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Originally Posted by rosiemac
What about neighbours?, do any of those have a car that can take you

I know this is frustrating and upsetting for you but she really needs to be seen now
Yes, try your neighbour, I'm sure they'll be able to help!
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its 3 am... if it were a little bit.. later? earlier? it would be allright, but this is the dead of night, there arent even cars on the highway right now, or trains or anything.
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my two year old just got up and is freaking out, and i need to get him to bed, i will update as soon as i can about willow. thanks everyone for the support. You have been wonderful.
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Oh Lina, I just caught up with this thread........I'm so so so so so sorry Honey..........accidents happen..........I just pray that if it is her time to pass on she does so gently....please keep us updated...........we're here for you my friend!
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Any Updates on little Willow? I am just getting here & caught up..I'm so sorry you are going through this, God Bless You-Dawnde
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check /hisher paws...i know when my 5 week old kitten was stepped on he checked her paws and gums for changes in color..if they are still nice and pink things should be okay.. the bloods not good.. but dont end anything if she stays long enough to make it to the vet..omg our prayers are with you i feel so badly for you ..take care..

We made a vet come from home on a sunday night ..it was the longest 20 minutes i ever waited in my life..but she lived ..don't give up hope
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I am so sorry to hear this. We all know it was an accident. Willow knows it was an accident. I pray she passes quickly without much more pain.
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My Fat Cat got ran over by my cousins big truck and i thought she was dead she had blood coming out her nose and her mouth. I picked her up and loved on her and maybe that was enough or it might have been gods will but as of right now she is proud mommy of 5 new babies. I am praying for you and your little Willow. She is just a precious little thing.
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You are in my thoughts...I'm so sorry you have to go through this...
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Is there any update?
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OMG I just saw this thread right now. What an awful night you must have had. I feel for you and poor Willow.

I pray that she makes it and that you can go on without any guilt if she doesn't. It was an accident, and you loved her and she knows that.

My heart goes out to you.
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Oh my, oh my... I'm sooo sorry that this has happened. Please lover her until you can't anymore. She will feel the love and comfort you give. I am praying for you and Willow.
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Poor little Willow! Sending vibes and prayers your way.
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I am so sorry Many thoughts and prayers to you and little Willow. Please pull through little girl.
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Oh my!! I just cuaght up with this thread, and let me tell you-I had to make myself read it! I feel so bad that your going through this....many hugs being sent to you and Willow!! And please know that it is not your fault.
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I'm so sorry that this happened poor little Willow! I hope everything works out, just remember it was an accident, nobody's fault
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Same here....... I had to force myself to continue reading this as it's so sad. I'm so sorry that this happened to you and little Willow. You are both in my prayers and I am hoping for the best result.
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Prayers for you and Willow!
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I would be out in the streets screaming for help.
Willow needs a vet...
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Oh no what a terrible thing to read at 6:30 am it just made me sick, Lots of Prayers to you and Willow
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I'm so sorry to hear about this - are there any updates?
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I am so very sorry! I injured a kitten once, too, and was sure I had killed her, but she surprised me and survived. I know you feel just terrible, and are stuck without a way to the vet!

Just keep holding her and loving her until you can get help. I pray she has an easy time of it, and that God will watch over you and comfort you.

Again, I am just so sorry. It is very bleak, but you must remain strong to care for the other kitties. PM me if you want, I will be glad to talk!
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Keep her warm and quiet. She doesn't have a good chance of making it because at that age they are so fragile. The fact that she is bleeding from the nose isn't a good sign. Are her gums going white? If they are white, she has lost a lot of blood and is going into anemia. Really the best thing to do is end it quickly for her just based on the information you have placed here, and her age.

I am sorry, I wish I could deliver better news. Trust me, I know how distressing this is. There are 24 hour vets in Alaska, I am not sure where you live, but I would certainly put in a call to Anchorage, Eagle River, or another larger town and ask them via telephone what to do for this one. It is never easy to deal with, but don't carry guilt about this. It was an accident clearly. If you cannot get her to the vet within the next two hours, I hope you find the strength within to do what is best for her.
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Please update us honey, i had to go out and i desperate to know
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Silvermoonmyst, any updates?
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I just caught up with this thread. I'm so very sorry. I hope you up date us soon. Sending prayers your way..
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Perhaps she is at the vets now........... Lina, we're all with you!
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I am sending big prayers for the whole family....
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oh how sad many prayers. And remember it was an accident!
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I'm so sorry, sending prayers that little Willow will pull through.
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