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Need help loading photos

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I know a couple of you were kind enough to send me instructions on how to load photo's to this forum, but my husband doesn't understand. Forgive us we're new at this. Immortal Flower sent me instructions and they began "I upload them to my server". Forgive us, but how can you give us step by step instructions how to do that.

I'm sorry for being a pest but I really want to load some pictures for all of you to enjoy. With this digital camera I'm a picture taking fool!


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What Immortal Flower likely meant was that she first puts them on her website, then uses bulletin board code to attach them here. Alot of forums will allow you to load the picture onto the host server, but I have never tried that option on this board so I don't know if this one will let you do it. This is for people who either don't have a website or who do not want the extra hits that being linked to a busy board will cause.

I am going to link to a picture on my website:

In order to see the code I have used, you can click the "quote" button on this post, and it will come up into your reply box with the code showing. The http:// etc is the URL to the page on my website that I am linking to. This can be determined by opening up the page and copying what's in your address bar. If you are wanting to link to a picture on another website, you can get the URL either by clicking on the picture to bring it up in a window by itself and copying the URL, or by positioning your cursor over the picture, right clicking, and copying the URL from the properties box that pops up.

You can also click the vB Code [help] link that is to the upper right of your reply box to get detailed help.

This will help you if you have a website or want to post a picture from another website.

I hope it helps, anyway!

If you want to load your pictures onto the TCS server, and this board allows it, I'm sure someone else can come in to help you.
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If you don't have a website to link your pics from, you can attach the pic directly to your post. It has to be fairly small, not more than 33240 bytes. I'm assuming your camera came with some kind of digital imaging software and you can open your pics in that software and shrink the size.

When you want to post them, do your post like normal, then at the bottom of this section, under the Options: section, is Attach File:. Just click the Browse button and direct it to the picture on your computer. If the file is too big, there will be a message when you hit Submit Reply.

Note: You can preview the post to see what your pic looks like, but you will have to re-attach the photo before you submit the post/thread.

Hope this helps Patsy. I can't wait to see your furbabies!
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Don't feel too badly, Patsy. It took me a while to figure this out, too. I've had a computer, just since January. I have to reduce my pix, before they will post. I'm buying a digital, first of the month and expect that Bill and I will have a good time, snapping the cats and dog. They do so many cute things and I, usually don't have a camera handy. Good luck.
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Heidi could you please send the instructions you gave me for loading pictures to my personal e-mail address so I can print them out. If I try to print from the forum I get "all" the posts. My e-mail is

Thanks so much for everyones help.

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