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Do your cats know their names?

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Just wondering if your cats really know their names? I mean do they come when called, like a dog? Sherman is really the only one that will answer me when I say his name. The others, well they come to anything
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Zissou knows her name...sort of. She comes to an alveolar click or a bilabial click, her name, or that certain voice that women use when speaking to babies/animals (at least mine). If she feels like it. The only way to really get her to come when called is to ring the bells on her favorite toy.
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Yep!! I rarely have to call "kitty, kitty"!
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Tiger knows his name. Sometimes when I call him, his ears turn to me and he looks at me out of the corner of his eye, but ignores me.
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They do indeed, they also know their nicknames.
Generally though, it doesn't matter, Spaz and Cassi come when they are called, Vash will come occasionally.

Shadow does not, Ivory does not, and Trouble will answer, but not come unless he needs cuddles.
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Penelope definitely knows her name and she comes whenever I call her. I'm not sure if Molly knows her name, however.
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darwin and parker both know their names. they also respond to all of their nicknames too. i think anything w/ a D in it Darwin responds to and anything w/ a P in it Parker responds to. and the BF and I have a TON of nicknames for our boys.
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Oh yes yes. I call Kipper, he comes. I call Mushi, he comes.

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Do they know their names? Yes, definitely. Do they come when called? That just depends on their mood and what I have to offer.
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Good point, Heidi! Yes, Sierra and Serenity most definitely know their names.
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My cat always comes when I say дебел, but I am also calling him fat!
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Originally Posted by valanhb
Do they know their names? Yes, definitely. Do they come when called? That just depends on their mood and what I have to offer.
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She does, oddly. Of course, she has about 25 names and only knows her "main" one.
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Yes they do..when i call one of them,she comes running
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Yup, they know their names. I call their name and they look at me, then it's up to them whether they come or not (if I have a treat, Willow and Molly will come running, but Buffy will pause, think for a bit, then meander over). Jake, my dog, also knows each of their names as well. "Willowwwww" produces minimal response (he doesn't really care for her because she doesn't really DO anything), "Buffy!" makes him scrabble to his feet and come racing to me and will look in the direction that I'm looking. "Molly!" will produce the same response as above but in a slower fashion, with a wagging tail, and when he sees Molly he'll jog over to her give her sniffs along her chin and back.
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Originally Posted by valanhb
Do they know their names? Yes, definitely. Do they come when called? That just depends on their mood and what I have to offer.
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They both know their names. They only come if they want to.
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yes my cats know their names....and i have tested it before by saying similar names and seeing if they respond....like for Monkey I will say Money....donkey...onkey...lol but she looks at me like I am crazy!! its really funny I call my Monkey ...Monk and Monkster....and she will respond differenltly to that, than when I just call her Monkey....

Same thing with Lemur...I call her Lemur Bunny and she knows that is when I want to hold her......
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yes pisces defo knows his name, he has heard it alot longer than most cats have tho. he also knows i call him puddy cat & he will respond to that also, i've tryed other names out on him, a few weeks after i got him i wanted to change his name to mr lynx but he just wouldnt take to it. it was like he was saying i like my original name so please stick with that!
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Reilly comes when I call his name but he also responds to "baby"
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Yup! Harley knows his name - whenever we call his name, he'll meow at us and come over -
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Heidy definatly does know her name, but really responds to "Dee Dee" or "Deeee" as thats what I mostly call her, if I do call her Heidy usually its when she isnt paying attention or is being naughty, and then she she is where I wanna her to be quick as a flash, lol.

Monty knows his name and will pretty much always come to you, or if not will prick his ears toward you and look at you, its sooo very cute. I think he thinks he is the royal man of the house, lol. He proved he really does though once, as when we lost him and the people who found him, found out his name from the posters, they said he had a look on his face of a mixture like "Uh oh, I am gonna be in soo much trouble" and "how'd you know?.

Ozkar kinda knows his name, but responds more to Ozzy, but since they sound the same I can't really tell, however, being the very talkative cat, he always answers with a meow.

Sable knows her name, but tends to ignore me alot now, since she is grown up and there is too much fun to be had to pay attention to mummy! lol. Sometimes she will come if she is really sooky, or if its dinner time, and others she will aknowledge you with a prick of the ears.
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my cats know their names, and will meow when called. Hanna will not come, but Maestro will come running.
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Lukas knows his name & will answer with a meow when called & comes, also, to a whislte-a childhood friend's mom taught all her cats to come to a whislte & I've done it with mine-gets looks from "cats can't be trained" people"
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I know Simon knows his name definitely, Sapphire I'm pretty sure knows it but does not respond and I think Antigone and Pandora are finally figuring out their names. Also Simon responds to kitty kitty kitty like nothing I've ever seen before, its like he can't resist it! he will come running from anywhere no matter what he's doing if I kitty kitty call him
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Mine do! They also respond to various nicknames, mostly Baby (Katie), Little Bug (Gracie), Hunk (Peter), Clee-Clee (Claire). Of course, this only when the feel like it!
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Tavia comes when called by her name, and comes when you say kitty kitty too.
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Mine know their names, whether or not they come when I call them depends on their mood and if food is involved.
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LuckyGirl will come if you call her, or if your in the same room she'll just look at you like "can't you see I'm comfy?!" But she will also come up on your lap if you pat your leg she'll jump right up. She also comes running if you blow kisses or make a smooching sound. Even if I'm just kissing hubby goodbye she comes running. Or if you shake her treats dispenser... she's always looking for a handout!
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Trout knows her name but she will ignore us on purpose if we call her..Unless I shake her treat bag. Her dad will be holding her and she'll be looking away, and he will say "Trout, Trout, TROUT!!" and she still would rather look away than look at him

When I come home from work she is excited though..I will say "where's mommies furry sweety?" and she will come running
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