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How to regrow my cat's claws?

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My cat had a freak accident - she was chased up a tree by the neighbor's dog (the neighbor came and got me which is how I know) and apparently while the dog was at the base of the tree she lost her balance and fell about 10 feet, leaving 9 of her front claws in the tree. We rushed her to the vet and she has been on salve and antibiotics for about a week, the vet said yesterday after examining her that the claws will probably not grow back, they were broken down too far. Is there anything I can do to "encourage" them to come back? Are there any nutritional components to growing strong claws? My other cat would probably be content being an indoor cat, but this one loved to roam and play in the yard, she will be miserable. If anyone has any suggestions on helping my kitty get her claws back I would love to hear it. I did try to make her indoor when I first got her, but she just is not happy that way and much as I worry I don't feel it is fair to make her live caged up. She is only 7 years old.
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I feel so bad for that poor cat. That must have been agonizing! I wish I could make a recommendation, but I think that would be up to your vet. People are different from animals, and I have never come across anything like this. Perhaps someone else... But I wanted to tell you how sorry I am that he went through that.
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Oh my goodness!! Poor kitty!! I hope she is feeling better now.
There's no guarantees with the claws growing back. No matter what you give her, if the nail was broken back far enough they won't grow back. It's going to be a matter of time to see how many she regrows. I hope at least some were spared.
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I don't know what the corresponding part is in cats, but in humans the nail grows from the "nail bed". If this is removed (as it sometimes is for medical reasons and accidently like your kitty) your nail will never grow back. It is the "root" of the nail. If your vet has determined that her claws were broken beyond this part, then there will be nothing you can do, unfortunately.

But, keep a good thought, he may have just been guessing, or giving a worse-case scenario. Keeping her paws medicated until they heal and giving her good quality food should be enough to encourage healthy new growth.
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I am so very sorry that this accident happened to your fur babe. I pray she is recovering and not in as much pain. Let us know.
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