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Bunneh here :D

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Hi all. I just introduced myself in the General section, but I suppose you won't tell me off for doing it again

Anyway, here's a snap of Suki, my 7 year old female moggy.


Yes, okay Suki isn't a most original name for a black cat, but she was already named that when we got her, she wakes me up by batting my face and rubbing her face on my cheek.
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BuNN (Gee, I hope that's right),

Just wanted to say hi and welcome you. Your Suki is beautiful!

I've noticed that "moggy" is used alot in Britain for cat. Is that a slang term? Or an affectionate one?
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To me it's a term of affection. And to most other Brits too. Like the UK cat site called We also call her Moggy-moo, along with many other names, all cute. It's funny how we come with with new 'pet' names for our cats.

We've had cats before but not as loud as this one is. She never meows. only when she wants food, but rather 'churups' all the time. You say hello to her, she just looks up and goes 'brrrr' then nuts your leg.

We got her from the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). She was very timid, hid for days, but eventually came out and bit me. I don't know whether or not she was gauging my reaction, but an hour or so later she rubbed my arm.
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Hi BuNN. I just welcomed you in The Cat Lounge, but I can do it here too.

Suki is a very pretty cat. Looks like she gets in her share of trouble, too! :tounge2:

That's too cute how she wakes you up. My two are a bit less subtle. Trent just comes up and meows until we wake up. Ophelia has been known, when my hubby puts a pillow over his head, to come up and sit on his head until he pets her!
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Thanx for the welcome guys

On your Husbands head? He's lucky she doesn't dribble Mine does, but I had her checked at the vets and there's no dental problems, she has healthy gums and teeth. Mind you she only dribbles when she excited.

She had a case of cystitis, which the vet thought may have been a tumor. He did some special x-rays which would show up a tumor, thankfully she was okay, and hasn't (touch wood)had a reoccurance of this annoying virus.
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It's funny how we come with with new 'pet' names for our cats.
Definately. And how many of them are not repeatable on a family-friendly message board! My latest nickname for Ivo is "Buddah-kitty", because she's a little on the zaftig side, and when she sits she looks like Buddah. My dad's cat's nickname is "furry rat face stinky kitty butt", and believe it or not, she answers to it!
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Hi again, BuNN. I just left your other thread. I come from a British family, and wondered why so many cats were called Suki! I never asked, though. She's really beautiful. I have had approximately 6 black cats. Currently I have two Siamese; they talk quite a bit, unlike Suki. Well, I'll be watching for more of your posts!
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Hi BuNN and welcome to The Cat Site!!!

Suki is really beautiful, she reminds me of the black cat I used to have. Here in the U.S. some people consider black cats bad luck and consider white cats good luck. I've heard the opposite is true in Britian.
I hope you enjoy yourself here and will post often.
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Thanx again for the welcome, makes a change from some of the other forums I visit. I have another picture of her here. This is her 'wiggling' on the rug next to the fire. Her latest nickname is Wiggles, or Wiggs, and believe it or not, Pie-feet :o

By the way, if the sig below is too big, please say, I'll remove it or shrink it.

Again, thanx for the welcome.

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My aunt came over from Scotland and adopted a stray black cat. She named him Lucky. Hey, BuNN, your signature reminds me of Stonehenge; was that deliberate?
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Stonehenge......mmmm, it does a bit. I got the scale wrong when I put the text in. I would have liked it to look a little more 'distant', but never mind

I love black cats, but I'd have any cat. Suki was a rescue cat, she was badly treated as a kitten and was very timid when we got her. Now she's happy and runs about with a ball of wool in her mouth, wailing

There's nothing cuter than a cat that wiggles! She lies there wiggling herself, while she purrs.

BTW, did your aunt take the cat back to scotland, or did she stay in the US?
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Aunt Cecilia had sold everything to come, but after a year she wanted to go home. Uncle Andrew and she went back, but after another year she couldn't take the damp, cool weather. They had lost so much money moving twice that he asked her to wait another year. She did; then they came back and got the cat. My other Uncle was a bobby in Glasgow, and all my other relatives are near Exeter, in a town called Bradninch in Devonshire-well those that I have kept in touch with, anyway. One other Scottish uncle had settled in Toronto, and I met his children when I went there on my honeymoon, but unfortunately have lost touch.

p.s. I have a claim to fame through Aunt Cecilia and Uncle Andrew. They were friends with Rex Harrison (Dr. Doolittle and My Fair Lady) and his wife, actress Lili Palmer. When living in the U.S., they were friends with Mr. Roger's family. ( as in Mr. Roger's Neighborhood, a children's program on public t.v.) Also-brag, brag, one of my ancestors is Macadam, who is responsible for the black topped road.
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I like reading about peoples families, it's interesting, so thanx for that.

