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True Confessions

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Confession is good for the soul, they say. (Who are "they", anyway?) So, I have decided to make a couple. I hope you'll join me.
First, I love Barry Manilow! Oh, I hear you laughing!! He's an excellent musician and what a showman! I watched his special the other night and saw him live a couple of years ago. I never tire of "Could it be Magic?" He's not Pavarotti, but then, who else is?

I'm thin, but if I get started on a package of licorice, I seldom stop until it's done and I'm feeling sick.

If there are home made cookies in the house, they're as good as eaten.
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Jeanie you're a licorice fan too?! There cannot be a package of licorice anywhere within my reach or it's gone in seconds. Since I'd eat the stuff for all 3 meals I can only occationally buy myself small packages of it. It's gone before I get home.
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Hmmm...true confessions of the confection type, huh?

(OK, so Barry Manilow doesn't fall into that category, but it was a good alliteration that I couldn't pass up!)

Well, my confession has to be that I actually like fake mashed potatoes. The real ones are good and all, but if you make the fake ones right - not runny *YUK* they are good.

I've never been much of a sweet tooth, but give me a bag of potato chips, or better yet Pringles and they won't last long. OK, just about any snack that's salty!
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Jessica, Do you like Nibs? They're my favorite. Once in a while you can find licorice pipes. I don't care how childish that is. They're great, the same texture as Nibs. I named one of my black cats after Nibs!
Whoops! I had to edit. I forgot Licorice Allsorts. I ate a whole package yesterday!
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I've never tried nibs but if it's licorice I'm sure I'll love it. I really love the shoelace licorice that you can buy 2 packs for a dollar. I used to buy 4 at a time and eat them all at once. What a pig I am.
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Well, my confession is that I haven't been good on trying to lose weight. I want to lose weight, but I can't get the energy. Also, is not junk food that I've been eating. Its more of a binge thing. I overeat. I don't know what to do to help me lose weight! Like right now, I feel like eating a hamburger with fries and a shake. Anyone else with this struggle. I wish they had a patch similar to the Nicotine patch for smokers. Or something that would make me less hungry. I also tend to eat when I am bored or when I get depressed. Since I rarely drink and don't smoke, I guess food is my comfort!

BTW, I love Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond!
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Alicia, Im a MAJOR comfort eater too..... if Im bored, depressed or just fed up - I start raiding the kitchen/vending machine/shop straight away - its just automatic, I don't even think about it I just do it....
Hmmmm I'll have to think of some more "scandolous" confessions... :laughing:
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Hmmm...confession time. I actually like some NSync and Backstreet Boys songs. Please, don't throw any rotten tomatoes!
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Now don't laugh, well okay you can. I confess to the following:

I'm a 26 year fella who likes Gingerbread men! I do reckon if bakeries made gingerbread into bicuits and sold them as that, they'd sell loads of them. It's just thought that gingerbread men are eaten by children, so no grown men eat them. Haha, I'll eat them, I love 'em, especially dipped in chocolate.

My music tastes vary, I like some of the new stuff, although it sounds the same (OH NO, I SOUND LIKE MY DAD!). I mainly stick to 80's music, there are some classics in that lot.

May I go now? I hear my cat calling me
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When something looks better, it tastes better, BuNN! Remember, I love licorice pipes. They're shaped like a pipe. I don't like cake much, but at Easter, when the cupcakes are so beautifully decorated, I always buy them.
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My true confession is when I'm shopping I sometimes buy things on impulse if I like what I see. Hahahaha!!! I now need a larger place to live because it's getting kind of crowded around here. If I'm eating comfort food it's always icecream, icecream, and more icecream!!!! Even in the winter!!
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Hey BuNN!!! I LOVE Gingerbread men too!!! And they DO taste better when shaped as little men... its true!!! (especially when they have those yummy icing eyes and mouth..... mmmmmm icing.... )
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I confess! I am an impulse shopper...with food, clothes and everything else. I have to make sure that I am full whenever I go grocery shopping, or else I end up buying practically everything that looks good. And I must buy anything that I think will look good on me or in my house. Hubby is trying to teach me to watch what I buy. Bless him! I have to make trips back to the stores to return half the stuff I buy. lol :LOL: Oh, yeah! And I love chocolate! Yummy.
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I too am a closet Barry Manilow fan..:LOL: I started liking him when my brother bought me his greatest hits record, back when I was 13. I wonder if I could find that anywhere on a CD? It was a double record set. I LOVED it!!! I still get misty over Mandy...

