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Sierra and Stephanie
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Great news
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oh, happy day! I am so glad things are as they should be!
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Thta is such great news!! Wooohooooooo
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Yay!!! That's wonderful news Stephanie!!
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Wonderful! Now relax and have a great weekend!
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Thank you guys so much for sharing our joy! Yes, now it's finally time for my girlies and I to relax and enjoy a wonderful weekend!
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Fantastic news, Stephanie! I'm so pleased for you both!

I think it was Sierra's special Birthday present to you! Have a wonderful relaxing weekend with your girls!
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I am so glad things are better for her.
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I'm glad Sierra's visit went well & her results were good news for you!
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Wonderful news!
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I am so glad that everything worked out for you too. Isn't it wonderful when things work out. All our prayers and the prayers and well wishes of all our friends do help don't they. Congratulations. Give your baby a kiss from me. I truly know how relieved you are.
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Thank you guys so very much for celebrating with us! This has been such a remarkable relief, and I'm so proud of my baby girl!
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