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Too Cute!!!

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I fixed a setting on my camera and i got some good pics i wanted to share. Are you guys sick of seeing my babies yet?



House&Phoebe sleeping...

I've finally named all them.

I named all but House after Charmed characters, i just love that show, luckily we have the perfect amount of females.
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Oh oh oh oh - how sweet they all are......
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Oh My goodness!!!! You need a warning with those pictures!!!!!
They are absolutely beautiful!!!

I don't know which one is House but I love him already!!
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I agree a cuteness alert is definitely in order for these pics. They are adorable!!!
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Thses little ones have we wrapped around their little paws.

I was cooking up some really yummy steaks, I had just put them on the grill and went inside to get something. I stuck my head in the kittens room and saw they were awake. So i just had to sit down next to them and play with them. I was in there for over 30 min. Wasnt till almost an hour later I remebered my steaks which ended up turning into ashes on the grill.Those little babies side tracked me with their cuteness, now i have no
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They are Bengals correct?
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yeah they are bengals
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Beautiful kitties
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I have heard is said that Bengals are more rambunctious than normal cats.
Are they that way as kittens as well?

Sorry about the questions but I love Bengals and find them totally fascinating.
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they are soooo cute!!!!!
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Im not sure cause i have never had kittens this young before.

A couple days ago they started playng with eachother, and they are coming out of the nest, they are very vocal, except the large one, and they seem really friendly.

They are more active then i thought they would be at this age but as i said before ive never had kittens this young so im not sure.
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Thanks!!! So this is a learning experience for you!!
Well I love the pictures. They looks so curious gazing back at the camera.

How old are they now?
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They are absolutely gorgeous! I love the names too... I love Charmed and House, did you see the season finale of House?! Wow....
And the series finale of Charmed, I actually missed...LOL Too busy watching for Skittles updates...
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