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Few Questions Help!

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I have a few question. My vet is not answering at the moment or I would call him. First off the kittens are 3 weeks and 3 days old. The mama cat started moving them yesterday one at a time. Today I realized when she moves them its usually cuz there making a lot of noise playing (fighting) lol? Then for some reason the kittens only seem to be eating from 3 to 4 nipples so ones always left out. Is she moving them one at a time to feed them? It worrys me when she moves them. I have small children I'm scared since shes moving them out of my room to the living room under the sofa that they will crawl out and get hurt! It's a major traffic area! Also instead of carrying them at the back of their neck she seems to hold them by the throat under them! Is that safe and normal? Should I let her move them and just watch them carefully?
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Im going through the same thing except my kittens are 5 weeks old! take lots of pics cause they will about double in size very quickly. doesnt the mother cat have more than 4 nipples? ours has 8 i believe and all 4 are still feeding off her. i wouldnt put them in the living room just yet..wait a little longer. and as far as grabbing by the neck...ours did that too..i guess its normal. have fun with the kittens..they grow so fast!
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I would confine her by closing her into a bedroom. Like you said, especially with kids around, as the kittens start walking they could get stepped on and hurt!

Not to mention litter training is coming soon, and it is better to have the babies confined near their litterbox! LOL!

My kittens were always picked up by their Mom with the back of the neck. I don't know why yours is doing it by the throat?!? But if you confine her, that should help.

If she is not feeding all the kittens, you will need to supplement with KMR or other kitten formula!
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