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Skittles where are you.....

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Ok I lost her... All doors have been shut and windows all day because the wind is so bad.. I have looked all over even the top of the fridge... I need help. Where would a pregnant cat Hide. I have searched everywhere in this house... It is small only 900 sq ft.
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Big huggs, i really hope you find her soon, shes probably nesting somewhere, bit huggs.
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Back of closets, in the bathtub, in with the hot water heater (why do they call it that? it heats cold water).
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(((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))) let us know if you find her. Try opening a can of cat food. that is how I find my cats. LOL they always come running. Look in small dark quiet spaces. closets, under beds, under ANYTHING she can fit under. Behind things she can get behind. GL hope you find her soon!
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I hope so because she has a collar and it jingles. If I call Skittle skit skit skittles she will run to me she hasn't... I know she did not go outside so am feeding the kids and getting them showed and settled in so it gets calmer and then I will search some more. But we did all look all over. I even looked in the nest box nothing.
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Originally Posted by Arlyn
Back of closets, in the bathtub, in with the hot water heater (why do they call it that? it heats cold water).
LOL I agree. Mine is outside... HMMM This is so weird. I have never lost her before. She is to big to fit in tight areas but I did look in the dryer... And I looked under couch...
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Look everywhere; even places you wouldn't think she'd be. Kitties love to find the darndest places to hide. I hope you find her soon.
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I'd guess that she's nested somewhere and fallen asleep, or tha labor is imminent. Here's hoping you find the little scamp.
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I am worried but not frantic because she has to be in this house. Just puzzled where.
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Amazingly enough, they can even fit up under the box springs under your mattress. We had one hid there once. Took us HOURS to find her.
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I looked there also. I even looked behing the cabinets and in drawers...
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Closet under stuff in one of your closets maybe?I hope you find her soon..
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You know, she's probably watching you and laughing her fuzzy little butt off.
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I know she is because I got up on a ladder to look LOL...
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awww still havent found her? what about in dresser drawers? I opened a drawer last night, one full of underclothes and taz hopped in, and i closed it without even noticing she was in there, long haired cat and all. With all the different colors i didnt even notice...
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I have no dreswer. I did check night stands and nothing but I heard her bell a sen ago.. No clue where from...
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Did you find her yet? Do you have a dryer, ours likes to hide behind it, especially when it is warm. Also, in back of the entertainment center. Crazy little babies! Good luck!
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Try the window sills behind the curtains too!
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One time, we thought we had lost our cat, and they had ripped the box springs, and crawled up inside from beneath the bed. It is amazing some of the places a cat can hide when they want to. Do you have other dogs or cats? If not, could you just leave a door open with food out, to entice her back inside?
I wish I could be of more help. I hope Skittles comes back in soon.
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I had a cat rip open a boxspring to have kittens in there once... and I've also had cats hide in behind drawers, and in all kinds of odd places... I bet she's found a place to have her kittens....
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she is not outside. She is here somewhere. Waiting to search more when it is quiet...
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Shhhh, be bery bery quiet, we're hunting bunny wabbits, errr, I mean puddy tats.
I bet you are right, she is somewhere in there snickering away. Would she show herself for any special treat? I can't wait to hear where she has decided to play hide and seek.
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She is in no mood to eat hasn't going on a week now. She is to big to really jump high but I have looked everywhere. She usually stays in my room 24/7 even when the door is open or closed she loves it in there.
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Have you checked behind the pillows on the beds?
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Yep Yep. I even have the bed on the boxsprings so she could not go under it. She was groming alot today and her tummy i going bald her teats are pink so she might just be looking for a spot. I bet when the kids head to bed she will be here. Fingers crossed
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have you checked inside your couch? we had a big booming thunderstorm and I couldn't find our 15 lb fluffy cat. I looked everywhere big enough for him, then realized I hadn't checked under the couch. I peek under there and I see this huge bulge with a tiny bit of grey fur sticking out! There was my fatty! I didn't even think he could fit under there.
I would also start looking in places you think are too small, they're pretty sneaky and flexible. Our stray mom cat shoved herselv in a very small area to have her babies. I was impressed she had enough room squeeze a kitten out!
I hope you find her!

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SKITTLES come out wherever you are!!!
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Okay, do you have a drop ceiling? My LH calico was born in the drop ceiling in the basement of her "grandparents' " house. Dirty clothes hamper? And I would check the boxsprings again. I have missed one there (looked several times) more than once Kids rooms? Kids boxsprings? My cat (when I was a kid) decided to have her kittens in my little sister's closet instead of in her nest in mine . Do you have swag curtains? I had a cat that would climb up and sleep in the swag (I like to never found her when she was a tiny kitten!) until it finally fell . Is she on top of your hanging clothes in the closet? Linens? Under a blanket on a bed where it looks like she couldn't possibly be? In the underside (like the boxsprings) of the couch or a chair? Will keep thinking....Will pray you find her soon!

Edit here-Is there anywhere she has been avoiding? May be saving it for kittens...
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I agree about looking in places you think she can't fit. Look in every cabinet, behind things, places you looked that might have had a place she could hide you didn't think of.

I once looked for my Tarzen for hours. In a 1-bedroom apt. I thought maybe somehow he had gotten out because I really looked everywhere. When he decided I should find him, he came out.

He was sitting on the windowsill. which was one of hte first places I looked. I had moved the curtains aside, and didn't see him. He was sitting right in the corner of it so I moved the curtains aside right over him. He must have thought it was hysterical.

Its possible she did go to have her kittens. Because she is so big and might have so many, you really shouldn't wait in trying to find her. What if she needs help?

Maybe you can make a game of it with the kids to keep them quiet and they can help. Or offer a reward to the first who finds her.

Or everyone sit each at a doorway of a room, make it very quiet, and see who might hear something first.

Maybe one of the kids opened a cabinet and she got in there and behind something, maybe where you keep your towels. Or a toybox that was open and one of the kids closed. Maybe in a vent.

When my foster, Snowflake was here the first few days, she disappeared. Guess where I found her. She had gotten behind the refrigerator, and there is an opening into where the motor is. She was actually inside the back part of the fridge. You wouldn't think a cat that size would fit there. There are holes like that all over your place you forgot about. So look not only where yo think she is, but where you think she isn't.

Also, if you can get all quiet, sit in the middle of the house, and just meow to her, then wait. Maybe she'll answer at some point to give you an idea of where the sound is coming from.

Good luck
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Originally Posted by Charmed654321
Its possible she did go to have her kittens. Because she is so big and might have so many, you really shouldn't wait in trying to find her. What if she needs help?
I really have to agree here. She may be having the kittens. You want to make sure she is comfortable and in a nice nesting space. Good Luck Grandma!
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