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Board Vibes Needed!

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Beamer, my first cat that was all my own is having a really tough time right now and I will be doing one last attempt to help save him before I have to take that painful step of having him PTS. He is 14 years old.
He has a neurological issue that makes him weak in the legs, and also has developed a UTI. We have already tried 2 types of antibiotics and they seem to help at first, and then they do not. He has even pees on me when I pick him up, and his legs seem even weaker. My vet is going to try one more antibiotic and if that does not help she feels that it is his time.
If we do not see an improvement by Saturday I will have to make arrangements.
I could sure use some vibes that we can get him under control in a hurry.
I have seen them work here, please think of me and my precoius boy!
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Prayers and vibes to Beamer. Get better little one.
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Sending lots of prayers for sweet Beamer.
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Thanks Jamasmom and Elicon!
I am having a hard time sitting here at work fighting back the tears. I am going to take the day off tomorrow to keep and eye on him and to spend some extra special loving time with him in case it is our last day together.
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Sorry for your heartache. We've all been there and totally understand how difficult this is for you. Prayers and vibes coming your way.
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Lots of get better Beamer vibes heading your way
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we're all pulling for you Beamer!
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Sending vibes to you and beamer{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
Sorry for your heartache. We've all been there and totally understand how difficult this is for you. Prayers and vibes coming your way.
prayers & vibes from me, as well
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Prayers have been sent for you and your sweet Beamer.
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I am so sorry. Prayers that he fools you, and recovers quickly with the new antibiotic. Hugs to you...if you are tearing up at work, just take a break and go have a good cry. Sometimes you just have to let the tears flow when they need to flow! Then dry your eyes, splash some cool water on your face, and back to work!
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More prayers and vibes for Beamer! Get well sweetie pie!
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Both you and sweet Beamer will be in my prayers.
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Thanks all for the thoughts and prayers!
I am at home with my sweet boy today. I can see an improvement in him this morning already but I remain watchful of his progress. He is more sociable and is now sitting on the top of the couch looking outside. He followed me in here which he has not done for a while. I can still tell he is weak but it is so much better than even yesterday! I keep praying for his recovery, and if that is not so the courage to do the right thing. I guess the thing that really is confusing me is that he is not telling me that he is ready to go. I have always believed that I will know when it is time as I knew with my other babies . Hopefully a couple of more doses of the new antibiotic will help even more and I can keep my baby for a while longer. I will keep you updated as my slow dial up at home will allow....
You all are so wonderful and you do not know how much your concern means to me. You all know the great love that we all share for our precious babies and the pain that sometimes goes with it. It is hard for some to understand.
Thank the Lord for all of you!
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Fingers crossed that he continues to improve and that you get longer with him.
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I'm sending vibes that he continues to improve. Hang in there.
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