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Litterbox Habits

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Our cat Rory is the proud momma of 4 beautiful month-old kittens. The kittens are doing great with the litterbox. But the momma is a different story. She's not burying her "deposits" in the litterbox anymore like she used to. They're in the box, but just laying on the top of the litter. I guess Rory thinks her stuff don't stink no more, which is not the case. The odor is unbearable. Anyone else have this problem?
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Maybe it is her way of showing them that is what we do in a litterbox?!? She may be more stinky because she is still cleaning up after them. I would just try to scoop more often, but always leave one or two baby poos in there.
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I was thinking the same think Beckboo was. Maybe she is teaching the kits.
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I don't recall having that particular problem, but it definintely makes sense that she's leaving it there for her babies to be guided to the box. Actually I think Elsa totally covered hers, plus dragged up the towel on top of it.
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I'm happy to report that Rory has gone back to burying her bowel movements in the liiterbox! And the kittens are doing great with their litterbox too.
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See...???? Mother DOES know best, LOL.
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