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Have lost both my cats within 9 days :(

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We had to have out British Shorhair cat put down about 2 weeks ago (11th May). She was 18yrs and had a very good life. She had Arthoristis(sp?) and it started to get worse so my dad took her to the vets and we have her put down.

Last saturday (20th May) my black siamese x died. She was 18months and we're not really too sure why she died. It was really sudden.
My mum and dad took her to the animal hospital about 15/20 mins away and he checked her over and we had one of those postmorten things. He reackons she was allergic to something that she ate. I really miss her because she was so cuddley.

Lucinda xxx
p.s.Sorry the pics are really big
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I'm so sorry for such a terrible loss of both your kitties They are so incredibly beautiful!

They are both now over the Rainbow Bridge healthy and happy, playing and running!

Always remember that they will be watching over you and will always be a part of your heart and soul!

RIP Sweet Lia and Sweet Saphire
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Thank you for cheering me up Sarah.
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I am very sorry for your losses. How painful, to lose them so close together! Well, you know they are together now forever, over the bridge.

What lovely pictures! They were both beautiful. My Jasmine was found outside, but based on her and her sisters looks and behavior, I think they are black siamese, too! (Her sister was adopted out to another loving family.)

May your sweet memories bring you comfort at this difficult time!
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Thanks Beckiboo.
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Sweet Lia and Sweet Saphire ...
Play together at the Bridge sweet darlings.
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What a difficult thing for you to lose both your cats like this...I'm very sorry. My heart goes out to you. Remember the good times, and know that you gave them everything they could have while they were here with you.
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I'm so sorry to hear that you have lost both of your kitties within such a short time span. Rest in peace sweet kitties.
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sorry for your loss
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Lucinda i'm so very sorry for your loss. You had two gorgeous little girls who i'm sure gave you so much happiness

Their safely over Rainbow Bridge now playing with all the other cats and kittens there, but you will see them again one day you can be sure of that
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I am sorry for your loss.
Your girls were truely beautiful. I hope you find joy and happiness in the many memories that you have.
What great lives. You can see their happiness in the pictures you posted.

I have often wondered why pets seem to pass over the bridge right after each other. I know i have lost 3 pets in 1 week before. 4 if you count the lizzard. Each death just cascades on your emotions. I know i felt really beat up and just completely inadequate.

Then someone told me that pets like people usually die in groups.
so that when they go over the bridge they can cross together.

I can picture in my minds eye your two girls waiting patiently playing and chewing on the grass around the bridge for each other. I am sure that they will stay close to the rainbow so that they can see you and keep you comforted.

Peace be on your grieving heart until your pain heals.
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I am so very sorry to hear this, I can't imagine losing both my cats in such a short space of time. RIP little ones, and big hugs to you.
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Thanks guys. Your all great for cheering people up I think I'm going to enjoy myself on this forum
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I am sorry you lost both your cats. Hugs to you.
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Thanks xxx
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Both of your cats were beautiful. I am so sorry you had to lose both in such a short time. It will get easier, with time, to remember the good memories.
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I'm sorry to hear it. But I bet you will enjoy your new baby (when you find him/her) RIP
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I am very sorry to hear that you lost both of you kitties. How painful for you...May they both rest in peace.
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