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I have owned 4 kitties!

Ivan the terrible (he was mean)
Irish (born on St. Patricks day)
Phenom who is the queen of my heart now!!
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Cats that have owned me ....

The indoor ones
Nikko( siamese)( MOM s cat siamese

Murphy ( persian, I was highly allergic and she had potty issue s , went to a farm when I was 3 ish ...)

Kandie ( my Princess was supposed to be my cat but she is moms )

Simon Leeroy ( snowshoe how I miss him

Zoey ( the once feral likely bengal cross)

The not offically mine

Mr Kitty ( he likes my family currently paid for by the old lady accross the street )

Flip ( he also lives accross the street but is the neighborhood non tom)

My ferals

Boots ( believed to be with kittens but cant catch her or touch she gets close though

Blackie ( a true feral he bolts if any thing is within 20 ft , will try to trap and release )

Peaches ( a sweety suspect a tom

Mystery ( cant get to close suspect siamese mix )

MY NON Family
Midnight and her kittens ... I was 2 yr -15 yrs ... I beleive I was friends with Midnight the 10 -14th generation... I pray someone trapped and fixed as I came into their lives 30 yrs after my Grandma started feeding them .....
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Current cats:

Gizmo, Tinkerbelle, Olivia, Theodore, Amelia, Boris and Leo

Cats in kitty heaven (RIP):

Barnsey and Minette - childhood cats, brother and sister, who both lived until a ripe old age

Arnie and Tiger - brother and sister, had to be put down by vet at the age of 3 months - they were born with defects affecting their organs. It was a traumatising experience. I got them at 8 weeks and after month of worrying and constant vet appointments, the vet said they would not make it for that much longer and were suffering. I wish the rescue centre which gave us the kittens had checked this out first!

So that makes 11 in total.
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