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My ADORABLE kittens!!

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Cuddling on the chair next to me

Funny yawn!

The lovely Marbles

Misty in an X-rated position (cracked me up!)

Finally, Misty stops moving

Misty falls off the chair...then climbs back on!

Misty s..l..o..w..l..y.. falls asleep

The end!
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Oh what adorable kittens.:
Great action shots.
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Oh my goodness cute or what!

Has Marbles fell asleep in that last picture?

And those x rated ones of Misty are brilliant
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What adorable pictures!!!
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They are indeed adorable!
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It should almost be illegal for me to look at kitten pics. Whenever I do I wish I had a few to cuddle with and anyone that knows me knows I do not need one more furball in this house.

When it's my time to die, let me go in a pile of kittens and I'll go with a smile so big it will never be removed!

You sure have some beautiful babies there.
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Major cuteness alert!! They are darling.
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AWW I love the story They are sweet looking...
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So so sweet, they are!! That yawn pic is too funny.
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No Marbles is not asleep she's sucking on Misty's fur like usual.
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awww they are so adorable!!!
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They sure are cute!
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I wish I had a kitten running around the house after looking at those cute photos. Give Marbles & Misty a kiss for me.
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Misty has the coolest ears! They go straight up! I've never seen a cat with ears like that. That yawn pic was especially cute.
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