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What breed is your cat?

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Didn't know where to put this and here seemed as good a place as any.

Was just wondering - what breed of cat(s) do people on here have? And how many? I'm counting the good old DSH (moggy) as a 'breed' for this purpose. I'm also curious to know whether moggies or pure breds are most popular.

I have 1 ginger moggy (nearly 9 years old) and 1 somali kitten.
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I think Cat Lounge would be appropriate forum...

We do have 2 male Russian Blue, father and son, now harmonic kastrates, but we had them as Sirs too... Hardly any night sleep during three years....
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1 twelve year old NFC
2 two year old black & white DSH moggies
1 seven year old Brown mackerel tabby DSH moggie
1 two year old satin pointed moggie (possibly Tonkinese, but no way of knowing)
1 one year old rare Barking Enigma Cat (DMH pointed moggie)
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18 month old white persian so cute
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2 lovely, spoiled, gentle, loving Siamese My dream kitties that I waited 50+ years for.
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I have 1 lion and 1 umm lion cub.. hehe. kidding. i got one dlh and 1 kitty, dont know what he is yet
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I have one beautiful moggy girl, about nine months old.
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I have American Curls, a rescue apparent purebred Japanese Bobtail, a former tom about the neighborhood blue tabby with white tail tip, and a recent rescue - cream lynx point moggy.
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8 moggies here
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3 beautiful, perfect Domestic Short Hairs 1 tabby with white, 1 calico and one tuxie.
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2 DSH's. One tux and one solid.

At my parent's I have 3 others I basically claim as my own. 2 are DSH, one is shades of orange and one is shades of brown (I don't know the pattern names), and one long hair moogie too.
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2 DSH's---Fergus & Ripley (she's a torti).

My old vet commented that he felt that Fergus could be part Turkish Van...I wouldn't doubt it, as he's in that rare group of cats that actually enjoy getting bathed.

1 DMH- Steuben (almost 11 weeks old!)
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I have 4 Siamese and 1 Persian
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2 calicos, one cow kitty, one tuxedo kitty,2 kittys that have bengal in them and then one long hair tabby Oh yeah and 5 4 week old babies too.
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I have one Abyssinian, one Tortie, one Grey Tabby and one Dsh. They are all wonderful. I spoil my kitties so very much!
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I have 4 brown DSH and 3 white DMH
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Kandie is a van patterned DLH

Zoey is a red smoke tabby with white DSH( likely bengal cross)
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I have 7 moggies! And proud of them! 4 DHSs and 3 DLHs...
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3 long haired and 2 short haired moggies. And a persian.
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I have one Tabby, one Torbie and White (real mixture! ) and a cow kitty!
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ok - someone's going to have to explain to me what a "cow kitty" is!
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Cow Kitties are black and white moggies with a less uniform colouring than Tuxedos! The pretty much have splodges and markings like a cow!

(like my Willow! )
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Ah - I see! Although I'm still not sure whether my Magpie would be counted as a tuxedo or a cow! Somehow I don't think he's appreciate being called a cow! His colouring was fairly uniform (black over his head, back and tail and white paws and tummy) but he did have a black eye patch over one eye.
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Magpie sounds like a beautiful Tuxedo!
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1 very pampered,friendly & mouthy Siamese
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I have 2 tabbies, 1 calico and a Cornish Rex.

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1 little Tabby girl.
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Two delectable Turkish Vans.
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I have the oddest feeling that Quill, for some reason or another, may be a Siberian or a Siberian mix. But who knows with shelter babies.
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I have:
an orange tabby DSH
A black and white cow DSH
A brown tabby DSH
and for all intents and purposes a Siamese, not sure if he's purebred, but he thinks he is
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