My parents live in Hawaii, they've been there for 15 years now, my father is a astrophysisist, so he spends alot of time gawping at stars, good job if you can get it. My mum spends all her time devoted to her cats, of which she has 8 :o They are planning to go back to Canada next year and have just gone there to renew their Visa's. I hope to join them for a bit when they move back, should be a nice change from wet England
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BuNN, How fascinating! I know Hawaii is one of the best places in the world to view the stars. If you are interested in astronomy, I have a good site for you:
Just curious, as great as Canada is, why do they want to leave Hawaii? Why didn't you go with them? Most people would love to go, and you were young. None of my business. I just think you missed out!
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Sorry this is a little late, but hi and welcome Bunn! I've seen you've already made your self at home here.
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Spooky: I'm like a cat, it doesn't take me long to find a comfy bed to settle in Thanx for the welcome :tounge2:

Jeanie G: The reason they want to go back to Canada is something to do with my Father's contract with NASA, plus he's coming up to retirement and they both loved Canada when they where there. I myself am adopted I've only really known my parents properly for the past 10 years. I'd love to go to Hawaii, but it's a tad expensive to get there and I can't spend that sort of money on myself, it all goes on the home/family/cat But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Anyway, I'll be getting a animated picture of Suki up soon, I'll use my webcam and record her doing what she does best, licking her crotch. I'll upload it to my webby and post a download link here.
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I tried to post a snap here, but the forums wouldn't let me, probably too big Anyway, here's a link instead, it's a huge one because or some security thing MSN.

URL removed due to MSN being annoying.

Sorry :'(
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Tried to go see the pictures, got an error message.
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Stupid MSN, I'll see what I can do.
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Well I had a play with my image and they still won't come up. It's either a forum issue or MSN is being a pain again. Probably the latter.

Sorry guys, I'll try to get something sorted sooner or later.
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BuNN, You're funny! You'll just have to post some new threads. I think you are a really valuable addition to the group!
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Oh now you've said it :tounge2: you'll never get rid of me now.

/me sets up tent and starts a fire.

Now where's my marshmellows?
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Uh oh! Now you've done it! Don't even get us started on food. Just mentioning roasted marshmallows may be enough fodder for about 4 pages of replies. Hope you brought enough to share!
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I'd pass them down the telephone line but the last time I tried that I made a right royal mess :o

BTW, I like melted cheese and a poached egg on toast
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We had a foreign exchange student here from Belgium named Genna for a week's bus stop- a short interlude between the US and home. We had a big cookout with marshmallows toasted on the open fire, of course. She had never heard of them so I gave her the recipe. Needless to say, it was a rather short recipe! She had only heard of putting them on top of sweet potatoes, I guess. Some day she'll find that very formally written, ridiculous thing and have a good laugh.

Now, BuNN, you can answer a very important question for me. My father loved Welsh rarebit, and Mom complained about how much trouble it was to make. They're in heaven now. Bodlover, my dear British friend, says Welsh rarebit is only toasted cheese. Well, Mom never complained about toasted or grilled cheese, so there has to be more to it. I know I tasted it only once because the cheese was too sharp for my taste. The question is "What is Welsh rarebit, and why is it hard to make? If you tell me it's toasted cheese, I'm taking back my compliments!!!! (Just kidding, if you're British, you must be all right!)

Also, what is the best way to toast marshmallows, gently, from a distance or catch them on fire and blow them out? Just want opinions. I am a reformed "catch them on fire" person. You know, if the United Nations had a forum like ours, we wouldn't have so many problems.
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I'll be honest, I hate marshmellows, so I'd use a flame thrower myself. Me and a friend went to a sweet shop and bought a bag of a 100 marshmellows and ate the LOT between us. I've never felt so sick and since then I haven't been able to look at those horrible squashy things without feeling ill :P So I have no idea how to roast 'em. Like I said use a flame thrower, best way to get rid of them

Welsh Rarebit is, as far as I know, just cheese on toast, possibly with egg. I found a url so you can now impress your mates with your amazing cheese on toast, toasting Read, print and never look at Brits the same again :tounge2:
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Well--It's not so hard. I don't know -maybe she didn't like grating the cheese! However, thank you for the link. I have been looking for a good recipe for steak and kidney pie and found it. This is a great source for recipes in all styles of cooking, from what I've seen. I bookmarked it. About marshmallows making you sick? My mother would have said, "Ca canny wi the sweets!"
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