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I went to Petsmart today and went to visit the adoption animals.

Well they have this sweet little kitten that just stole my heart! He/she is MAYBE 6 weeks old with fluffy black fur and a little inch long stub of a tail. It's name is Tar Baby. He/She was a little shy at first but was soon rubing all over my hands just purring up a storm!

It just broke my heart to see it there in the cage so young, so I thought I would let people in GA know about him/her.

You can find him/her at the Petsmart on LaVista, just inside 285. He/She is being taken care of by Friends of Animals and it looks like they have events Thur-Sun.

I tried to find out more about the group and maybe a picture of this little baby but I was only able to find their postings for animals in the Buckhead Petsmart.

And even if you don't live in GA, if anyone could spare some adoption vibes, that would be great!