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I must be crazy

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Well I'm the owner of snowball, to refresh ya'lls memory...

Today around 6:30 pm, I walked out into my back yard and saw my 9 month old cat with strange looking thing hanging from his mouth. I screamed at him and he dropped it. It turned out to be a kitten. A young kitten. So I called for my dad and he ran out and grabbed the kitten. Now my dad is a self proclaimed cat hater. I think he is all talk though. He just started cuddling this kitten and calling her baby and cooing at her. On the surface she is fine. I am going to make an appt for her next week. She eats cat food ... but she won't drink water out of the bowl. She only drinks it if it is on the floor. That worries me.

Ultimately, here is my question ... can I put the two kittens together? I have already and they seem okay together ... no meowing, no hissing, but they are swatting at one another. Right now they are separate. Ya'lls have helped me before ... please help me again...

BTW ... my dad named her patches. And his decision is --- we're keeping her. BUT she is my responsibility. I must be crazy!

Forgot to add pics .. here they are

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They are both precious!! I hope that everything turns out fine for Patches. Please keep us posted!
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Well, congratulations on a new addition - she's a cutie! If you haven't done so, please frontline Patches and get a vet appt. asap!!!
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I put ear mite medicine that the vet gave me for snowball in her ears. The inside of her ears were completely black and she was scratching them. Should I have done that?
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Ahh she's trying to look coy in that first pic.

As far as them getting along?
They're very young, I don't think it'd do any harm.
I personally would have waited till after the vet gave her a clean bill of health first.
And you should probably not put them together until she gets a clean bill of health from the vet.
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Sounds about right...I guess...might as well put some on snowball's too to prevent infection...
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Well it is snowballs medicine cuz she had a really bad case of earmites when I found her. Isn't snowball a porker now???
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Snowball is deaf, correct?
If so, this is actually great as most deaf (or blind) cats will form a strong bond with one cat and that cat will usually look out for them for life.
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Oh my gosh I am in love! they are both just soooooooooooooo cute! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
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They are precious...PRECIOUS!!! The only thing I would worry about, really, is communicable diseases when putting them together. Do you know (I forget, sorry) if Snowball is deaf? If she does end up being deaf, I think the best thing would be a playmate who could look out for her and be her ears. They usually play somewhat roughly, but I don't know if I'd leave them alone...

Here are a couple of my girls at about 6 or 7 weeks...
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They make an adorable couple! They will be so happy to have each other to play with.
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Snowball isn't deaf. I don't know where that came from. She's perfectly healthy... Just a porker with a wild streak.
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Because she is white with blue eyes, typically, that would mean a deaf cat.
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White cats with blue eyes are very often deaf.
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Oh wow .. no I don't think she is ... cuz she cries over loud noises... but I will ask the vet next week. She is almost 6 weeks old ... her eyes might change colors still right?
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No, those are not the blue of baby cat eyes, those are the blue of a blue eyed cat.
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I would take them apart until after the new kitten sees the vet. I accidentally exposed my first foster litter to distemper by adding 2 new kittens. And the new kids had seen the vet once, and got a clean bill of health!

She is very adorable. As is Snowball. But I have to say I just hate kitten season, with all these poor babies just outside! Maybe you can follow your 9 mo old kitten the next time he goes out, and he will show you where he found the new baby so you can look for the rest of the litter?

Thanks for saving these two babies.
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By 6 wks their eyes are changing color or have already changed. My 6 wks old kittens all have green eyes, although they are different shades of green. Buddy is the only one who still has blue eyes and I don't think that will change.
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The eye shine is the best way to tell.
A true blue eye will shine red, all other colors shine green or yellow.
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I don't want snowball to be deaf.
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If she is reacting to noise, she sounds fine. There are two kinds of white cats - dominant white and oriental white. Dominant white with blue eyes sometimes (I think 50% ish but I could be wrong) are deaf. It has to do with the development of the neural crest in the brain and melanin (the pigment that makes cats colored.) Oriental white with blue eyes is totally different. It's like a white siamese. I hope I didn't mess up that explanation, I've had 2 odd-eyed white cats, so I know some, but not lots, about blue eyed whites.
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Maybe he isn't. But if he is, that might explain why he wandered away from his Momma...he couldn't hear her calling!

Don't worry too much until the vet checks him out for you. He is so cute, and so long as you keep him as an inside only cat, he will be able to stay safe whether or not he is deaf. Either way, he is an adorable little kitty, as is the new calico girl.
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It's not that bad, she certainly wouldn't know any different.
There are a couple people here with deaf blue eyed whites.

If you find out she is deaf, just post a topic about it in Health and Nutrition and I'm sure they'll answer any concerns you may have and share experience.
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Hi! I just wanted to say how cute your kitties are! I have a new little kitten too that looks almost identical to Snowball only all gray with blue eyes. They are just darling!
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
The eye shine is the best way to tell.
A true blue eye will shine red, all other colors shine green or yellow.
I agree it is the same in humans alot also
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Awww, I just want to pinch Snowball's chubby wittle baby cheekies and smooch her nose, and give her waspberries on her tummy...I think she's precious!!!!!! I don't know about the whole deaf thing. If you use her name a lot, especially if you use her name at meal times, she may begin to respond to it if she has her hearing. Another test would be during playtime...scratch the floor with your finger while her back is turned to you...if she can hear it, it will entice her to pounce and get frisky!

If she's deaf, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Deaf cats rely on their site, taste, and smell for safety, and they do quite well with their remaining senses. She'll be fine either way...hey, at least she won't run when you turn the vacuum on like most cats!

Oh, and then there's Patches!!!! She's lovely too...beautiful calico markings. She looks very soft. I would absolutely 100% keep her away from Snowball until she has a clean bill of health from your never know if she has internal parasites (most young kittens do, actually), or something contagious that will make Snowball sick. Once you know she's okay (and she very well could be lapping up water when you're not watching her), I would put her with Snowball immediately, as at this young age, introductions are hardly necessary. The swatting is a form of play, so don't worry...just keep their front paws trimmed up. Young kittens tend to get along from the get go, and become playmates within minutes of meeting.

Isn't that neat how God dropped off another little furbaby to you? He saw how wonderful you were with Snowball, and decided to provide you with another gift! Good luck at her first appointment!
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