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Azriel will be 7 weeks old on monday...i have some updated questions. First off, he was on my bed and it looked as though he needed to go and so i put him in the litter box and he went # 1 and 2 my question is why wont he go to the liter box himself ?...he only goes if i put him in it...its been in the same spot i dont know what the deal is..also im afraid to empty the liter and put fresh liter in because the smell wont be there...will he still know how to go? its not like he lets me stimulate him either so i cant even do that after i empty it. Also he eats dry kitten food sometimes i add drops of kmr he is doing well with this...when i first offered wet food with kmr he didnt eat it but once but it wasnt warmed up.....is it ok that i give just dry kitten food and a couple bottle feeds or does he need wet kitten food as well? thanks all for the help!
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7 weks is so young... Unless the box is under the nose there is bound to be a poo poo here and there. Also he is young give it time
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I change the litter every few days. Mine doesn't like the box when it's full of "stuff". Also, I put several small litter boxes out when he first started so they were there in his most common play areas.

He doesn't need bottle feeds necessarily but he does need liquid in some form to keep him hydrated. If he's not lapping up water on his own he needs to have liquid included in his food in some way. That could be KMR or water mixed with dry or canned food. My kitten actually liked dry food softened in water (about 1 tablespoon food to 2 tablespoons water) better than canned food.
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At 7 weeks, his diet can totally consist of the dry food or the wet food...he probably doesn't need the bottle feedings any more. Have you changed the high-sided plastic box you were using for a litter box to a shallow pan of some sort, so he can get in it himself? He also shouldn't need stimulating anymore.
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you almost respond to all my topics and i greatly appreciate it. no i havent changed that liter box im still using the same one...what should i change too? i dont know if i buy a small liter box wont that be the same highth as the tuper i have now? i had started with one of those things you put the paint in for the rollers and he wouldnt even stay in that... do you think thats why he wont go unless i put him in it? he cant reach it? also he climbs on my bed with his claws and i have a king so its pretty high but he wont climb down and if im not home and hes up there he will pee on it....thats a little irritating..well someone told me that the reason he wants the bottle when i give it to him is more thirst then hunger....he eats his food pretty well...i notice then when i do feed him from the bottle, he drinks over half and then i can put him straight in his bed and he sleeps 4 or 5 hrs thats pretty much the only time i do it...however is that enough if hes thirsty all day? i dont think he knows how to lap hehas water next to his food but i have a dog who helps herself so i dont think he drank it..and i was going to put down some kmr in a bowl but is that a good idea what do you think?....how about water in the bottle instead of kmr....ok well any reponses are great i really appreciate the imput. thanks all
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I would try a shallow lasagna pan or even a cookie sheet. I think he could be having trouble getting in and out...that box was awfully high for him to do by himself.

As far as bottle-feeding goes, I would stop it altogether at this point, or provide him with 1 half bottle during the day, and that's it. Just moisten his dry food with the KMR, if you're worried about fluids. Water is something that kittens tend to not get the hang of right away, but if left out, he will sniff it, dabble a paw in it, fling his toys in there, and yes, eventually taste it. After a few days of the 1 bottle a day routine with KMR, I'd put the bottle away totally and see how it goes. Then, lessen the amount of KMR you're mixing with his dry food. He will then be getting less fluids from the KMR, possibly enticing him to use his water dish. A lot of people get worried when they don't see their kitten using the water dish...chances are, he probably is, you're just not seeing him do it!
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