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Danced as if listening to Strauss!

I lay on the couch one fine day,
I would dream all my worries away!
But along came my cat,
Who, in spite of all that,
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loves to run, leap and stalk her prey.

There once was a cat and a mouse,
The mouse love to run thru the house,
The cat tried to fight,
that urge in the night…
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And saved the fun of the catch for his spouse!

I'll have fish in my dish
Was Edgar's big wish
His owner was broke
What got served made him choke
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Liver again... UGH, his tail did a swish.

(That last one was tough!)

Here's an easy one!

There one was a cat from Peru,
Who dreamed of licking a shoe,
he awoke with a fright,
in the middle of the night,
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With his tongue on the toe of Guess Who!?

There once was a puss named Chartreuse
Who longed to meet up with a moose
So up to Canada she went
Till all her money was spent
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And all that she saw was a goose.

There is a sweet kitty named Molly
She looks like a cute little dolly
She sleeps on her back
without fear of attack
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But. alas! That was sweet Molly's folly!

There once was a kitty who tried
To try the quite good life outside.
But his mind he did change
About life on the range,
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When he jumped on a deer for a ride!

Here's another little fellow with a dilemma:

One time a kitten named Brad
Tried to answer a question he had...
He jumped in the shower,
But his plans turned quite sour
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And wet Brad was quite a sad lad!

There once was a kitty named Jake
Who thought the dog's growl was fake.
Climbed a tree, oh so tall
That he feared he would fall,
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And suddenly the branch it did break!

A chubby fat cat named Moe
Had a big ol' thron in his toe,
he limped around
and suddenly found....
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No need for the toe, no mo!

There once was a cat from Burma
Who went by the name of Irma
She loved the desert air
It was good for her hair
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And found desert rats that little bit firmer!

The kittens decided to play
They had been naughty all day.
They'd killed all the plants,
On the couches did dance ........
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Here it goes...

There once was a cat named Tigger
Who cried everyday about her imperfect figure.
Trying to stay fit was her master plan,
But as soon as the door opened she was into the garbage can.
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There is a cute cat named Daisy,
Who drives her owner crazy.
Jumping up on the chair,
Her owner never knew she peed there.
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And to finish Bundys limerick...

and went on their merry ol' way!!!
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Please remember to finish the limerick posted before yours, and then start a new one. Thanks!
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Ok so, time for a new one right??

Bod was a fat black cat,
who wanted to wear a hat,
his mum said no,
but even so..

(Lame I know, but at least it gets it started again, right!??!)
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Bod put on the hat and sat!

There once was a kitty named Bell
Who loved to purr you could tell.
She got very mad
If the petting went bad,
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And would hiss and scream and yell!

Early one day in the morn
a cat got up at dawn
he scratched to out
and scrambled about
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Leaving curtains all tattered and torn

There once was a cat named Spot
Who wreaked havoc but never got caught
But one day while not looking
While mom was still cooking…
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Stole the turkey, and Kim yelled-a lot!

Oh, the rug was new and pristine,
And the house was "holiday" clean.
But along came the cat,
Who soon changed all that,
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Forcing Jeanie to let out a scream

Let me tell you about Rocko the cat
Well known as the neighborhood brat
Under favorable conditions
and without my permission....
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OK..it's been two days....
I'm waiting for a rhyme... LOL!!
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Upon Christmas dinner he sat!

There once was a kitty named Bod,
Who thought that the trash can looked odd.
He leaped right on top
Though his owner said, "Stop!"
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Barely escaping the firing sqaud

A tale about Gogo the tabby
Who constantly told he was flabby...
Flicking tale in the air
He marched off without care.........
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Then decided to hail the next cabby!

There once was a wimpy boy Merle,
who was picked on even by squirles (ahem, poetic license ok!!)
He'd had enough
decided to get tough
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So Merle gave the squirrel's tail a twirl!

Ophelia, a cat with great charm,
Thought Hamlet should be on her arm.
But her room mate was Trent,
Quite a grand kitty gent,
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who wanted Hamlet to stay on the farm!

I like this limerick stuff
(Hope the ones I write aren't too tough!)
But when I check with Kitty to find
If she thinks I'm way out of line
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I find her critique to be rough!

It was time to go to the vet
But the kitties were not ready yet
The carrier was out-
And I gave a big shout
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But not a kitty was found, you can bet.

Trent wanted to play a bit rough,
So to his sister he acted quite tough.
But on her little sleek paws
She had quite sharp claws
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