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Rudy's Kittens!

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Hi Everyone,

One of my persian queens, a tortioseshell named Rudy, had her kittens on May 24th. She had 3 but only 1 survived.

She went into labor about midnight on the 24th. She proceeded to have the one live kitten, a tortie female just like her. She began contracting again, but no kitten was produced. It was like 2 hours of steady pushing so we decided to take her to the ER vet. When we got there, she had the tail and one foot of the second baby out. The doctor had to pull forcefully to get the kitten out, he was already dead because his sac ruptured before he was out. They said he had a heartbeat for a minute and tried to revive him but it was unsuccessful.

The doctor was hopeful that things would move along now, Rudy was more calm and her blood pressure went down and she was beginning to contract with the next kitten. We decided to get x-rays done to see how many kittens were left and how big they were. We were surprised to only see one baby on x-ray, she was so big. The vet said she had a lot of gas. Anyway, the x-rays showed the kitten heading for the birth canal head first. They were not sure if the kitten was going to fit because Rudy has a small pelvis which we didn't know until then. She has had 4 healthy litters prier to this one.

We decided to take her home to see if she could get the kitten out and were to take her to her vet as soon as they opened one hour later if nothing happened. Nothing happened so we took her to our vet ASAP, we actually went there and sat in his driveway until he got there.

He looked at her x-rays and said this third kitten was just massive. He said it was not going to fit through the birth canal. We needed a c-section ASAP to try and save the last kitten. So we did that. Everything went fine but the third baby did not survive..... It's face was deformed from being in the birth canal too long. They tried everything possible to revive it but nothing.

Momma is home and doing fine, she has taken to her one baby like nothing ever happened. She is such a trooper! The baby girl is very healthy and is doing great. We are supplementing her just in case she is not nursing and like I said, just to be safe. We have called her "FOO-FOO."

I just had to share my night of events, I ran on adreneline....no sleep! I am just thrilled with one healthy kitten and for them both to be ok. I wasn't about to loose my precious Rudy!!!!
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Sorry to hear Pat, but I'm happy to hear Foo-foo and Rudy are OK!
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Glad Rudy and the kitten are ok, sorry about the losses....
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Oh I'm so sorry to hear about the lost babies, but am happy that momma and one kitten pulled through. Thank the Lord you were able to get her to a vet right away, that last kitten would have probably killed her.
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Sorry to hear that at least the one surviving kitten is ok
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I'm soo sorry about the 2 kittens that did'nt make it may their little souls RIP

I'm glad to hear Rudy and Foo Foo are doing well. Congrads on your Foo Foo baby
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Thanks Everyone.....we are also very greatful we have one healthy kitten... I just needed to vent, it is so tragic..

Foo-Foo is doing great, she is eating almost 5 CC when we feed her every 2-3 hours. She had her first poo poo today which is a good sign the doctor said.
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Congratulations on your new baby! I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, It is so hard when these things happen, especially when you've been waiting so long for the litter. Our thought & prayers are with you..Dawnde
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I am glad Ruby is nice and healthy and fine and wish to welcome foo foo ... Sending prayers for continuing healthy
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Oh no Thats so sad, I'm really sorry to here that
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