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it is posting on a differeant subject then what is stated... I do not mind I love hearing from everyone..
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oh good....I dont want to break the rules.....good luck at the vet...gotta go out for a few hours...I'll check on Skittles and everyone later......
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I'm having kittens tomorrow! LOL! Picking up a new foster litter at 1 pm, already born so I don't have to do the Momma watch! (Is that cheating?!?!)
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bye newfostermom!
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Bye......good luck!!
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I am getting ready to head out also... I am hoping to not stress her out to much.. The vet is 30 min away
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Good luck and let us know as soonas you get back. I think we are all just as anxious as you!:grouphug2:
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Sponge is doing better. She has milk in 4 of her nipples now. So thats very very good. I am still giving her her shots. I have to do that for 4 more days. I had to move the kittens lastnight b/c where she had them just isnt really a good place for them since we have other animals in the house. She apparently doesnt like where I put them b/c she is moving them. My 3yr old came running and screaming to me this morning that Sponge was trying to kill her baby, she had it in her mouth moving it to a different place. So when Sponge put the baby down Chloe grabbed it and looked it over and then put it back where it was. I explained everything to her that its ok she is moving them, etc. sponge went back and got the kitten and moved it back to where she wanted it. LOL
So if you have small kids warn them! Maybe they would freak out like Chloe did! LOL

When does Skittles go to the vet today???? BTW, I hope the day, time, and how many kittens she has wasnt already picked by someone else, if so let me know and I will change it. I didnt have a chance to look through what everyone else thought about her having them.
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i can't believe this is the first and last place i come to every day now, just to check whether they've arrived. Come on Skittles, stop being such a tease!

btw i'm collecting my new little furrball in the morning. A seven week old little girl. I'd much rather she remained with mum for a few more weeks but her current owners are sick of the sleepless nights.
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ok am leaving wish her luck she is big. She looks to big for the arrier... Little worried about that. Glad it isnt a big drive but She can not turn around
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I am heading out but shots for what.....My kids grew up watching moms move there babies
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I am off to work now... Hope I come home to good news!!!
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here is a picture of Isis that I took just a few minutes ago:

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bye catkiki!
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Originally Posted by Isis&D.C.'smom
Good luck and let us know as soonas you get back. I think we are all just as anxious as you!:grouphug2:
Yes please!! I can't bear the suspense any longer I keep checking in on the thread. Good luck Skittles, Lots of good vibes to you and your baby kitties.
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If we don't hear back from Momof3rugrats before I leave work today I'll have to hop online at home tonight! I hate having to do that....it's like suction, I get stuck on the computer ... but I'm dying to know what the vet says...also, I can't see all the photos here at work. I've seen her pics before, but not the pregnancy ones.... I really wanna see her big belly!!!
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Thanks for update on Sponge, sorry your little one was freaked out. Isis looks ready to pop.

Luckygirl: better be ready for big surprise, skittles is huge. But still sexy in that pregnacy kind of sexy. That sounded better in my head, on sounds kinda creepy.

Well I better get back to work. I tune in tonight for latest episode of skittles the stubborn cat.
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Originally Posted by psjauntie
Luckygirl: better be ready for big surprise, skittles is huge. But still sexy in that pregnacy kind of sexy. That sounded better in my head, on sounds kinda creepy.

Well I better get back to work. I tune in tonight for latest episode of skittles the stubborn cat.
No that sounds great!... I called her a sexy momma 2-3 pages back!!!
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Oh, the suspense! I have a feeling the vet is going to say...Skittles is preggers, go home and wait some more. It is nice that she is being checked, though, so if she is in any distress it can be taken care of.

I do hope she can just come back home and have them naturally, though!

That is funny about Sponge carrying the babies and scaring the kids. Mine were the opposite, if the kids picked up Sugartoes babies, she would grab the kittens out of their hands if the kittens cried at all! Of course, she was right, having 3 litters in 6 months, she was way more experienced than us!

Anxiously awaiting updates....
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Originally Posted by Abymummy

Babyharley May 18th, 10pm, 8 kittens
Chichismom May 18th, 11pm 10 kittens

Missymotus May 19 2:20am 9 kittens
LuckyGirl May 19th, 3:30am 12 kittens
Beckiboo May 19th, 4am, 8 kittens)

The above section should be deleted...unless Skittles had kittens...

