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Any new on the lab results yet.
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Thank you guys for waiting by the phone with us! I've managed to only call once today and was told the results were not yet in but that Dr. Todd would phone us when they were. Hurry results!
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Oh gosh Sis, there's nothing worse than waiting..........hurry results!!!!
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Crap the waiting game sucks...
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Still waiting with my fingers crossed Stephanie!
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I'll add mine too Stephanie.

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Ok, I phoned just before the office closed and the results had not yet arrived. This must be such a routine event for Dr's offices, I wonder if they realize that our entire world is revolving round their call? Tomorrow will be another day to sit by the phone, bet they'll be in nice and early. Thank you guys so much for waiting with us!
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Please let us know. We will be waiting with you.
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Yay Sierra! I'm so glad her visit went well, and that she didn't need to be sedated! I have everything crossed for great lab results.
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Oh no Stephanie...
Time passes so slowly when we are waiting for that important call.
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What a disappointment to have to wait another day! Keeping the vibes coming!!
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Keeping fingers crossed and praying the results are good
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I will hope for the best as well!!! It sucks when you have to wait like this.
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How disappointing for you, Stephanie!

I really hope the vet rings you bright and early today with some wonderful results!
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You guys are so great. With so much going on now, you're taking the time to wait with us!
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It's Thursday morning....
my prayers continue.
Sweet Sierra
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Is there any news yet.
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Thinking of you Hurry up results!!
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We're so happy! Sierra's labs are super, our Dr is "very pleased" with her results! Her Creatinine has actually come down, and her BUN is only slightly elevated! Her T4 is great, and her Potassium level is right where it should be, so she'll remain at this dose of her daily Potassium suppliment. Along with staying at the same dose of Norvasc for her blood pressure, we will continue with the same amount of her Phosphate Binder, as well, since it's clearly contributing to keeping her BUN and Creatinine in check along with her current diet! I'm so proud of my baby girl!

Thank you to our caring friends who have remained on edge with us as we awaited these labs and celebrate with us now that Sierra's great results have returned!
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Yay for Sierra! My girls and I are doing a happy dance for her!
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What wonderful news, Stephanie!
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That is awesome news!!!!
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Yippy ... Way to go Sierra
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You just made a very hectic day alot better Sis!
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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! That's awesome news!
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Doing a happy dance:

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I am so pleased that the results were good.
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Oh Stephanie - the relief!!!!! You got that call at last. Sierra's results are wonderful, you must be so happy. We'll continue sending those good vibes so that these results are repeated next time too
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Glad everything is A-OK!!! Sierra is such a good, brave girl--being so good for mom on her vet visit
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