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suggestions, please

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Hi All,

I don't have my cats yet, but I'm working on it. What I want to do though is have everything ready for the new kids and close at the top of my list will be a (dare I say it) cat tree --YUCK! I'm sorry, but the ones I remember from the old days were so ugly and there was no way to disguise them. Just wonder if anyone knows of a good site on the net that sells interesting trees.

We live in such a remote area that I have to do most of my shopping on the computer, so any great cat sites you can recommend would be greatly appreciated.

Another thing---since these boys will be indoor guys, I wonder if anyone has done an outside play area for their cats. Maybe something that's attached to your house or even something like a "cat run".

Thanks all---just trying to get prepared. Feels like I'm "pregnant" and getting ready for twins.......Oh dear God perish the thought--LOL.

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Try this thread for lots of discussion and links to cat tree web sites.


I'm also checking into building an outdoor enclosure, so I hope you get some good links for that!
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Thanks lotsocats, That'll teach me to use the "search" feature next time. Barbara
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Barbara, good luck with your new kittens!!
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