Kluchetta, May 19th, 9am, 8 kittens
Jenny82, May 19th, 2pm, 7 kittens
Jamasmom May 19th, 5pm, 8 kittens
Arlyn May 19, 6pm, 11 kittens

Momof3Cats&Kids May 20th, 9AM, 7 kittens
Laureen227 May 20th, 2pm, 10 kittens
Liberty's Buddy May 20 4pm 11 kittens
JESSIEnKITTY May 20 5pm 9 kittens
SillyJilly, May 20th, 5:26pm 9 kittens
Junior67, May 20th 7:45p.m., 12 kittens
Wookie130, May 20th, 11:30 pm, 8 kittens

Abymummy May 21st, 2am, 12 kittens
Renny May 21st, 11am, 9 kittens
shadow_kitty May 21st, 8:34pm, 10 kittens

spikesmom May 22, 9:30am 10 kittens (fingers crossed all are healthy)

etcrame May23, 11.59am, 8 kittens (actually, it said before noon EST)

psjauntie's hubby May 24, 11.42am, 8 kittens
lucyloo May24, 12 am, 11 kittens
wookie130 May24, 11.30 pm, 8 kittens (2nd choice, is that allowed??? )

I've left thurs nite in just in case Skittles had kittens and we didn't know...Sims2fan, I can't put you down coz you didn't say what time!
AbyMUMMY:Our Candy Had one kitten one May 5 at 10:40pm
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MomOf3Rugratz:Any news yet on Skittels???
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Man that was a lot of reading....I am new here so, I am sorry for just now reading the post. I hope Skittles the best of luck and from the sounds of it everyone is just as excited about these babies as Skittles is....LOL. I also have a pregnant kitty. I think she got pregnant in the first week of April. So, I think she should be due in the first week of June. Is that sound right? My kitties name is Cloe and this is her first litter and her last litter. The people I got her from said she was spayed....Well they were wrong. I can feel and see the babies moving around in there, so I know it is not a flase pregnancy. Well, anyways good luck at the vets. Hope you have some good news for all of us who are cheering for Skittles. Oh I think Saturday May 20th at 12:30 am and I think there will be 9 babies....
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Alright now Skittles, I don't have computer access all weekend, so don't have them before Monday!! No I'm just kidding, you better have them ASAP or your meowmy is going to have kittens Hope the vet went well, remember to breathe!
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You guys I'm so sad! I know I haven't posted much in this thread, but I've been reading every bit. And now I'm going home to my parents for the night, so wont be able to check til tomorrow night when I get home. Good luck Skittles and meowmy, I'll be back to check as soon as possible!!
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I can't wait to hear what the vet has to say. Good Luck Skittles!
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Originally Posted by LuckyGirl
I think Skittles deserves some kind of special treat for all this hard work. When my sister was pregnant she went to Ben & Jerry's almost every other day for Carmelchillo's...don't they have something sinfully delicious that would be safe for Skittles to enjoy?!
Lucky her. When I was carrying my 10 lb 5 ounce baby I craved Mexican food but I was so huge and uncomfortable that even a glass of milk gave me heartburn.

Poor Skittles--I can empathize, dear. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat, I couldn't reach anything and people laughed because I had the hugest pregnant belly of one baby any of them had ever seen.

I had my 10lb 5 ounce baby at 10:05 on the 13th so the closest I can come is..May 23, 10:05 am, 10 babies.
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Ok am back... She gainned 3 oz.. He said yes she is due now. He said that she wont make it the weekend, but if she proves him wrong call him Monday and we will figure out the next step. He said he wants her to go natural. He wants to try to avoid the shot for labor... So I guess we will see. He also said she is huge and her milk is filling in and there was a little discharge that I guess I am missing. She is swollen so I am to keep eye on her litter pan in case. He said her temp is 99.9 I am to recheck it tonight and tommorrow. He said 24- 48 hours so am not sure. I told him I found it unreliable he said some do. Her temp was normal last week now it is 99 and she has good signs.. He said like I told ya before Skittle is trying to prove me wrong so she might hold out LOL...
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Awww, I'm glad she's progressing. The excitement just keeps building..As I have said before I was starting to think she wasn't pregnant but instaed ate your couch....
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I am soooo glad that she didn't have them at the vet! My luck is that my cat would have gone into labor while there and would have had to stay! Is this your first pregnant cat? In the first few days after delivery I was very anxious to be a foster but after having 3 to 4 litter boxes and creatures all over the house I am going to wait a bit!

If this is your first litter, you should got a doozy to start off with!
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He wants her to go natural but he did say she is big. I have to call on monday and then we will take the next step. He said he might give her a shot and send her home with me... Or keep her there but he said she hates me and I think she would feel better if mommy was there and not the ugly doctor who pokes and xrays her He did not feel like a xray would do anything for us but cause her stress. The temp taking was awful and stressful but he did say he feels it is necessary because she had the URI in the first week of the pregnancy.
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