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Somebody Dyed our Cat...

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First of all, the cat seems fine. Just so no one gets worried.

The cat in question is this big black and white stray male... you know, one of those tuxedo cats? Maybe three-four years old. He's been coming to eat out behind the restaurant for at least a year now; and he hasn't let anybody touch him yet but he's been calming down some.

Anyway, he disappeared for a week, which is normal enough for him because stray cats around here get fed by college students and townies; so they don't come every night.

When he came back this evening, the white part of his fur was pink, bright pink. It was like he had been dipped in Kool-Aid or something. And he was much, much more skittish than before... I saw him today sharpening his claws on somebody's tires; but the second he saw me he was off like a streak. I don't think he got any food before he ran.

He seems healthy and unhurt. His fur isn't matted or wet; just pink. I think it was probably college kids thinking it was a fun prank to color a stray cat. I hope they got scratched good for their trouble!

I just want to strangle whoever did this to him. Even more so if whatever it is is toxic; because I don't think he'd go for a trap... this would be the third time (the first for neutering, the second when they were trying to trap another cat) and he's getting smart. And scared.

Don't people know CATS LICK THEIR FUR!!! And if the cat starts showing symptoms of poisoning, I'm going to the police.
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That is terrible. I do hope whatever they used was non toxic.

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He was in for food today... I watched from far away--didn't want to scare him. The pink seems a little lighter than it did the other day, and he still seems healthy... he is being very furtive, though. I think somebody scared him pretty badly.

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Oh man, I hope it was koolaid..I don't think that would be toxic. Hopefully he's alright.
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Thats so horrible, but I must say, college students will do things like that. I know a bunch of people around here who would do something like that. Thankfully they haven't had the chance. Strays around here are smart and steer clear as much as possible.
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Can you trap him and take him to the vet before it is too late if it is poisoning or something?
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This is absolutely infuriating! How could anyone be such a pathetic loser to find that to be an amusing use of time? I'm very angry about this, poor kitty! Thank you for caring for this precious little one.
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
This is absolutely infuriating! How could anyone be such a pathetic loser to find that to be an amusing use of time? I'm very angry about this, poor kitty! Thank you for caring for this precious little one.
I hate to say it Stephanie, but there are PLENTY of morons in my relative age group that would do something like this.
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This is so unfortunate and poorly represents a certain percentage of our youth. My blood is still boiling from seeing this cruel treatment of such a precious life.
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I am so glad that there are decent people out there in the world like you! I am sure hoping that whatever they used is going to fade soon and that you can regain his trust again-is there anyway that you can keep him indoors so this doesn't happen again? If not it is completely understandable since you are already doing more than most people would ever do. It is people like you who deserve a pat on the back and a gold ticket into Heaven or whatever lies beyond. If it is possible without losing a limb, face or sanity-you may want to try and bathe him to get whatever is on his fur off sooner, in case of toxicity, justs be careful! Even just a wet washcloth to his fur might help.
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Originally Posted by Jen
Can you trap him and take him to the vet before it is too late if it is poisoning or something?
Can we put a trap out? Yep. Can we make him walk into it? *sigh*... no. Currently there are traps but none of them contain a cat.

I'm not really involved beyond feeding, and just staying around, sitting on a nearby bench watching the cats, kinda sideways, because staring at them makes them run... And of course I put change in the "Cat Fund" tip jar! Busy college student and all that...

I'd love to try socializing some of the kittens we find, but the apartments I can afford don't allow pets (and my roomie's allergic besides).

Really all that's being done is feeding the cats... trapping and neutering when the restaurant owners get the money saved up to do one of the cats... capturing kittens when they're old enough, and trying to find them homes... Sometimes, some of the cats who can't ever be pets get moved out to a farm to be barn cats; it's safer there than here (we are next to the highway) and they have a constant source of food. I asked if they stayed there; and apparently they do. I guess it's the "constant source of food" thing.
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That is so mean to do...
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The stupid idiots!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
The stupid idiots!
couldnt of said it better Susan
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and what I don't understand is how some jerk was able to catch him, but someone who truly wants to help him can't... and people wonder why some ferals seem mean. Maybe if people would start being nice to them instead of torturing them they would see a different side to humans. That poor baby is probably scared to death...and he may never get close enough to people again! Such a sin....
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He was a lot less skittish before this happened... he'd come within a few steps of you... likely he has been scared away from people in general. Dousing a cat in pink who-knows-what is probably not a great way to get a feral to trust people.

We've seen him twice since it happened though, and the second time he was brave enough to eat... or maybe just hungry enough... but maybe he will get his courage back.

Oohhh... I so hope he will not get sick...

If we trap him, we'll have to wash him somehow--talk about more trauma. I've not directly handled a trapped cat yet, so I'm not sure how they plan to wash him if he ends up in one of the traps (they are out there for a pregnant momcat too, so she doesn't have her kits somewhere dangerous)... most likely really heavy gloves, and buckets of warm water poured... I do know he will probably be even more scared after getting whatever-it-is washed off him.
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As wierd as it sounds, I'd let him warm up to you again before attempting to wash him. And I would just attempt to clean him with a wipe or washcloth, rather than a full-on bath...too traumatic!!! Give it time. Don't force any interaction...let him approach you, and continue feeding and using a soft voice.

I hope you can regain his confidence.

People are absolutely vile when it comes to ferals, sometimes.
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Damn it to H!
I wish you could find out who did it. I'd help thrash em!
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I think that if it is paint, or spray paint, the fur is going to be matted together...

If it's a spray hair dye like those one night wash off type spray dyes, i think that those might actually be non-toxic...
this product doesn't say anything about ingestion
in fact some brands actually say - non-toxic hair color....

The other option is cool aid, or soda, which he may have knocked into, or unwittingly had some poured over him either by mistake or design. Since this is just a colored liquid i would guess that it would just stain the fur and not cause any clumping.
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Haven't seen him in two days... That's normal enough since this isn't the only place he gets food but...

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Okay... he hasn't been seen since that second time...

I'm REALLY crossing my fingers now. And pacing. And if we don't see him soon, I'll start chewing my nails.
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Oh God! I really hope he turns up soon and that he is ok! If only I lived near you I would help you find him and help with some of the vet bill. Why are people so cruel ?
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ohno - I am keeping my fingers crossed too. Poor little guy
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Oh my God, that's horrible! What idiots would do that...
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Too much free time on their hands, it seems.
It would have been better if the helped in stray rescue instead.
Idiots !
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He's alive! And he looks healthy!!

Our pink kitty just showed up at the feeding station, ate rather hastily, and then retreated to the top of a nearby picnic table, watching everything rather intently. I was holding my breath watching him, because I didn't want to spook him again.

The pink has noticeably faded now, and he looks good (for a stray)... ate well (if quickly), sitting with his head up, still really scared and vigilant, I think, but it looks like he's going to come out of it none the worse for wear.
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