security

All I have to say is, what a crock! You can't tell me that this guy was let go on good terms when a) typical business etiquet is to "fire" someone at the end of the week, not the beginning, and b) when you send out a notice that someone is leaving the company it's proper to do so in advance with the date of departure, not just after the person has made up a story that they are leaving for appointments. This company makes me so mad sometimes I learned this in college and the company is just being plain tacky!
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On the way home from work yesterday, in good old Houston, Texas, I saw a GMC truck with a Nova Scotia license plate. Talk about a long drive!
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Yes, I've seen license plates from Mexico! All the way from the south!

For all of you who a bored, bringing a good book to read always makes the day go by fast!
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It may sound funny, but I can do just about anything but read a book, magazine or newspaper. They don't like the way it looks at the front desk.

Alicia, I love your signature!
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Another in the bored receptionist club!

Not to make this about firing people, but my former company was the worst about letting people go. It is a small company and the bosses don't like confrontations. They would send out a memo saying that everyone was getting a review. They really only wanted to talk to one person who was in trouble for one reason or another. They expected people to stay with their company forever. Whenever someone quit they would treat them like crap until they left, and snubbed their noses at them as they walked out the door. This was the chronically dysfunctional company!

When they got rid of me (because someone else in the company decided that she had to exert her power, and she didn't like me), they called me at 8:30 on Labor Day morning to tell me to come and clean out my office. Great holiday I had that time! They didn't tell anyone else in the office, but had to change all the locks in the building even though I turned in my keys. (They said they couldn't "trust" me, but let me come into the office alone the weekend before to fix a computer )

I am so glad I am not there anymore. The stress and tension in that office was horrible.
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At my old job at the call center, they actually encouraged us to read books since, depending on the campaing we are doing, it can be either slow or fast. Some brought magazines or books. Some brought crotcheting, knitting, and other crafts.

Thanks, Sabra. I love St. Francis of Assis. He is my favorite saint and I love the song, Prayer of St. Francis
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I want to post a graphic with my signature but I still can't do that part? Or shrink images for my avatar. I am still learning these things.
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Sabra - my boss is the same way. No reading at the front desk. Luckily my direct supervisor understands that this is a feast or famine position and actually told me to use the internet when I'm slow. That's why I'm on here all the time.
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Me too! They completely understand that I can't just "sit pretty" and twiddle my thumbs. I guess it's because being on the internet can make you "look" busy!
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I'm about to start a feast. Either by the end of the day or the start of tomorrow I will have to start folding and stuffing hundreds of invoices. This takes me anywhere from 1 full work day to 1 1/2.
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I hope I can get that kind of job when I finish my school? Doing nothing but answer the phones and being on the internet!

But not really. I love to work. Whether is typing, filing papers, or sorting mail. I love doing paper work and I hope to get a job whre I can do a lot. I am a little slow at things,but I rather take my time rather than be fast! I am learning a lot of things like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, so I need to put these skills to work!
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Well, I'm glad that I'm not the only bored receptionist out there. LOL I can do just about anything that I want up here except play games on the computer and read magazines. That doesn't really make sense to me since I can read books. I can also do my homework and surf the internet. When I was hired they told me to bring homework and books to read. I was surprised!
Sabra-I can't believe that they won't let you read!?! To me, reading makes you look like you are actually doing something worthwhile with your time than just goofing off or doing other things. (Not that we receptionist ever goof off.) I love my job eventhough I do get bored sometimes. But, when I think about it, I would rather be bored some days then be in a different job where I have to work non-stop.
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Why don't you do some crosswords on-line. My fav comes with a story it is
Another site I find addictive is a maze. That site is

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Ok - I was bored so I just did the maze - 7 floors done in 321 moves. Each floor gets more difficult.
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I'm stuffing those hundreds of invoices
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Hey Sabra. Why don't you send some of those invoices to Spooky so she dosen't get too bored?
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I'm bored too but I would much rather fool around on the internet than stuff invoices. I do the payroll for a school district and I have to fold & stuff all those checks I hate it...
I love to check out the book sites like Amazon and read all the preveiws
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Taking a quick break. Mandy, I used to work for a school district in their purchasing department. I really miss it.
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I got slammed today...There is never any warning of a feast around here! I still take some time to check out what's going on here, just to keep my sanity. Not to mention, a couple minutes before I take lunch isn't cheating that much....

I'll have to check out that maze thing. Sounds fun.
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You lucky ducks! The teachers didn't get to take a break! We had our planning period, but we had to grade papers and enter grades or take our work home, which I often did! Nevertheless, I have brought coffee and donuts for everyone. I want the decaf and the raised glazed. You guys can have the rest. I want to try out that maze. I'm not teaching any more, and I always have too much free time, so I envy you a bit....Yeah, I know...I dreamed of not having enough free time! Well, be careful what you wish for!! :confused2
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I love working for the school district. I get all the benefits that the teachers get without having to teach(I dont think I would have the patience for all those kids)We have great hours and all the holidays off and now since I am a 12 month employee we will start what we call flex time for the summer. We will have a four day weekend every other weekWe still work the same amount of hours we just do it in 4 days.There are all kinds of perks working for the school district I could go on & on.If anyone reads this and is looking for something else I would recommend going to all the school board offices in your area and apply for something...there are a lot of opportunities
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