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cat and new cat interaction

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we are considering getting another cat.we have a male siamese that is a year old.he is the most loving and wide-open cat!he's awesome.we are looking at a really young snowshoe female and an adult female siamese.we really love cats,but fear that our cat and a new cat may not get along.he's fixed and completely healthy.plays all the time.should we not look into a kitten or female?
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I think you can get another cat, but I wouldn't advise getting 2 new cats at once. He has had the house and you all to him self and is not going to be too happy about "intruders" taking over. I always have at least 2 cats, I think they are less destructive if they have a buddy to play with, and are just happier. He is going to let which ever cat you bring into the home know that he is the boss. I think the transition may be easier with a younger kitten, that is less threatening to him. You have to remember to give him lots of love and to let him dominate the baby within reason. It is hard to let the natural order of things take place but they all settle in much more quickly if you allow things to go along where he thinks he is in control. Of course you will save the little ball of adorable fur, and hug her and kiss her and fuss over her while he is happily eating a bowl of some yummy special cat food . After 4 or 5 days they will be all cuddled up and he will be her new Daddy.
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A one year old cat would do well with either a kitten or a young adult cat. So, you should be fine either way!

If you do decide to adopt, please click here to read about how to safely introduce the new cat to your current cat.
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I have 2 siamese kitties (one flame-point the other blue-point) and they are absolutely wonderful with other cats. I'm pretty sure it's breed specific too, from my experience siamese just generally get along easier with other kitties more so than other breeds do.

I've also read that siamese are the best breeds to have when/if you have children in your house. I wouldn't know from personal experience, as children irritate me
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