And another confession.....if I let myself, I could eat a TON of Kit Kat candy bars, and a whole bag of Cheetos....:laughing:

And shhhhhh....don't tell....I also like Sardines.
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Debbie, I understand that Barry Manilow is releasing a new cd of Greatest Hits! Also, KitKats--Oh, heaven- -are fashioned after Cadbury's Biscuits, which are imported from England and you can buy a whole tin and tell everyone you are just eating cookies!! I found a site. I just went to google.com and entered Cadbury's Biscuits. You know cookies are called biscuits in England. Also, although I haven't had it in years, I LOVE sardines, onions, and dark mustard on rye bread!
Mandy is my second favorite Barry Manilow song. You just have to see him perform live. He holds the audience in the palm of his hand!
Oh, another confession! When I'm tempted to swear, but don't dare, I yell oh, pickles,sardines, and onions. I hope I still get to go to heaven!
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Well I must say I am not a fan of Barry Manilow but I am a fan of Barry Pepper. **drools**

Also when I get too much change back from a cashier I don't say anything. Ok I know it's wrong but the stores get enough of my money and their products are priced so rediculously high and I'm poor. So it's not an excuse but hey.
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Jeanie, thanks for the info on the manilow CD, If you here when it is released, let me know...I want to get it.

Also, when St. Peter sees you coming to the pearly gates, he'll probably yell out..."Oh Pickles, Sardines and Onions! Here she comes!!" :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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My Heck! I hope so!
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Well golly gee...
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Confession time...:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:

I do like Barry Manilow too, though I don't broadcast it. I even sing "Copacabana" for Karaoke!! I'm also a Michael Jackson fan!!
My dad listens to Jazz and I grew up with that so I listen to it too, but they just took the smooth jazz station off the air here so I'm in withdrawal.

One of my favorite movies is Titanic. I still get misty eyed when I watch it.
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I have always been obsessed with the sinking of the Titanic, and have watched every possibe documentary. I don't know why it affects me so deeply and personally, but it does. As I was leaving the movie with my son, he asked me whether I liked it or not, and I couldn't talk. People tell me that there have been tragedies with many more casualties, and they are right, but the thought of those poor souls is very painful to me. The story, as presented in the movie, just served as a way to personalize the sinking; of course it could not match the enormity of the tragedy.
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What a fun thread!

hmmmm.....let me think~

I watch every bad reality show under the sun. I actually really enjoyed Bootcamp on Fox (anybody catch that one? It's been about a year now) and jumped around the room when the girl beat the cocky guy

I am such a sap that I cry at everything. Let me think of a good example, oh I know, the movie First Knight, I've seen that dumb movie about 5 times, and I still cry EVERYTIME he's re-united with his dad and when he becomes a true knight. My S/O thinks it's hilarious and calls me his little sap.

Debby, I love cheetos too! I'll eat them until I'm up to my elbows in orange dust! Pringles aren't safe around me either.

I have awful taste in movies. I always pick bad ones for us to go to. Even if I know it's going to be bad, I can't seem to help myself.
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I LOVED Bootcamp! Did you watch Combat Missions on USA? It was really good. I think it is going to have another season. Rudy, the retired Navy officer from the first Survivor is the host.
I love old country music. I mean old, dusty country music. Kitty Wells, Marty Robbins, and Bill Monroe old. I listen to it by myself, because I entertain my babies by caterwauling along with it.
I love karaoke. My SO and I will a few cocktails and do a mean version of "Paradise by the Dashboard Light." It might not be so great, but it's fun.
I always watch the old Frankie and Annette movies. I cranked up the lava lamps, flopped on the couch and watched 3 in a row last Saturday. It was great!
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my confession is i am 26 years old and love dawsons creek. and have had a minor crush on pacey for some time!
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I loved Bootcamp too! I just loved that the girl beat that guy..:laughing:
and Cozy - what IS it with Pacey that makes makes him sooooo darn FINE!?!?!?!?!? - Dawson is too dorky for me... but Pacey?!?!?! PACEY?!?!?!?
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I caught Bootcamp about 1/2 way through, and thoroughly enjoyed it! It is fun when someone beats the arrogant guy, because we'd like to beat the arrogant people we have to deal with.The only way I miss a realitly show is if I don't know about it!
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I like rap music but I'm very selective. I know, I know, I have not taste.

I also like the Nabisco "artificial" cheese in a can, please don't tell anyone.
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Nabisco spray cheese! Nectar of the gods!

Oops, did I say that out loud?
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I've actually been known to squirt some on my finger when I didn't have a cracker handy
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My guilty pleasure is getting a box of Cap'n Crunch or Cocoa Puffs and eating them right out of the box. What a sugar rush! I never let the kids eat those cereals but I'm the mom and I made the rules!
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