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Hello Everyone!! =oD

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Hello All! I'm very glad to be part of this WONDERFUL family you have here!! What an AWESOME site!

I've been browsing for a couple of months, and finally joined up at the end of March. I can't express how much I appreciate all of the valuable information I've already gleaned from being here. This should be a MUST for all people who are owned by a fabulous feline! ;o)

My name is Dawn, and I'm the very proud Momma of Dexter, who is 13, and our newly rescued, beautiful baby girl, Nyla, who just turned 18 mos. My husband, Herb, and I saw her at the Washington DC Humane Society, while we were actually there to look at another kitty. (Who has since been adopted.) We immediately fell in love with her.

We'd never adopted from a shelter before, so this was a totally new, but SOOO worthwhile experience for us.

We actually live about 2+ hours away from that shelter, but they were willing to work with our local shelter to get a home visit done, and help get us approved promptly. I got to bring her home on March 24th, just five days after we met her.

She's been a such a blessing to our family, and a true joy. The most amazing thing to us was that our old guy, Dexter, took to her IMMEDIATELY!! The very moment her carrier was opened, he started licking her, and following her around as she took a self-guided tour through her new home. They have been inseperable buddies ever since!

Here are some pictures I took the day after Nyla arrived:


Those are our beautiful babies!! [Beaming with pride, can you tell?!]

Admittedly, I was a bit concerned about their 'play fighting' at first, because it looked so violent, for lack of a better word, but after doing some reading in the forums, and carefully watching their activities, I'm perfectly at ease now. Only occasionally is there any meowing during their 'fun', when one of them apparently gets a bit to ambitious, but most of the time their romping is completely silent. Well, silent with the exception of the sound of "rolling thunder", as Herb likes to call it, when they're chasing each other through the house!!

...We've renamed our living room as "The Romper Room". =o)

Nyla has brought a new, fresh, youthful presence to our home, and even Dex is acting almost like a youngster again! It's incredible! ...I even think they've both "toned up" a bit, because they're ALWAYS running around! Dex, though, still loves his cuddle time with his people, so when he's had enough play, he just curls up on the blanket with us.

Okay, well, now that I've written a book I think I'll stop now, and give you folks a breather! Guess I just had a lot to share for a newbie! Thanks again for all of the wonderful support and information this site offers. It's a treasure!

Paw-hugs, and nose-kisses to all!

- Dawn
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Hello and welcome to TCS!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!

See you in the forums!
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Your cats are beautiful. Welcome to the cat site.
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Hello and welcome to TCS.

Did you have to drive the 2+ hours to get her???? If you did that shows awesome commitment. I was going to adopt a cat from a place called Meadow Lake that was a 5 hour drive one way, fortunately for Kit, his original owners came and claimed him a day before I was going drive to get him, I guess it was just unfortunate for me lol.

Thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better on the other forums.

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Hi there Dawn we're so happy to welcome you, Dexter and Nyla to TCS. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us - we're one great big family and you'll find loads of friends here. If I can help at all while you're finding your way around TCS just click on my username and send me a Personal Message - I'll do what I can to answer your questions

Your kitties are gorgeous! I bet Dexter's so glad that after 13 years he finally managed to convince you to get him a pal to play with - it sounds like they're having a great time

I know what you mean about the concern about their "play fighting" we had the same concerns when Tolstoy first came home and would bowl Lily over Tigger style. They both seem fine with it though and are best buddies now.
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Hi there! Welcome to TCS! I love the bit about 'as she took a self guided tour through our house' this is exactly what our little monkey Nismo did she owned the place as soon as we let her out of her carrier.
Her big brother Sleeves accepted her straight away and the adore each other.
Isn't is satisfying to watch them play and cuddle?
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Hi Dawn and welcome to The Cat Site

You will love it here

Glad you found us... see you around on the forums
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The hubby and I were in NC for an extended weekend on "The Dragon", so I just now checked my post. But to answer your question, Kallie, yes, I actually did drive the 2+ hours -- Well, that particular day it was more like 5+ hours because of Friday traffic, and the fact that I made a detour to my parents' house on the way home, so Dad could meet his new grandkitty. ...She has been WELL worth the sacrifice of time. =o)
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Welcome to the site Dawn, Dexter, and Nyla We are so glad to have you!
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Hi Dawn, Dex & Nyla are too cute! Your very lucky they got along so well right away... alot of times it takes them some getting used to. Especially since Dex has been king of his castle for so long !!! My LuckyGirl is a bicolor also...she is a tuxedo style...with the white snout/blaze, breast, belly and tips of her paws...also the tip of her tail would be white, but she has a bunny tail since she was born with a birth defect. I believe they call that coloring on Nyla cap & sadle bicoloring...on account of her dark markings being only on the cap and as if she was wearing a sadle! Welcome to the site, I'm new here too...and totally addicted!!!
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