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Our daily thread for Sunday March 25

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Hi everyone!

We've missed a few daily threads, so I figured I'll just pick up from here. Please do feel free to start a daily thread everyday, of no one else has beat you to it!

Phewww, what a weekend we've had! I hardly has any time to post here!

First, on Friday we got our new dog, Bambi and went shopping for her. I forgot how expensive getting a new pet was. We spent something like 120$ just on food, a collar and a lead, a chewable toy, dog treats and Frontline for dogs. Luckily, she came with her own dog bed and her toy monkey

Then we had to leave her at home on her very first night to visit a friend and join his semi-surprise party. It was somewhere near Jerusalem so with the drive and all we were away for 4-5 hours. I had some late night coffee and that kept me awake practially the whole night...

The next morning, my dad and his girlfriend (my parents are divorced) came over and stayed for lunch. It was a great visit but a bit too long for hubby and me - as we were both very tired. Dropped into bed early (9 pm ) for a good night

So, how is your weekend going?
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Almost forgot, I got this email from Denice Baltrons, poor Max's mom (those of you who are unfamiliar with Max's sad story, please check out the SOS forum). She sends a lot of messages to some of the members here so I thought I'd post some of the email. Here goes:

Dear Kind Friends,

My name is Denice Baltrons. I would first like to start by conveying my heartfelt thanks to Chuck, Donna, Catarina & Artemis. Myself and My family are profoundly
grateful to all of you for your assistance, support, and kind words you conveyed to us during one of the hardest times of our lives. Thank you.

I would very much Like to become a member of your fabulous site! You guy's are awesome! How do I go about that?

Also, please tell Donna that I will try to call her back on Monday. I have
just been swamped.

Thank you again, From your friend in Sacramento.

Denice Baltrons
I have emailed her back with instructions so I hope we'll be seeing her over here soon!
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It has been a very nice weekend for us. We decided to not make any definate plans and do what we wanted to. Hubby worked on the computer and yesterday he smoked a roast all day. YUM..dinner was really good. I spent all day Sat sewing,which I hardley have time for anymore. Alas...Sunday is here and my weekend is almost gone. I think today, we will do the same. Relaxing and enjoying the day off sounds much better than anthing else. I do think laundry may be calling my name though.
Hopefully everyone had nice weather and had a good weekend.
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Sundays are pretty much the same each week. Diane (sister) and her girls (Dorothy and Sandi) and now Aidan(Dorothy's baby boy) will come over here for dinner. I can't get to church as much as I would like to because I can't navigate the steps or sit too long in a shallow pew. I do miss going; as the people at my church are some of the best friends I have ever had. Today we will have sliced turkey breast (I cooked it yesterday-just a fresh 5lb. breast because that is the only part of the turkey the girls will eat) They can have sandwiches with it, but Diane and I will probably fix some Stove Top dressing to go with ours and some cranberries. Two other things the girls won't eat much of either. I swear, if the cats were that picky when it comes to eating, they would starve. Oh, the things we let our children get by with . . . . . . . . Later today we will watch the Women's college basketball finals because swMO State is one of the final 4. I hope I can get back to the site later on this evening, but I have to do it either before or after the Oscars. I love to watch that awards show and don't give a ratsass for any of the other awards shows(movies or musical)
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This will be my 1st daily thread post!!
Last night, Saturday night, me and my hubby, Johnathan, went out to eat. Too much food!!! It was so good though.
We went to rent a movie, but there wasnt really anything good out, so he bought a CD and I got a Stephen King book :O) We came home and I read some and he watched Sportscenter. Then we went to bed, and I got a nice backrub.
Today, we got up about 10 and I cooked some breakfast and now we are watching the Bristol race. Thats all so far!
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Thanks Anne for showing Denice's e-mails. I spoke with her Friday and she seems to be doing very well, despite rocks being tossed at her house and someone deliberately trying to run down Max's bother, Oscar. But, he's safe and never going outside again.

I really did some very serious unwinding last night. In fact, I've had very little sleep and am feeling the repurcussions of my unwinding today, but after getting home, kissing the kids and having a shower, I feel much better.

Aunt Helen made sure Tiger got his medicine and Tiger slept next to Uncle Allen all night.

AND, right in the middle of my unwinding, my close friends Guy and Stacie were having their first baby. I spoke to Guy about 1 am and he told me that Stacie was pushing as we spoke, so I didn't stay on with him long. But, I am about to leave and go visit them at the hospital.
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