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Limericks, Limericks !

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Let's start a limerick and let the next person finish it. There are five lines with aa bb a rhyme. I'll start and hope someone finishes it. Then that person should start another limerick for someone else to finish.

There once was a kitty named Joe
Who thought that his human was slow;
He cried for his chow
He yelled, "I eat now!
(Your turn)
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"and took a quick bite from Joe's toe!" - hows that Jeanie?!

Hmmm to start another one....

Now Jeanie had started a thread,
A limerick straight from her head,
she typed and typed,
stayed up all night.......
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And never did go to her bed!

Alright whom do I pick on?

There once was a kitty named Trent
Who thought that his tail might be bent
He struggled to see
Where his tail ought to be..

Ok. Finish it, please.
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Ack Jeanie!! I just noticed I got my last sentance wrong! - Joe was the kitty!!! Ooops!! Oh well.....
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...And tumbled right down on the vent!

(I am so bad at these! But Trent is a clumsy little guy!)

There once was a cat from Nantucket,
Who liked to sit on a bucket.
He rubbed and he purred
'Til it was thoroughly furred...
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Heidi, You're so bad!! You know there's only one rhyme that comes to my mind. I'll have to work on this and let someone else do some thinking too! (Yes, I know that makes me bad too!)
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I didn't even think about that when I wrote it! No wonder the limmericks that teen's use are always from Nantucket! OK, I'll let ya off the hook, and finish it...

There once was a cat from Nantucket,
Who liked to sit on a bucket.
He rubbed and he purred
'Til it was thoroughly furred
...And his family decided to chuck it!
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Lemme try this one more time...(I swear I'll think it through a little better!)

Miss Kitty came from the Shire.
She liked to warm by the fire.
She'd lay there all night,
Then by the early dawn's light...
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She'd wake up and play with a wire. (I hope I'm doing this right)

There once was a kitty named Socks
He painted and liked to wear smocks
He liked working with clay
during the week and on Sunday...
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And to add to his talent, He talks!

A woman we know had a steed
Who must have been off of her feed;
She bucked off our friend,
Who went tail o'er front end,
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and now my old back it won't bend!

A benevolent soul name of Anne
Came on cyberspace with quite a plan
To fashion a place for feline owners with taste
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For cats are far better than Man!!

(Sorry I can't think of another one right now..... someone help!!)
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Okay, another..

"Preposterous!" sniffed the old cat.
"You can't believe I'll eat that!"
He glared at the food, then feeling particularly rude....
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dumped the food in his owner's small hat.

There was an old Tom on a wall
Who was terribly afraid he would fall
So he cattered and wauled
His lungs overhauled........
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When he let loose with a final last squall.

Persnickety, graceful, and dear
describe kitties afar and near
We love them to death
despite fishy breath....
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'Cause their purrer is in a high gear!

A gal from our big Lone Star State
Wanted a job, couldn't wait!
Now she labors all day
To earn a big pay...
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So the IRS can get their rebate

There lives a cute doggie named Sam
Who thinks he should live like a man
But he runs like a bunny
Which is so very funny
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But he falls--which was not in his plan!

A kitty who thought he'd be cool
Put a suit on and dove in the pool;
But after the splash
He did not feel so brash,
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He'd forgotten the Dry Cat's Golden Rule!
(this one is true...)
There once was a kitten named Grace,
Who had the prettiest golden face,
She loved to hunt mice,
And play with fuzzy dice
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and when food time came she would pace

There was a Goliath of a kitty
Who climbed on a box fan what a pity
Because of his paws, the weight of it all
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The fan on the cat, a site not too pretty!

One day on a lovely little cat,
a flea started making a spat,
he made the cat squirm,
like a wriggling worm...
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Till the flea collar ended all that!

Stretched out on a comfy queen bed
This feline had it in her head
This spot was just hers
And to those that arn't sure...
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Nary a purr, but a low throaty growl instead.

A feline for her owner did pine
She would howl and shiver and whine.
But alas to her irk, her owner must work...
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But with a little love the baby's just fine!

From home a kitty did go
A little more fun to know
She crounched by a tower
(The stem of a flower)......
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ready to pounce as it waved to and fro.

precocious, wee kitties did play
full through the night and into the day.
around and about
until all tuckered out...
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...so to bed they went, straight away

whoops! bedtime, sorry, someone else will have to continue!
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and when the members do meet
the limericks flow oh so sweet
It's the love of a cat
which has created all that
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good purrs and good friends; hard to beat!

Intent upon catching a fly
little kitty had climbed way too high
she was out on a limb, the light growing dim...
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and here she is stuck in the sky!

Perched in the warm windowsill,
this kitty's got hours to kill.
She looks at the door
and jumps to the floor
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and decides she should go eat her fill!

A kitty once got my house,
Carrying what, but a mouse,
My mom shrieked in fright,
and to my brother's delight...
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