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Do you have a favorite breed of cat? If so, have you ever seen your breed featured on a postage stamp? Our obsession is the breed which, in the U. S., is known as the "Turkish Van." You can see our Samwise and Molly by clicking on their names in our siggy.

Searching on the 'Net we have found our lovely cats on several postage stamps, including one from Angola, but the only one we could modify into a size which can readily be viewed on your screen is here.

This Armenian stamp highlights the political ramifications of the Van. The national cat of Armenia, there they are known as the Armenian Van. Lake Van, generally accepted as the native home of the Van cat, is now located in Eastern Turkey. Before a "border adjustment" the lake was in Western Armenia. On the other hand, in Turkey what we call the "Turkish Van" is by many, if not most, Turks considered a misnomer. All very political.

Anyway, if your breed is on a postage stamp, or stamps, share them with us.