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winter's labor

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well I thought when winter was hiding this morning and I heard her meowing I thought Maybe she was in labor and then told myself no, because I have been awaiting there arrival for so long But i was on my way to the bathroom and I heard a little meow anb yes she is having them unfortuntly she has decided to have them in the spare room closet which has shelves in it and she is on the third shelf so i will move them as theat is not safe. can't see to give a head count or anything but will keep you updated.
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YAY!!!! Finally! Feels like we have been waiting forever for Winter to have those babies!
I can't wait to hear more
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YEAH!!! FINALLY!! Congrats!! The third shelf! She is a brave one!
I am so happy for you!
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feel like it has been an eternity. I can hear that she is still in labor and I know that I have heard 2 or maybe 3 differnt ones crying. she is doing very well. she also did the first time and with any luck I will get her to the vet a little faster this time and get her spay before we have anymore.
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It is about time winter geez... Hay grandma how many are there so far. She look like no more then 5 she was a petite thing...
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can't see to give head count. she had gained a total of 3lbs. or at least that is what she had gained as of two weeks ago and she was alot bigger now then she was then. she was 2 times bigger today than she was at the vet appt. she is normally a 6lb cat. and was just over 8 at her appt.
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ok so it is kinda dark in there. but i think i can see 4 or 5 kittens and they look like they are black. she is still in labor and she is trying to push out another. the first few came with 1 hour. she is still pretty big so who knows but she is doing really good and is happy that i have checked in on her a few times. as soon as she sees me she starts to purr and sticks her head out for me to pet her. she is such a wonderful mom. i am so excited.
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Good to know she isn't having any problems...keep us posted.

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she has had five. 4 black and 1 gray. she has not cleaned herself up yet. guess i am not sure if she is finished or not. the black ones look just like winter and the grey one looks just like smokey. they are so cute!!!!!!
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Oh congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see pix. And figures she chooses a nice high shelf. LOL
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Congrats! I'm glad it went well...
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That's a nice-sized litter of kits! (5 "happy birthdays" to five new kittens!!)

Congratulations to you and to Winter (and Smokey)!

Are you keeping any little ones?
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I am so excited for winter. She had to go forever it seems like I can not wait for pictures
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I did not take a close look at them other than to put them in a tote and put them back up on the shelf. so i can't tell you the sexes as i did not look but there are 2 solid blacks 1 solid gray and two black and white. if she is done I will be thrilled with only five. I have homes for that many but I wanted to keep one myself.
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I am so glad she and babies seem to be doing fine. Did ya find out if Shadow was prego yet.
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i think smokey is prego but i have not taken her to the vet to find out yet. I have been busy worrying about winter. smokey stomach is rock hard. it usually sags a little but not anymore and her nipples are getting a brighter pink and more defined. I am sure that she is but time will tell. I am just hoping winter is done as she still has not cleaned herself up yet. she still has not left them so i took her some wet food and water. to give her back some of her energy.
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Is it possible to put the tote on the floor? If Winter jumps in or out of it she may knock it down?
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she will not knock it down as they are on the shelf where the wall meets the shelf. kinda like a cubby. they are safe or I would have moved it to the floor. yes she is done the total number is five she has come out to go potty. i'm sure she had to go as she had not gone since 11:00 this morning. she is still a little messy so if she does not take care of it soon I will help her. she wants to be left alone right now and I am giving her the space she wants and needs. my friends and i had bets of what day in the week she would have them and i won. my only reasonong is that she had her first litter on a thursday. ironically the same time of day.
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I am so glad she is up and about. How are they all doing this morning.
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they are all doing really well this morning.crying really loud when they are hungry. she has been with them this mornig and has not left them yet. Last night she stood guard out side the spare room door. so i have not had a cat fight between winter and smokey like we had yesterday. it was really unexpected as she let smokey help her clean up her last litter. but smokey is keeping her distance for now.
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Don't worry to much about Winter cleaning herself up. It took Adina about 48 hrs to get herself looking normal. Even after that she still had a little yuck on her tail. Momma is busy cleaning up everyone else and she comes last. Hey, that is just like being a human mommy
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yeah it does sound alot myself and my kids always come first. ok that sounded kinda bad like i do not clean myself. LOL winter seems to have cleaned herself up a little. she has been resting and I am not gonna disturb her. I remember needing a lot of sleep after giving birth and i only had one at a time. she has been eating very well and drinking pretty good as well. i will check on her after while to make sure that she is taking in some more fluids. I am not worried about her anymore I am glad she has had her babies and that they all appear to be very healthy. she was a proud mama today and had to show them off to me. it was so cute.
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I'm glad she finally had them. Adina is solid white and she looked horrible with all the blood all over her backside. She would come out to the livingroom for some love and my boys would JUMP up and she was a monster She cleaned up nicely. I can't wait to see pictures of your new family.
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not sure when i will be able to get some pictures. they are in a dark place and i can't use the flash or it will hurt the baby's eyes. really don't think they will turn out very well. especially seeing how they are dark colored kittens. I will try in a few days once she has settled down a little.
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I am just glad winter is done LOL. Get it. Sorry tired bad joke
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