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Foster Mother Cat

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Good news...... I found a potential foster mother for my 2 orphaned little girls (I found out today at the vet what sex they were) I was just wondering if foster mothers usually took to the orphaned kittens. I hope she does because they need a mama cat, but if she doesn't I will step up to the job once more. I'm kinda sad to see these babies go....I been with them around the clock for the past four days Thanks for the help!

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Sniff sniff... I hope they find good permanent homes. You did a great job...
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Hi Hayley, I don't know about other cats but, my 2 mommas are now sharing the duty of raising 2 orphaned babies. I was shocked and prepared for some kind of drama but Cece took to them like they were her own (in fact I thought they were hers-hehe ). She has now decided to share them with Adina who is feeding them too. Very weird, but I am pleased.
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Some mommas will take them, some will not. I hope it goes well.
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Maverick tries to nurse and baby mice that her son Jupiter brings in!

I guess it depends on there maternal instinct.
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Some cats are just better mommas
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awww good luck to them all
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