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Pregnant & Not Eating...

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Ok well when should I worry. Vet said she would be due May 19th the latest. She is not eating. She was eating grass the other night then a few bits, but in the last 24 hrs she has eaten maybe 2oz of wet food... Non of her dry kibble. She usually gets 3oz wet nutro morning she ate maybe half... Then 3oz of Nutro wet at night she ate a bit. She has her dry food bowl full 24/7 but has not touched it She eats Kitten Nutro Dry... What do you all think. Vet phone is busy.
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She could be getting ready to go into labor She may just be feeling tired, worn out and not really hungry.
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she is round.....SHe is trying to get so comfy.....He teets are not big.
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Adina didn't get any milk that I could see until after she gave birth. I would feel her up like a dirty ole man every day and nothing. Who knows, I remember having days like that when I was very pregnant...just felt blahh.
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I know i didnt want to eat hte last few days of my pregnancy. Shes probably getting ready!
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LOL that is true. It just worries me because if you recall she was sick in March with that cold.
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Some cats cut down on food before birth, I'm sure you'll keep trying to call the vet to make sure.
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Called he said to keep good eye on her because he did not think she was due yet. He said he could be wrong and that also they know for sure there is 6 babies but looks like a 7 or 8th he said if so she is going to be to full to eat He said if it is like this in the morning to call him. He said it is good she is drinking and a little food is better then non of a tummy full of babies...
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Is she otherwise acting normally?
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no she seems so tired and restless. Right now she is laying across me making it difficult to type right now. She has to be with me. Another thing is the dog is with me on the floor usually she hits her in the butt to make her cry and go away. She has not done that. She might just be too prego.
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Maybe it's possible she is too warm and lost her appetite because of that. But, then again the vet's reason sounded pretty good too! Hard to eat much when the tummy is already full!
I hope it's nothing, keep us posted.
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Ok I just felt her and yes she is huge there. I recall 3 weeks ago seeing nothing and now the poor thing is so full. She went up almost 3lbs in month. He said that was alot and asked if she was eating differently I said nope the usual just a little more wet. She was on 3oz now she takes 6 sometimes, but her dry intake is not alot it was 1 cup now it might be half that. So he did the xray and said WOW she has a lot in there no wonder. He thought they where big also. So we have a plan for a c-section if need be. He said her due date is May 16 - 19 After the 19 unless she shows no labor signs or the babies look to big we will do a c-section and spay at the same time.
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Poor Skittles, sounds like she wants those babies out so she can be comfortable again.
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She is getting big hopefully she gets no bigger.
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Poor mama. I hope she can get comfortable, but I know it's almost next to impossible at this point.
It seemed that Kassie got bigger right up to the day I took her in. Maybe as they were moving around and the contractions maybe had shifted them downward more to make her look bigger.
I can't wait to see all of Skittles' beautiful babies!
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He last day outside was the 23rd March so we are going by that. I am begining to think she was pregnat before that. O Well she is being soft and lovable right now. I have a tail in my eye lol,,
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I had a bowl of ice cream and Skittles usually licks it 100% clean She won't even eat it.. She just sits there. The bowl is like 1 inch from her nose.
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Here is a video I just took..

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awww poor baby, not even a tummy rub worked huh? Shes so ready to have them, she looks misrable like taz did
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Moe cut down on her food for about 3 or 4 days before she gave birth which was today!! She also followed me around the house for 2 days and she would hide alot..So she may be more preggers than you and the vet think!!
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Sorry this ended up to be so long, but from what you posted, I wanted to share some of what I've learned over time and from my experiences with you. Maybe you could use some of it to help her along.

Mom, it sounds to me like she might be more pregnant than the vet thought too. You're only really talking the difference of a week, and the fact that she has so many kittens might cause her to have an early labor if her body can't sustain it.

