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Update on French house

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It has been some time since I posted any pix of hte French house, so here are a few, showing progress and also problem areas!

First, the exterior to remind you what it looks like:

This is the area we had to dig out at the back to see where the damp was coming from. Water pours down the hill from the spring and well at the top, so we are channelling it and will then build a water garden/rockery as a retainer at the back, with a little patio

This will be the front garden! All the clay from the dig is there, so must be landscaped and mixed with topsoil

This will be the kitchen, but you can see the damage done by the water! However, we are replastering and I have chosen the new units which will be oak.

This is a corner of my bedroom, which I was painting on my last visit, ready for the wood flooring to go down.

Slowly making progress but a long way to go.
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It looks lovely, but a lot of work.
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Gosh, Jenny, it is progressing well isn't it?!

The colour of your bedroom is lovely - so sunny! The damp really did cause a 'bit' of damage, didn't it? But at least you can work with the outside to make a water garden!

I bet it's becoming ever so much more real now that everything is falling into place! You must be so excited!
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It will be worth the effort tho', looks lovely.

Where are your fur babies whilst all this work is being done ? Is part of the house 'lived in', it looks enormous
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No one is living there yet, I am still in Bosnia and trying to make trips every month to check progress, choose tiles and units etc and generally supervise! Half the house will be mine and half will be a holiday cottage to rent out. That half already has a working kitchen, almost a finished bathroom, and three bedrooms, and is also progressing to the stage where I can have guests (not paying ones - that would not be fair but at least I can offer tolerant friends a bed and a bath!) When I stay I am in the guest half for the moment, even if it is rather dusty.
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Jenny, it's going to be simply gorgeous when it's finished, inside and out.
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When you are finally finished, that is going to be simply spectacular!
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I cant wait to see the finished pics! it looks amazing so far, and I love the idea of a water garden.
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Wow, its really going to be gorgeous when its all finished, isn't it?

(You might have a lot of visitors wanting to come, like me! )
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Wow, looks like that place will be gorgeous when it's finished! Get wait to see more pictures as the work progresses. Good luck with everything!
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It's looking fantastic Jenny!
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It is going to be so very lovely. I am so envious!!
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Oh Jenny, from the beginning when you first told us about this house, I knew it would be spectacular.........and these pics just prove it. I hope you have lots of help with that digging though. that's alot of backbreaking work. Can't wait to see it as it progresses! Do you have an estimation date as to when you'll move in?
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The digging was all done with a large JCB earthmover! A lot of my things are already there (all my furniture is piled in the hallway between the two parts of the house, and my clothes and books are in boxes in the utility room), and I will be there from the first week in July, with the cats. The kitchen won't be finished, but I can live in the guest house while I get it done. Before then I hope to make two more short trips to finalise details and still move some stuff from here in Sarajevo. Only a few weeks to go - I am really excited.
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To me, your French house is like something out of a wonderful dream.
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Its really progressing well isn't it!!!!
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Originally Posted by xocats
To me, your French house is like something out of a wonderful dream.
I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's all done! I bet you can't wait to move in!
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Wow, that house is gorgeous!
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