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Originally Posted by HopeHacker
I don't live alone, because I have 4 kitties living with me, but THANK GOD, I don't live with any people. The only way I could see myself sharing a place to live with people would be if it were a HUGE house, with a big divider, seperate kitchens, seperate bathrooms, seperate living rooms and/or sitting rooms, and seperate entrances.
amen to that
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I live with my husband and cat. I did live "alone" (i.e., with furry friends) for a while before we got married, and for about a year while he was working in another city, and we only saw each other on weekends. The roughest part of that year was that he had our then cat, as I usually went to visit him, since I had Fridays off, and he didn't.
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I wish so much that I lived alone. Instead I have my ex boyfriend as a roommate. So much fun!
Zissou and I are moving in August and I don't know if I want a roomie or not. I'm probably going to rent a 2-bedroom in my name only and then sublet the second bedroom. That way if it goes downhill they have to move out, not me!
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I live with my boyfriend..but I have lived with roomates in the past..and I wouldn't do it again. I could live alone I think..with Trout of course.
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One husband, three cats -- works well.
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It's hard to think of myself as living alone when my four funny and furry creatures run the house!

Even though I have my own apartment, I'm pretty close to my downstairs neighbor since we're part of the same religious community. Thank goodness we're allowed to live alone (it's not like that in all communities). I'm so independent and set in my ways, I wouldn't make a good roommate.
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Well, as we can all see, there are pros and cons to living with/without humans..............I say whatever makes you happy!
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I lived with my mom and sister, then with a friend, then with my ex-husband, then on my own, then with my current husband and four cats. The way it is now, I wouldn't change for the world! I love it the way it is! I've never been happier!
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Susie, your new siggie gets two dew claws up from my boys
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Just me and Hubby, 8 cats 1 dog ... I think I can meow better then talk
I actually have meowing conversations with a few of the furbabies
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Our family at home consists of Hubby and me, Oz, 4 fish and 2 cornsnakes.
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Just me and the crew here! I'd never lived alone until me and the ex split up, now I don't know how I'd deal with living with someone else- I like being on my own very much! Although it would be nice to have someone to help with the bills, but then it would also be someone to help make a mess
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Originally Posted by lilleah
I couldnt stand living alone.

I live with DH, our best friend, my daughter, 2 cats, 1 baby turtle, and I had 5 fish, but they all died just last night due to my daughter being VERY VERY naughty. (long story)

Just because I have 2 boys of my own and know what trouble they get into, I have to know what happened!
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I live with my husband, Jason. And our 2 kitties: (Monkey and Lemur!)
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I live with my boyfriend, Lee. And of course Phenom!
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I live with my boyfriend Mark, Sleeves and Nismo! Suits me down to the ground! Marks little brother does stay with us a few days during the week because he's at uni up here but is barely here, I have to say I prefer not having someone else around and look forward to one day, being the only ones with keys to our house.
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I do.
Right now I don't like it much. I live in a bad area and its kind of scary. I do this thing every night when I come in to make sure no one is hiding in my apartment :p

However, I'm moving to a much better area really soon.
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