You also mentioned that the dog was there, are there a lot of animals in the house? Is the dog usually where she is? Even though a cat might be used to other animals, if she is pregnant, that can change things. Cats will keep themselves from giving birth if they feel they can't do it safely, or the kittens might be in danger, and you can't put it past a pregnant cat to begin to think that another famliar family pet is suddenly a threat to her kittens. Not to her, but to her kittens.

If there is another animal around wherever she is most of the time, and she is exhibiting the signs you describe, I would strongly suggest keeping her away from the others at this point as much as humanly possible. Keep the dog and/or other cats out of the computer room if she's in there with you, or keep her in another room with the door locked, not to keep her in so much, but to keep the others out.

Sounds to me like she might be exhibiting signs of oncoming labor, and if that is the case, you want to make sure she has a safe nest to go to without any other animals around 24/7 at this point, even if they are different nests. Just a safe place as an option at all times.

I also want to caution you that if there's a possibiltily she may have more than six kittens, when she does give birth, please watch over them carefully (not intercede at first, but just watch).

It is not unknown for a cat who has more kittens than she can physically care for to not only abandon a healthy kitten or two, but to even kill them to ensure that the kittens left will get what they need from her. Cats would rather have enough milk and energy for the kittens they have, than to spread themselves, and their milk and nipples, out too thin.

So if you see her not caring for one or two, or possibly doing something that might be dangerous to the kitten, this is the one instance (and you've probably read how I feel about this), this would be the one instance I would say get that kitten away from her (assuming it's healthy and not being singled out for having a congenital abnormality) and raise that kitten by hand, at least for a few days to see if Mom will take it back. Maybe after a couple of days you could try to "trick" skittles by putting that kitten to her while the others are asleep just so she can get some of the antibodies she needs from Mom.

Hopefully this will not happen, but I think it's a good thing to know about just in case.

What I've read is that any more than 6 kittens can be too much for a cat to handle physically, so you need to be very careful, and have the wisdom of Solomon as far as when to intercede and help, and when not to. Again, you must have seen I rarely suggest this, but in a case where there are so many kittens fighting for Mom, you may need to help supplement them once a day or so with KMR. I just ask you please be very hestitant, and make the decision to do so only if you feel it is absolutely necessary.

I had to do that with the first litter I ever helped with, since the cat had 7 kittens (6 lived, one had congenital defects), and the mom had been literally starved almost to death when she showed up at my door.

But as I usually advise people, when and if you step in, do it as a grandmother, not a mother They are, after all, her kittens, and you want to help, not take over.

As far as her not eating, one thing you might try to get some nourishment into her is get some meat baby food (you know the drill -- no onions lol) and actually hand feed it to her by putting some on your finger and letting her lick it off, a little at a time. I've found that often that little bit of pampering and one-on-one affectionate attention, especially if you're talking to them calmy and affectionately, can calm them and get them to eat sometimes, especially if they're feeling crappy.

Also, if she'll let you, try this while she's lying near you. Put your thumb and first fingers on either side of her spine near her tail, gently, Then massage her gently using clockwise circles, one at a time, moving up her spine to her neck. Then pet her from the tail to the neck in one stroke, (the fur going in opposite directions than it grows is soothing, like a massage to them), then back.

She may or may not like it, but if she does, it will probably sooth her discomfort and will be calming to her. My cats purr like a buzz saw and stretch their little heads in ecstacy when I do this to them.
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I do massage her like that she loves it to death.... Also her and the dog are on seperate sides of the house. The dog doesnt go down the backside and Skittles loves my room so she has all the rooms in the house and bathroom dog has the kitchen and livingroom computer. I currently work on my laptop and I go around with her. She will hope the gate at times to sit with the dog but it is on her own terms and the dog is 100% ok with it. SKittles is the queen of this house she rules the dog and the kids. I only have 2 pets. I do not plan to interfer unless she needs me to. I feel mother is the best.
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how is skittles doing today?
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big and eating very little....
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