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Air Filters

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Can anyone recommend a good air filter/HEPA filter/air purifier? Are there any that really help with litter dust or cat hair? My kitties are big so I can't do a covered box. The air filtration machines I've seen are anywhere from $75 to $500. What works? Thanks.
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I talked to someone who does commercial filtration systems when we looked for an air filter for our cats litterbox room, and he suggested we get a Honeywell. I believe mine was $125-150 on sale and used both a prefilter and a HEPA filter. We change the pre-filter typically every few months , and I have noticed a huge difference in the air quality since we got it. My cats spend most of their time in other areas of the house, but I am still amazed at how much hair and dust it picks up despite regular vacuuming.

Regardless of what brand you decide on, make sure you can find replacement filters for it easily so you don't find yourself in a bind down the road.
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A co-worker of mine uses the Sharper Image ionic breeze and swears by it. She brought it into the office one time for a demonstration and it did indeed work very well (our office air quality is very poor, but after an hour or two running this thing, it smelled like we were standing outside enjoying nice fresh air), the only catch is you might have to sell your soul in order to pay for it. I think they are $400+
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i don't know if i'm right about this or not, but i remember hearing somewhere that air purifications systems are hazardous to the health of pets. anyone else hear of this? because i would also like to buy one, it's just a matter if it's safe for my guys or not...
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I use a Honeywell HEPA.
The American Lung Association does not recommend an ion only filter.
Studies have shown that to many negative ions in home air, might damage the lungs.

Mine Honeywell HEPA was about $150, 3 years ago.
It has a pre-charcoal filter and HEPA filter.
They work but I still get dust around my place from litter.

Because I have asthma, I would not be without mine.
Let us know what you get.
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I use the ionic breeze in the bathroom where the litter box lives and in our bedroom where my husband has his allergies *g*
the air quality is noticeably different. They dont have filters to change. you can clean them off with a paper towel. If you need to clean the coils with hot water you just have to wait 24 hours before putting it back in the machine. I have tried a few of the others but I ended up taking them back because they werent even close. They have ionic breeze' machines for sale all the time on ebay.
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We just got the Sears Kenmore EnviroSense HEPA Air Cleaner and the difference in our air is unbelievable. We have to keep the litter box in our bedroom because we don't have anywhere else to put it in our small house. You can't even tell we have 3 cats anymore. It's astonishing. I just hope I can stick to a filter-cleaning schedule. It was expensive at $259, but when I think about how much we were gagging before, it's worth it.

By the way, we had one of those Sharper Image ionic breeze towers. Never did work worth a flip. It actually emitted a strange smell... I guess that was the ozone or ions. Putting it in the yardsale pile.
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Amway has an air filter - I've never used it myself but the cat people I know swear by it. It's pricey tho'...
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I tried many kinds. They did make the air smell good. My husband developed serious allergies after having inside cats so many years. We built a new house three years ago. Our fence has a cat enclosure attached and they have not lived inside for some years now. Just couldn't beat the problem with an air purifier.
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Thanks for the input. I think I'm leaning more towards a HEPA filter now -- that and changing litter brands to something with less dust.
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